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Ishqbaaz 8th September 2016 Written Update

Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says universe wanted me to know the truth, I came to your house yesterday night, and saw you and Mallika on the bed. Shivaye asks do you have this opinion about me. She asks him to say it on her face what he wants. He angrily breaks the phone. Anika and Mallika see him. Some time before, Shivaye murmurs Chaku Chakku….. Soumya and Priyanka try to scare him and laugh. Dadi comes and says why are you teasing my Billu. He says someone is there with me. He sees Dadi with hairs on her face and says Dadi you too. Dadi says girls power…. Om and Rudra come. Shivaye says finally my boys are here. Om says some great man told me horror first rule….. expect the unexpected. Rudra says someone told me Rudra is kid, mental strength.

Shivaye says I was not scared. Om and Rudra joke. Mallika asks Shivaye to accept he was scared and not show Tadi. Rudra says you sound like Anika. Anika asks Shivaye to accept it. Om and Rudra tell Mallika about Shivaye and Anika’s arguments. Shivaye and Anika start arguing. Mallika says this is so funny. Shivaye says not funny, its wrong language. Anika asks him to accept he lost in challenge and got scared. Shivaye says it was childish. Anika asks him to accept he is cheater. Shivaye says I don’t do cheating. Anika asks him to accept and calls him Billu ji. He says don’t call me that, I have work and goes. The girls call boys bad and argue. Om asks what did we do. The girls leave. Rudra jokes on Om talking like Tej.

Jhanvi makes Tej wear a blazer. He looks at her. They talk about yesterday’s spider incident and settling scores. She asks what about you troubling me till now. He gets Shwetlana’s call and goes. She gets sad. Tej asks Shwetlana to book hotel’s presidential suite, we will stay there for two days, I will be there. Jhanvi cries hearing him and goes.

Shivaye calls Tia and asks where are you. Tia says at home. He says I was waiting for you. She says I thought you are busy. He says yes, but I was waiting to see you. She says I got to know what you are hiding. He asks what. She says universe wanted me to see the truth. He says about Mallika. She asks you are saying openly. He says I was about to tell you, anyway. She says you don’t know I was so shocked. He recalls and says it was small thing, it happens, leave it, let it go. Tia says I don’t believe this, cheating is cheating. He says one sec, what do you mean cheating. She says yes cheating. She says I came to your house and saw you and Mallika on bed.

He asks why did you not come inside. She says well, you were so busy. He asks do you have this opinion for me. She says you made me think so, you are pushing marriage dates, when I came there, I saw you with your ex, say me directly if you don’t want to marry, don’t insult me like this. He asks her to come and talk directly, not put allegations on him. She says fine tell me. He says you are doubting on me and Mallika, you are asking explanation from me, and I don’t give explanation to anyone. He throws and breaks his phone. He leaves. Anika and Mallika look on.

Jhanvi drinks. Pinky asks why is she drinking wine in morning, you said you will quit drinking. Jhanvi says life gave me reason to drink, not to quit. Pinky says reason is Tej, you started drinking when Shwetlana came in Tej’s life, not your mature romance started. Jhanvi says shut up Pinky, my life does not have happy ending, Tej could not become mine, don’t try to unite me and Tej, don’t fool yourself and me.

Mallika says I can’t believe this, Tia should have not doubted on Shivaye. Anika says its not Tia’s mistake, anyone would get misunderstanding, Shivaye should have explained her but torn a bill at her name. Mallika laughs on her language and asks who teaches you this, anyways you are right, Shivaye should leave his ego and explain Tia. Anika laughs and says ego, Billu loves his ego, suppose airplane is crashing, if he has to choose between ego and parachute, tell me what will he choose, ego. Mallika calls her funny. Anika says all this happened because of us, we will unite them.

Pinky asks Tej is he going somewhere. Tej says yes. Pinky asks him to meet Jhanvi before leaving, her mood is upset, don’t feel bad, I m younger but I m saying as we stay as one family. Tej says I don’t want to discuss my personal life. She asks did Shwetlana come back in your life. He says I said my personal life is none of your business, please stay out of it. Jhanvi looks on. Tej sees Jhanvi and tells Pinky that no need to give explanation to you, I will answer as you asked, Shwetlana is my past, I left her, and Tej never looks back. Jhanvi hears him. He leaves.

Om asks what surprise. Riddhima asks him to go to his room first. He asks her to say what is it, and goes to his room. He sees pink cushions on the bed and room settings changed. She asks did you see it, how does it look. He says pink, floral. She says your room was looking boring, so I got these cushions. She keeps on saying. He ends call and does not like the changes.

Shivaye and Rudra ask what happened. Om asks Rudra to be serious and shows pink cushions. Rudra says its so cute, it looks like Priyanka’s childhood ones. Om says two people take decision in a relation, I m not ready for this pink cushions. Rudra says its fluffy and so soft, give this to me. Shivaye says relax, I have imp meeting, I will come back and talk. Rudra asks are you leaving Om in big problem. Shivaye says its pink cushion, not a landmine.

Anika and Mallika come. Mallika says we need to talk. They tell about Shivaye and Tia’s fight. They all discuss while forming a close circle. Shivaye comes and asks whats happening. Anika tells about her new slipper Chandni. Om says I have to do something of my room. Rudra says where should I take Romi on lunch. Soumya says Rudra has nothing to talk other than Romi. Mallika tells why is Siddharth not calling me. Shivaye says strange and leaves. Rudra says we will sit and talk, else Shivaye will come again seeing the secret discussion.

Om says Shivaye can tell his feelings to Tia, there is one way, letter. Anika says love letter. Mallika says he won’t write letter. They all think to get Shivaye and Tia at one place. Soumya says if Shivaye does not come. Rudra and Soumya argue. Soumya says we will have a get together. Rudra says yes, we youngsters and Shivaye. Om says Shivaye should talk, I don’t think he will talk, letter is better. Mallika asks who will make him write letter. Anika says who will tie bell to cat’s neck, letter is necessary, Shivaye’s emotions are necessary, but not necessary that Shivaye writes that, we will call Tia and give SSO’s letter, then the ice will break.

They ask ice. Anika reminds Rudra and Om about breaking the ice. Om says you mean breaking the ice. Mallika and Soumya smile. Anika says yes. Om says the problem is will Tia come in party. Mallika says Rudra will invite her. Rudra says I did not think I will have to invite Tia, I will invite her by putting cushion on heart, but why are we writing letter. Om says so that she comes. Rudra jokes that Tia does not know Shivaye’s handwriting, she just got his cheques, not letters. Om asks him to write letter. They all think who will write the letter.

Om and Rudra tell Shivaye about party. Shivaye asks who all are coming, Om says Soumya, Anika…. Rudra says don’t worry, Anika is coming. Shivaye says it does not matter she comes or not. Rudra asks him to come. Shivaye agrees. Om says this won’t be an easy task.

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