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Ishqbaaz 28th August 2016 Written Update

Shivaye lifts unconscious Anika in arms and takes her outside. Some time before, Anika tells everyone about Shivaye’s pant tearing. They all repeat the thing. Shivaye says everybody please, it sounds awkward. Om and Rudra say that again. Pinky says we can say wardrobe malnutrition/malfunction. Dadi says why so much English, just say it straight. Shivaye says Dadi please, its because of Anika. Anika asks what did I do, did you sit on chair or I? Dadi and Pinky ask them to say clearly. Shivaye asks Anika to stay quiet. Anika says Dadi is asking, I will say. She tells about Sahil dropping glue on chair while doing arts and crafts, Shivaye sat on it and got stuck, then …. Shivaye says pant got torn.

Anika says I got just this costume from local drama company, he forgot his phone and wallet, I told him not to get up, and then he got up…. Om and Rudra say then Billu’s pant got torn. Shivaye gets angry and says I told you to shut up, and takes phone and wallet from Anika. He leaves. Anika gets sad. Dadi asks where are you going. Anika says home. Dadi says if you have come, I will be glad if you stay back till Janmashtami puja, don’t feel bad of Shivaye’s anger, he gets angry soon and his anger goes off anger too, help me in arrangements, come. Anika says you know I can’t say no to you. Dadi asks her to see everything in kitchen, I will see temple.

Anika checks snacks. The fruit basket gets spark. She says something sounded and hears sound again. She sees bulbs and says it was sound like wire lighting. Rudra stops Priyanka and asks her for mosquito gel, I became Kanha, I did not get Gopi, mosquitoes gave these love bites. Priyanka smiles and says okay. She goes. Soumya asks Rudra how was the party. Rudra lies and says it was good, there was music and food. Soumya says guys won’t accept if anything goes wrong with them, you are doing the same. Rudra says it was fancy dress party. She says something happened there, you are not saying, you look disturbed, what happened.

He says I m surprised, I did not know Rumi is so religious, I m no less, I used to see Ramayana with Dadi. She asks him to be away from Rumi. He says you are jealous, as Rumi invited me, not you. She says I won’t go even if she calls, you will regret later, please understand. He says I won’t take your advice. She says how to explain you, I m warning you, you are not understand, you are duffer Oberoi.

Anika goes to check the fruit basket. Dadi calls everyone and says its time for puja mahurat, come. Tia comes and greets them. Anika checks the fruit basket. Tia hugs Shivaye. Dadi says Tia came on time for puja. Rudra says Lady Baba, if you came 5 mins ago, you would have seen Shivaye in Krishna’s avatar. Tia says maybe universe did not wish that I see him, send me pics, I will share on social media. Shivaye says no one has pics, shall we start puja Dadi. Dadi says we will start once Anika comes. Anika sees the smoke and gets puzzles. The baskets explode. They all hear the sound and get shocked. Shivaye asks from where did this sound come. Om says kitchen. Dadi says Anika is in kitchen. Shivaye, Om and Rudra rush to see.

They see the dense smoke. Shivaye takes a water jug and puts over the smokey basket. He gets shocked seeing Anika fallen unconscious on the ground. Om and Rudra too get shocked. Shivaye lifts her in arms and gets her outside. The elders, Priyanka, Soumya and Tia get shocked. Shivaye says someone call the doctor. Jhanvi calls doctor. Soumya opens the window. Om asks Rudra to check what to do to avoid gas poisoning. Jhanvi tells Anika’s state to doctor. Doctor says don’t let her sleep. She thanks doctor and ends call. Shivaye asks what did doctor say. Jhanvi says don’t let Anika sleep, else she can do in coma. They all ask Anika to wake up. Shivaye looks at Anika and worries.

Dadi says Anika is our responsibility, nothing should happen to her. Shivaye gets a bucket of water and throws on Anika. They all look on. Anika gets conscious and opens eyes. They all get relieved. Anika sees Shivaye. He smiles. They make her sit. She asks Shivaye did you throw water on me…. She looks at everyone and says you have thrown water on me infront of everyone. Pinky says yes, will he wait till holi, praise his presence of mind, else anything would have happened to you. Dadi asks Anika are you fine, you have last birth’s relation with us, so you stop danger from coming to us. Om says Shivaye, its one more attack on our family, water is going overhead now. Shivaye agrees.

Anika asks Soumya what happened here. Soumya asks don’t you remember, you fainted, Shivaye saved your life by throwing water on you. Shivaye asks for CCTV footage and says I won’t leave the person who attacked on my family this time. Anika hears him talking on phone and goes to him. He sees her and leaves. Dadi says Lord has sent Anika here, she saved us again, bless us and Anika always. They all pray. Dadi does the aarti. Shakti and Pinky swing the Kanha idol and do aarti. Shivaye, Om and Rudra also do the rituals. Natkhat Bansi wale Gokul ke raja…..plays…………

Rudra asks Shivaye to stand behind Shakti. He makes Anika stand with Shivaye and goes. Anika gets moved towards Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika hold each other and have an eyelock. Rudra takes a family pic.

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