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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 15th December 2015 Written Update


The Episode starts with Khushi talking to Devi Maiyya and apologizes. She says I am helpless. Arnav forgot our anniversary even after three years of marriage. She says she will go to Lucknow this time. She gets jiji’s like on her photo and gets Arnav’s message that he will not forget anniversary next time. Khushi says Arnav is so egoistic and can’t say an easy work like sorry. She reminiscences the past when Arnav told her sorry. A FB is shown. Khushi asks Arnav not to tell her sorry and says I have no value in your eyes. Arnav says sorry. Khushi looks on. FB ends. Khushi says Arnav said sorry from heart and says she was happy. She recalls Tej’s day at temple and says I don’t want to see his face then.

A FB is shown. Khushi is about to faint. Arnav sees her holding head and about to fall, he runs to her and holds her hand at the right time. Rabba Ve plays………He then lifts her in his arms, then sprinkle water on her face, makes her drink water. Khushi drinks it subconsciously and gets shocked asking why did you make me drink water. She blames him for breaking her fast. Arnav says I don’t know about your fast, you was fainting and that’s why…..Khushi apologizes to Devi Maiyya. FB ends.

She gets Arnav’s call and asks him to tell. Arnav asks her not to leave the talk. He says sorry and asks her to open the door. Khushi gets happy and thinks Arnav said sorry. She says she will ask two thing from you, and if he answers well then she will open the door. She asks him to tell what he brought near her face which lighted her face and melted her heart. Arnav remembers the incident and says jugnu. Khushi says that evening you got angry and said something which make me happy, what is that…..

Arnav recalls saying I love you, damm it……Arnav smiles and says I love you dammit. Khushi smiles and disconnects the call. She then opens the door. Arnav hugs her happily…..Music plays.Khushi pretends to be angry. Arnav says sorry, and says he forgets everything, but he want to make it big for her. He gives her a gift promising he will change for good. Khushi takes the gift and goes. She comes out wearing the saree which he brought for her. Arnav looks at her and smiles. He asks her to close her eyes and not open till he says.

Khushi asks how I will walk then? Arnav says I am here, trust me. He takes her to hall and asks her to open eyes. Khushi gets happy seeing the decorations and plant kiss on his cheeks. She says today you are looking very cool. Arnav asks what? Khushi says that….and moves away shyly. Arnav asks what does she mean? Khushi says just like that. She reminds him and says you have kept flower in my room on my birthday. Arnav says so you remember. She talks nonstop reminiscencing the incidents. Arnav asks her to stop and dances with her romantically. Rabba Ve plays…………………They have an eye lock.

He brings neck piece for her and makes her wear it. Khushi smiles happily. Arnav holds her hand and takes her to cut the cake. He wishes her happy anniversary. Khushi cuts the cake with him, and makes him eat. She hugs him and says I love you Arnav ji. Arnav says I love you, damm it. Khushi is surprised and hugs him back. She says happy anniversary damm it. …Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon song plays as their photos are shown. The Jashn ends on their happy faces.

Show Ended.

Written Update By H Hasan


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