Ishqbaaz 25th October 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 25th October 2016 Written Update

Rudra says you are so good love angel. Soumya says go now, moon is going to come. Rudra sees her by binoculars. She gets bitten by mosquito. He asks what happened. She says mosquito. He asks does your studio has mosquito. She says no, I m not doing podcast from studio, but from your room. Rudra says love angel and holds Soumya. Some time before, Rudra says when will moon come. Shivaye asks why are you finding moon. Rudra jokes and asks will you have moon Murabba. Shivaye says no, you have it. Rudra goes. Shivaye sees Anika. Music plays…. Anika does some decorations and stands on stool’s edge. She slips and falls in Shivaye’s arms. They have an eyelock. Rudra says moon came. Anika says moon has come. Shivaye says I know. She says so you should be with Tia, she would be meeting. He says ya, if I go, will you fall again. She says no, I can take care of myself without you. He leaves her and asks where is Tia. She says don’t know. He says don’t know, fine and goes.

Tia talks to someone and says I told you its not possible, I can’t meet you, don’t you understand. Priyanka recalls the painting and leaves. She hears footsteps and asks who is there. Someone passes. Rudra says moon has come. Shivaye says that’s not moon, those are clouds. Rudra checks and says why is moon getting late to come, I will break a leg today. Shivaye goes. Soumya talks to Reyaan on phone ad says you were coming today. He says I was coming, but I got cold and if I come, you can get infection.

She says fine, don’t come. He says if you want, we can talk on video call, afterall you kept fast for me. She asks what, I kept fast for myself, not you, I will break fast seeing my face, you take care. Priyanka asks who is it, I will call Om. She calls Om. Om tries calling Riddhima and says if you keep phone switched off, how will I talk to you. Shivaye asks Om did you see Tia. Om says no, I m trying to talk to Riddhima. Shivaye asks did you not talk to her till now, everything okay. Om says I did not talk yet, give me some time. He goes.

Soumya says its my podcast time, I will finish podcast and then join everyone. Rudra asks moon to come fast and save me from Rumi. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Rudra does not eat by recalling Rumi’s words. He says why does everyone give importance to moon, why won’t we have food without seeing moon. Pinky says stop it, our BP is already high, don’t say all this. Rudra says fine, you have experience and know when will moon come, I will go and call love angel, she can explain me.

Shivaye asks Anika did you see Tia. She says no, maybe she is out, I m going to get gifts, Pinky asked me to get, I will send Tia if she is outside. He says fine. Rudra calls love angel and says I kept fast, but I m very hungry, I m getting strange thoughts, I closed eyes and saw Chole bhature. Soumya says Amar Prem, every work should be done by heart/will, not fear, if you did not will to keep fast, you should have refused. He says if I did not keep fast, she would have done bad with me. She says its not like that, you know who has much power. He asks Sunny Deol.

She makes a face and says no, truth has much power, you are afraid of a liar fraud girl, she said all that to bully you, don’t get bullied. He says you are very nice love angel. She asks him to go and see moon. He says yes, I also feel so, I will see. He looks through binoculars and sees Soumya in her balcony. He asks how do you know moon is coming. She says I m also finding moon. She gets bitten by mosquito. He asks what happened. She says mosquito. He asks does your studio has mosquito. She says no, I m not doing podcast from studio, but from your room, I mean I m podcasting from my room. Rudra looks at her and says love angel……

Priyanka says I will go inside and tell everything to Om. She sees a note under the flower bowl. She reads it…. Find the red stone and look under it. She looks around and sees a red stone. She gets a cloth under the stone and recalls the accident and woman’s wounded state. She gets worried and gets another note. She reads…. Your face shows everything, you remember everything…. She asks who is here and runs….. She collides with Ranveer. He holds her in arms as she falls. Music plays……….. He says its okay, are you fine, why are you scared, relax, its your house. She says Wo…..

Anika asks servants about Tia. The man says she went that way. Anika thanks him and goes to see. Rudra goes to Soumya. She says I was coming downstairs, did moon come. He stares at her and says yes, it came, did you not see, love angel…. She gets shocked. She says Rudra, listen to me, I wanted to tell you. He says I thought you are my friend, what did you do, you lied to me and hidden Rumi and your truth, you made fun of me and my friendship, why did you do this with me, because I refused to identify you in college. She says no. He says I thought you are different than other girls, yes, no girl can be so cruel. She says you are misunderstanding me, I tried to tell you about Rumi. He asks why did you not say then. She says listen to me, don’t talk like kids. He gets angry and holds her against wall. He says don’t you dare call me a kid, I m not a kid. She looks at him and says let me go please. He asks was everything a lie. She says no, listen to me, I tried. He says you should have tried harder, I will never forget this, you were my friend, why, our friendship is over, finished…..

Tia meets someone and says I came to meet you by difficulty, I could not stop when you called me. She hugs the man. Anika comes outside the house. She sees Tia hugging someone, and turns away thinking its Tia and Shivaye. Shivaye comes outside the house and says where could be Tia. Anika gets shocked seeing Shivaye and turns to see Tia. She says if Billu ji is here, whom is Tia hugging. Shivaye goes. Pinky says moon has come, lets start rituals. Tia asks the person to go, she has to go.

Ranveer says I have checked everywhere, there is no one, you are scared for no reason, please sit. Jhanvi sees Tej’s face through the Channi, while Pinky sees Shakti. Even Tej and Shakti see their wives’ faces through the Channi after sighting the moon. Anika comes there and sees Shivaye and Tia.

She thinks to tell this to Billu ji, how to hide such a big thing, but how to say. Shivaye looks at Anika. Tia says Shivaye baby its our first Karwachauth and its very special. Anika looks on. Tia does Shivaye’s aarti. Anika thinks I have to tell this to Billu ji…. She walks ahead. Tia sees moon through Channi/net and is about to see Shivaye. Anika holds head and gets dizzy. Shivaye shouts Anika and rushes to hold her. Anika falls in his arms. Tia looks on.

Rudra says I felt what if you are not hot, you are clean hearted and innocent, but no, you are not, you broke my trust. Soumya says Rudra, listen and starts coughing. Rudra stops and looks at her. Ranveer asks Priyanka to have some water. Shivaye shouts water….. Servant gets water. Chand chupa badal mein…..plays…….. Shivaye sprinkles water on Anika’s face and feeds her water. Rudra gets water for Soumya and holds the glass towards her. Soumya looks at him. Priyanka takes water bottle from Ranveer and drinks. They sit in the lawn and moon is seen. Ranveer looks at her. Shivaye feeds water to Anika, while holding her in arms. Tia looks on. Soumya drinks water while Rudra holds the glass. Screen freezes on the three couples…..

Precap:Shivaye lifts Anika in arms. Pinky asks Shivaye to feed water to Tia and break her fast before leaving. Shivaye says mom, its necessary for me to leave, I m sorry Tia. He leaves with Anika.

Written Update by Amena

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