Ishqbaaz 29th November 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 29th November 2016 Written Update

Anika says I m not scared of you, I will not do which I should not. Shivaye says you have do it, and calls Sahil. She asks where is Sahil, let him go. He says fine, I will let him go. She shouts Sahil seeing a car blasting. Sometime before, Anika holds the bridal dress and cries recalling Shivaye’s words. Shivaye waits for her and says I m waiting Anika. She thinks what to do. He says I will count till 5, if you come outside, great, else I will come inside. He counts down. She gets up to change. Om comes and says Shivaye….. why are you counting. Shivaye says Tia is getting ready, there is little problem with the dress, I m just hurrying her up.

Om says you are so desperate to marry, not bad, everything is fine there, but people are eager, you missed awesome performance of Oberoi family. Shivaye says I know, Tia is taking much time as its her marriage, you go, I will get Tia. Om says hurry and goes. Anika wears the bridal dress and looks at herself in the mirror. She says no, I can’t do this marriage. Shivaye says 5mins are over, I m coming inside. Anika jumps out of the window and runs. Shivaye enters the room and does not see her. He gets angry and thinks Anika you did not do this right.

Shivaye comes downstairs to the mandap area. He recalls Anika’s words and the slap. He sees everyone dancing happily. Dadi and Om see him and smile. Dadi asks where were you, do you have to marry or not. Shivaye says no, its not like that, I was ready, Tia was not ready, you asked both of us to come together. Dadi says you did not get her, where is she. He says she went to designer for alterations. Pinky asks why did Tia go, why did she not send Anika. Dadi says I sent Anika to her, where is she. He says she also went with Tia.

Pinky asks why did they not call designer here. Shivaye says he could not come, so they went, why did you all stop. Rudra says we danced a lot, its groom’s turn now, come. Shivaye dances with them. Dadi hugs him. Lafzon ka yeh……plays…………. Shakti and Tej hug Shivaye. He looks all of them. Om and Rudra hug him. He gets thinking. Anika is seen running to some open place. Shivaye removes his pagdi and leaves. Anika runs. Few cars come in her way and block her. She tries to run. Shivaye comes there. He gets down the car and goes to her.

He says you think you can run away, I told you to change clothes and come, not to run away. She says I m not your servant to listen to you. He says I know to make you agree. She says I think, since Tia has run away, you got a shock, you are talking like mad, you maybe big businessman Shivaye, but I m not scared of you, I will not do what I should not. He says you have to do. She asks what will you do if I don’t agree, will you lift me and take me. He says it won’t be needed, you will sit in mandap yourself and marry me. She says dreams are seen at night, not in day, I will not do like you are thinking. He says you don’t know what can power and money do. She asks are you not tired of saying same dialogue. He says this time I will prove rather than saying. She asks him to show his servants, she does not want to see. He takes Sahil’s name and she stops. He gets his phone from the man.

She asks how did Sahil come in this. He says he is on phone, talk to him, come on. Anika talks to Sahil. Sahil is on the way and says great, you have sent a big car so that I come in Billu ji’s marriage, I got happy. He laughs. She asks where are you. Shivaye takes the phone. She asks where is my brother, please tell me. He says he is there and shows a car coming. He says he is in that car. He shows the cam video and says he looks happy, after all its his sister’s marriage. He stops her from going. She asks why are you doing this, don’t trouble Sahil. He says I don’t want to, you are forcing me. She asks am I? Its our matter, please let Sahil go. He asks are you sure, shall I let him go. She says please, he did not do anything. He says okay, I will let Sahil go, boom…..

The car blasts. Anika gets shocked and shouts Sahil. She cries and runs towards the car. Shivaye gets shocked and runs after her. He holds her hand and stops her. Anika screams and cries. She asks how can you do this, you killed my brother. She beats and pushes him. She asks how can you fall so low. He says stop it, nothing happened to Sahil, see this, Sahil is safe till I want. He shows Sahil on cam video and says if you want him to be fine, marry me. She asks how can you fall so low and beats him. He holds her hands and stops her. Kise puchun……plays………. She cries seeing him and drops her head on him. He holds her and cages her in his arms.

Shivaye and Anika go the mandap. He holds her hands and makes her put varmala in his neck. She cries. Everyone shower flowers. He fills sindoor in Anika’s hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra.

Written Update by Amena

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