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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 8th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Arnav telling that Anjali di got tensed, but I made her promised that she will tell Khushi what I asked her to say. Servant comes and tells about buying Champagne. Arnav says Khushi don’t drink Champagne and asks him to make bhaang. He says if I raise a toast of anniversary with Bhaang then it will be fun. FB is shown: He recalls Khushi enjoying Bhaang and dancing asking Arnav to stop her if he can. Arnav asks her to be careful and asks her to put the glass down. Khushi asks to drink it as well, if he don’t want her to drink more. She asks him not to come nearer else she will drink. Arnav drinks bhaang to stop her from drinking further. Khushi says if you are clever then I am more clever than you. She says you have become silent and says I will speak on your behalf. She goes to Mami, gives her bhaang and asks her to speak her heart talk infront of all. She says I want to tell you about my heart talk. Mami asks her to say. Khushi says whenever you comes out of house after dressing well, then you looks like a rainbow without a rain. Mami gets angry and asks her to leave. FB ends.

Arnav makes Bhaang with the help of servant and asks him to bring milk. He recalls about the Rangoli Naach after their marriage. FB starts. Khushi asks Arnav to keep feet on different colors and asks him to turn lifting his hand. Arnav is surprised and doesn’t know what she is making him do. Khushi says you looks good while agreeing to me. She asks him to give hand…and he stumbles….she holds his hand..Rabba Ve plays……..Khushi says shall I leave your hand. FB ends…

Arnav thinks Khushi didn’t call until now and says I told Di to tell Khushi that my sugar is extremely low. He says I thought Khushi will came running. He recalls Khushi thinking that he married her because of his dosh in kundli. FB starts. Arnav goes to the terrace and sees Khushi about to fall from the edge. He runs and calls her at the right moment when she is about to jump. He asks what you are doing? Khushi asks him not to come near else she will jump. She says she can’t bear his attempt to kill her and that’s why killing self. Arnav says it is nothing like such. Khushi says there is a dosh in your kundli and that’s why you married me for 6 months. Then I will die, and then you will marry Lavanya. She says before you kill me, I will kill myself. Arnav is shocked and says I don’t believe in Kundli and says it is not truth. Khushi says it is truth and says I heard your conversation with Lavanya. Arnav says what nonsense and says I haven’t spoken about you with Lavanya. Khushi says I spoke to my family and even wrote my will. She says you got the stars too. She asks him to be with Lavanya and falls. Arnav jumps. Both of them fell down. FB ends.

Arnav calls Anjali and tells her that he will convince Khushi. He shows the card and says he will convince Khushi. He says I can’t say normally and can say in pressure if he is kidnapped. FB starts. Arnav calls Khushi and says I am fine. Rabba Ve plays………Khushi cries. Arnav says stop crying. He says Khushi……I love you. Khushi is surprised as she hears the love confession. Arnav says if she comes infront of me now, I will tell her now. Just then door bell rings, and he runs to open the door.

Someone comes and plays the audio message of Khushi. Khushi says you lied to me, I am going to Lucknow to my parents. Arnav is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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