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Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2016 Written Update

Pinky says I was thinking if Shitia does Laxmi puja together then…Rumi comes and says if puja is done by true heart and devotion, only then Devi gets pleased, my blessings are with you all. Shakti asks Pinky what is this strange talking girl doing in our home, I m asking you something. He turns and sees Pinky lying in Rumi’s feet. He gets shocked.

Some time before, Om sits hitting on his hand and seems to take drugs. He falls over his bed. Shivaye and Rudra come to his room. They see Om and ask him to get up, open eyes. Rudra asks what happened to Om, why is he not getting up. Shivaye gets injection and says when did he start this. Rudra says there is a girl in my college, Riddhima, she does counselling, maybe she can help Om. Shivaye shouts Om, wake up. Om opens eyes and thought all
that. He throws the injection and thinks Riddhima, I need you.

Its morning, Rudra wakes up and gets shocked seeing Rumi. She asks how are you my Devta. He asks what are you doing here, how did you get in. She says doors are for ordinary humans, not for Devi Devta, we are partners of many births, I can come anywhere for you, take your phone, marriage is beautiful relation of this world, its good our marriage did not happen today, tomorrow is more auspicious day, its Dhanteras and our marriage will happen tomorrow. He says this can’t happen, as I have to be here, but I m going. She asks where. He says far and sees pic in phone. He says I m going Greece, dad has setup business for me and asked me to get serious in life, enough of enjoyment, and I m going for many years, maybe I won’t return, you can’t come there, ask why. She asks why. He says because there are already Greek Gods and Goddesses. She asks are you really going. He says yes.

Ranveer comes to Priyanka’s college. He asks did driver get late today again, come I will drop you. She asks why are you following me, I understand late but I understand, you tried to trap Shivaye first, then Om and now me, my brothers did not do anything, leave us alone please, stay away from my brothers and me too.

Shakti asks did you say pandit for puja. Jhanvi says mummy is managing. Pinky says I was thinking if Shitia does Laxmi puja together. Tej asks Shitia? She says Shivaye and Tia. He asks why not Om, Shiv and Ru like always. Pinky says if couple does Laxmi puja, then its more auspicious. Jhanvi says what does it matter, just puja matters, we all will be there. Rumi comes and says when puja is done by true heart and devotion, only then Devi is pleased. They see her. Tej asks why is she saying this. Jhanvi says she is Rudra’s classmate. Tej asks what is she doing here.

Rumi says I came here to bless Rudra, you maybe feeling bad as Rudra is going away, don’t worry, he will do good, and you will get courage and strength to be away from him, my blessings are with you all. Shakti asks Pinky what is this strange talking girl doing in our home, I m asking you something. He turns and sees Pinky lying in Rumi’s feet. He gets shocked.

Ranveer says you are misunderstanding me. Priyanka says now I understand you well. A brick comes in her way and she stumbles. Ranveer holds her. He says rich people don’t have habit to walk on road, come I will drop you. She says no thanks, my car has come. She leaves. He looks on.

Shakti asks Pinky to get up, what are you doing. Pinky says Devi has come home. She asks Rumi are you Devi. Rumi says yes, I m Devi. Pinky asks Shakti not to say anything to her, Devi came in my house, even in my village, Mata used to come on Tai ji like this, and Rumi has Mata permanent. She says nice to meet you Devi ji, will you feel bad, we have Laxmi puja at home, as its my son’s marriage, if you come, if Devi is present, puja will be auspicious. Rumi says if devotee is calling my true heart, Devi has to come, Rudra is special and you are his family, Ranbir was mad for me and I left him, Devi can be with Devta, and Rudra is my Devta. Tej says ask her if she will go on her own and shall I get her thrown out. Rumi says I will leave and blesses them. She leaves.

Tia asks Anika to see this dress, its too loose. Anika says Tia, you might have lost weight. Tia says if that was the case, all dresses would have been loose, see this one, its so tight that I can’t even breath, even zip is bad, just call the designer, no dress fitting is proper, marriage is in few days and not a one dress is final. She coughs. Anika gets water in two glasses. Tia asks why two glasses. Anika says for you. Tia asks will I water by two glasses. Anika says yes, I felt you drink like this, I have seen two juice glasses in video call and thought so, have it.

Tia drinks and says I don’t know, maybe someone came, anyways please call designer and tell the problems. Anika says fine, you also say about halter neck blouse to designer, I fought with him asking how can button open like this, he was scolding me, and saying button can’t open, surely someone opened button, I said what, how can anyone open, this can’t happen. Tia says Anika leave designer, tell me what do you mean to say. Anika says nothing, don’t know how can designer say this. Tia gets a call and goes. She says I told you not to call me when I m in Oberoi mansion, you know it can be risky, tell me why did you call, what, a gift for me, how sweet…..

Anika says where did Tia go, I would have called designer if she said time, I will go and ask. She collides with Tia’s purse and it falls. A gift box falls out. Anika says whats this. Tia asks what, in my bag, are you mad. Anika checks a pendant T&D. Tia says I will talk later. Anika says what is this T&D, T for Tia, and Billu ji is not by D, who is this D, I will find this secret. Tia comes back. Anika keeps the box back in her purse and sits.

Rudra talks to Chubby and asks him to call DJ friend, we will do party, I m back, not aarti, party, that psycho has gone out of my life, we will meet. He passes by Soumya and stops. Soumya talks over phone and says yes I m waiting for rickshaw. Rudra sees her and smiles. He thinks Somu is so beautiful, am I mad to admire her. Dil chahat………….plays………

Soumya sees him talking to himself and says Rudra, is everything alright. He says yes, what are you doing here. She says I was going to meet Reyaan. He says loser and thinks maybe that angle made her look pretty, now she looks normal, fat and short, don’t know what happens to me. She asks can you drop me till auto stand. He says yes. She tells her research on rickshaw walas. He thinks she is so irritating, I get that pretty attacks just like that, who will call her pretty.

Om records voice message for Riddhima and says you did breakup with me by sending a video message, did you like my closeness so bad that you gave pain from so far, you asked me what value you have in my life, what shall I answer, I m incomplete, Riddhima I miss you, please come back. He sends the message. Shivaye comes and holds Om.

He asks what’s going on. Om says nothing, I m okay. Shivaye says you get caught, don’t lie, I m seeing same problem on your face which I have seen two years ago when you shut out me from your life completely, I did not know what is going on in your life and really lost you, we decided whatever good and bad happens in our life, we will not hide it, why are you hiding your problem from me, you can’t lie, your eyes are very true. Om smiles and says there is nothing such, I m just working late and did not get good sleep, I m just tired, so your inner poet finds my eyes sad, that’s all, anyways I have to complete a statue, its deadline.

Shivaye calls him out. Om wears glasses to hide his eyes. Shivaye says there is no deadline to share things with brother, whenever you want, you can talk to me, I will be waiting. Om says I know……. Shivaye leaves.

Tia says I m sorry Anika, I had to take that call. Anika says its okay. Tia checks the gift and smiles. Anika says its a wide smile on your face. Tia says no, I m not smiling. Anika asks is that gift. Tia says its nothing. Anika says gift’s glow is seen on face, tell me what is it, romantic gift. Tia says I m sorry but this is personal. Anika says sorry. Tia asks what did you say about that designer. Anika thinks what’s D of this T&D.

Rudra and Soumya are on the way. They get shocked seeing Rumi in bridal dress coming infront of his car. Rumi gets to his window and stares at him.

Written Update by Amena

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