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Ishqbaaz 6th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anika colliding with Shivaye. He asks her to apologize for insulting him. She says you have heard my answer. He insists. She asks what else. He pushes her in swimming pool. Some time before, Pinky says Oberoi mansion will get divided. Dadi and Shivaye get shocked hearing their arguments. Om comes there with tearful eyes. Dadi asks who want division, Tej, Shakti or Pinky and Jhanvi….. before dividing anything, it needs to be broken, this house is your dad’s dream, break it, you have one mother, how will you divide me. They all disperse. Dadi cries. Om and Shivaye look on.

Later, Dadi is in her room and sits in darkness. Shivaye goes to her and switches on lights. She says I don’t regret that my house is breaking, I regret my own children are breaking my house. He asks
don’t you believe me, I will not let Dadu’s dream break, Omkara, Rudra and I will always be together.

Shivaye goes to Om and says it was a bad day, our parents crossed limits today, right. Om sets his bed and pulls blanket. Shivaye sitting over the blanket gets away. He checks drawers. Om asks what are you doing. Shivaye says nothing. Om says we know what you are finding, you won’t get it, I have left drugs. Om lies down and cries. Shivaye says good to know that, Om I know reality gets tough sometimes and we find ways to run, those who run don’t win, you have to win. Om switches off the lights. Shivaye leaves.

Anika says I have asked everyone, none has the keys. She calls Priyanka and asks did you get keys. Priyanka says yes, keys were in hall here. Anika recalls her fall and keys falling. She says I want keys today, I have to gift Sahil. Priyanka says fine, come home. Anika asks her to meet outside. Shivaye and Anika recall each other. Anika says I m not afraid of him, I just have to get keys and come back.

Dadi recalls her son’s arguments. The lady hides and comes there. Dadi sees some shadow. Dadi asks who is there. Its Rudra walking with a candle in hand. Dadi asks him why is he roaming like mad with candle at night. He says I would be mad if I roamed with candle in morning, I m doing this for house’s good.

Rudra goes to Om and wakes him up. Om slaps him and asks what are you doing in my room with this candle, are you crazy. Rudra says angels, if we pray to angels, angels will do what we want, Richa told me this. Om asks who. Rudra says the one Tia fired, she has mole on her back, I know her since 8 hours and intimacy happens … Om asks what. Rudra says its Shivaye’s engagement tomorrow, angels can help us, if we pray together, we can save Shivaye from Lady baba. Shivaye sees lights on in Om’s room and says I think Om is still awake. He goes to Om’s room and asks whats happening boys, what are you doing with candle Rudra. Rudra says Om asked for this. Shivaye asks Om.

Rudra signs Om. Om says we were talking about last day of singlehood. Rudra says we thought to pray for you and Tia, shall we start. They all sit holding hands and pray. Om asks angels to listen to us. Shivaye says Rudra, this is too weird. Rudra insists. Shivaye asks angels to do what they both want. Rudra says we prayed a lot, I want some food, noodles. Shivaye says I will make. They have noodles together. Zindagi milke bitayenge……………..plays………… Dadi smiles seeing them and says my grandsons won’t let this house get divided.

The lady goes to fail the power fuse. Rudra jokes over Maggi being male, as no female can get ready in 2mins. The power fails. Shivaye says I will go and check. Tej says I think someone did this short circuit intentionally. Pinky asks who came at night to break my beauty sleep. Jhanvi asks guards to check.

Shivaye asks security to check meter. Anika comes there and thinks why is it so dark, there is no one at gate. She calls Priyanka. Priyanka does not answer. Anika says how shall I go inside in darkness. She turns to leave and says but I have to do this for Sahil, I will take keys and leave. The lady passes by Shivaye. He turns and asks who is there. The lady runs and collides with Anika. Anika falls down and sees the burn mark on the lady’s hand. The lady leaves. Shivaye comes there and holds Anika’s hand. They get stunned seeing each other. Ishq hai…………..plays………..

He asks what are you doing here. She says I came here to get my keys, it was left here, you ask Priyanka. He stops her and asks her to apologize. . She says you have heard my answer. He insists. She asks what else. He pushes her in swimming pool. She comes out of the water, still being inside the pool. He steps inside the pool. She looks at him. He asks her to apologize.

Shivaye asks do you want to know what can I do if you don’t apologize. He holds her closer.

Written Update by Amena

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