Ishqbaaz 26th November 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 26th November 2016 Written Update

Tia gets shocked seeing someone. Oberoi family dance on Radha teri chunri. Tia hugs someone. Shivaye comes there and gets shocked. Sometime before, Anika says you and Tia are called downstairs. Shivaye says fine, I will get Tia and come. They see each other. She leaves. Dadi sees Om, Rudra and Soumya. She says you guys came now, its your brother’s marriage. Rudra says be thankful we came. Om stops him. Dadi asks what, were you not coming. Rudra says we were stuck in traffic. Pinky says pandit is calling bride and groom. Dadi says I have sent Anika to call them. Om says don’t worry, we will call them. Tia gets Shivaye’s call. He asks are you ready, everyone is calling. She says five mins more. He says I will come after 5mins, we will go together Tia. She says ya, I will call you after I get ready. She ends call. She sees someone and gets shocked. She says you…..

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Om asks are you ready, its your marriage. Shivaye asks what happened to you Rudra. Rudra says I got emotional. Om asks are you crying by happiness. Rudra says no, by fear. Om says his drama started again. Rudra asks them to think what will happen of him when his superman brother is getting married. Shivaye says I will always be your brother. Rudra says I have to knock your door and enter now, things will change, if you also change then. Shivaye asks are you mad, I or my love will never change for both of you. Rudra asks Anika’s pinky promise. Shivaye thinks of Anika and makes pinky promise. Rudra says now we will promise, before you tie mangalsutra to someone else, you have to tie brothers band to us and promise your love will never get less. Om says you think this band… Rudra says brotherhood band. Om says you are comparing this with mangalsutra. Rudra says yes, like mangalsutra binds husband and wife, this will bind brothers. Shivaye says like rakhi. Rudra says thats for protection, this is for love. Shivaye says Rudra has gone crazy. Rudra say we are tying this right now. He gives them the bands with their names on it. Rudra ties the band to Shivaye. Hum saath ……plays….. Om ties to Rudra and Shivaye ties to Om. They smile.

Tia sees Robin and gets tensed. He says your brother….. or shall I say your husband….. FB shows Tia meeting Robin. Shivaye asks are you happy now, shall I go and marry. Rudra says no, I can’t share you with anyone, marriage idea is bad, don’t do this. Om claps and says congrats Shivaye, you got a baby on marriage day, Rudra move, come on. He asks Shivaye to get ready and come with Tia. Shivaye calls out Omru and opens his arms saying I love you guys. The brothers hug. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi……plays…………

Tia says baby, why did you come here. Robin says I came to stop here, don’t do this please, you are mine. She asks what’s wrong with you Robin, its too late now. He says I don’t care, I can’t see you marrying someone else. Shivaye thinks of Anika. He thinks don’t forget this marriage is business deal, I wanted this, I should be happy, this business will reach heights, why am I thinking so much, why am I looking back. He thinks of Daksh’s words and Anika. He thinks focus, go and marry, you can do this…… He says I m okay, I can do this.

Tia says baby please, if you behave like this in last moment, how will it work. Robin says what to do, I m not strong, I tried hard to support you in your plan and stayed as your brother infront of the world, I can’t do this drama, fire ignites in me thinking you will be alone with Shivaye. She asks don’t you trust me. He says I trust you, but this marriage is really happening for Shivaye. She says Robin please. He says my name is Dushyant, did you forget T&D forever, you remember. Shivaye is on the way. Tia says I can’t end this, don’t do this mistake, we are close to destination, Shivaye is waiting for me, calm down. He stops her and hugs her, saying I will not let you go anywhere, you are just mine, I will die without you. Tia cries. Shivaye rings bell and calls out Tia. He asks her to hurry up, open the door. He gets inside the room and gets shocked.

Dadi asks Om and Rudra about Shivaye. Om says they are getting ready, they will come. Shivaye looks for Tia and calls her out. He sees the note stuck on the mirror. He reads “Sorry, I can’t marry you because I m not ready for this marriage – Tia…” He gets shocked. Dadi calls him and asks him to come, will you not see Dadi’s dance, Oberoi family’s performance is going to start. He says yes Dadi and ends call. He worries.

Dadi, Pinky, Jhanvi, Soumya and everyone dance on Radhe teri chunri. Rudra and Soumya dance together. Dadi asks Priyanka to go and see Shivaye and Tia, they will miss all the fun.

Shivaye asks do you have any questions. The man asks will we get money now or later. Shivaye says you will get it now, don’t worry. The lady asks about the company deal. Shivaye says it will take time, its legal formalities, rest assured, Oberoi company will take over your sinking company and support it too, its matter of one day, your daughter has to sit in mandap in Tia Kapoor’s place and marry me, I will divorce her the next morning, this is pre nuptial agreement, its written that this deal will be strictly confidential among four of all, do you agree to this deal. The lady says yes, its matter of one day, right Richa. Shivaye says Mrs. Agarwal, its a business deal. The man says any girl would have sat in mandap, why are you giving us so much money for this work. Shivaye says for me, blood, lineage and family matters a lot, I do deal only with good family people. Someone knocks. Shivaye gives the papers to the man and goes out. He sees Priyanka. She says Dadi is asking how much time will it take, everyone is waiting. He says 10-15mins more, there is some issue in Tia’s dress. Priyanka says I will help. He says no, she is working on it, tell Dadi, just 10-15mins more. She goes.

Anika talks to that girl and says he made it a joke of the sindoor, ask the value of the woman who has put sindoor in maang. Shivaye says you have no right to point finger at other’s decision, the girl who can sleep with anyone for money. Anika slaps him hard.

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