Ishqbaaz 25th July 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 25th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shivaye going to Anika. She scares him of Dadi. She asks him does he think she is daily soap heroine, that he will twist her hand and they will have a moment, you know this thread is sharp, say straight. He says you do good drama, now come to point, you played role or helpless poor self esteem girl, you encashed the cheque to use money in my marriage, I understand your aim.

She asks him why is he saying English when he knows she can’t understand english well, anways what’s her aim. He says whatever, you want more money. She says you always talk about money, your Dadi called me here for work, so I came. He asks did you not feel shame to come to my house. She asks why, can you come my home then, I came to do my work. He says no one should know what happened between us. She says many things happened. He asks her not to say about chip. She says I did not leak that chip. He says if you say anyone about the chip, or do anything to my brothers, you don’t have to see the bad side of Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Rudra jokes that Anika is brave and should get an award, she made Shivaye helpless, there is something. Om asks how did Shivaye give her cheque yesterday, he was saying about 5 crores in video. Rudra says no one hits money on my face. Dadi says its interesting, time will say what will happen. Rudra asks how, please explain. Dadi and Om leave. Rudra thinks when I will understand philosophy. Anika scolds Shivaye for snatching her canteen tender, he is arrogant, maybe he gets fun to fight. He says my time is precious, I don’t waste precious things on ordinary people like you, I don’t care about you. She asks are you mad, you snatched my canteen tender, came my home, and then asked me to get lost, you are confused, you have habit to challenge, I will give you 24 hours, decide what you want to do with me, do enmity if you want, but tell me, leave now, I have much work. He leaves.

Ishana finds Mona at the veg stall and runs to her. She hugs Mona and cries. Mona asks what happened, tell me, are you fine. Ishana gets the goon’s call. He says you got your sister, I could kidnap her, you arrange money soon. He ends call. Ishana worries.

Rudra stops Shivaye and says I want new car to go college, see these cars. Shivaye says fine, take this one, its Japanese. Rudra asks how will I understand the songs on its radio, I don’t know Japanese. Shivaye says take this one, but that second one will suit you. Rudra asks why are you confused, take 24 hours and decide. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words and says shut up, I know what to do, stop talking like her. Rudra asks who. Om looks on. Shivaye goes. Om asks Rudra what did you do. Rudra says nothing, Anika did something, we have to find out.

Om molds some structure and does shayari. He says I had fun playing with sand in childhood, when I play with sand to make statues, I feel I turned into a kid. He tells the man that he wants to make statues for his exhibition by this sand, can I get some. The man says yes, stay here, I will arrange. Ishana comes there running and collides with him. He holds her hand to stop her from falling. They see each other.

Rudra goes to college and meets his friends. He asks whats new in college. His friends tell about the new entry, size zero, tall, short dress… Rudra asks whats her name. They say Ruhi. Rudra gets glad seeing her. His friend says she has a BF. Rudra says you know what single girls say seeing Rudra, Agar tum miljao…. The girls say Zamana chod denge hum. Rudra says you know what committed girls say, Agar tum miljai…. The girls say purana chod denge hum…. Rudra says when I go to her, she will just hug me. He opens his arms in SRK style and tries to impress the girl. The girl runs to him and hugs. Rudra smiles to show off his charm. He holds her. His imagination ends. His friends laugh. Rudra looks at the girl.

Ishana asks Om to keep something/bangles in potli with him and hides. He asks from whom are you hiding, there is no one here, don’t be scared. She goes to him. He asks her whats happening. She says nothing, I don’t want to say my problems. He says I will drop you. She says no, fine. He says your belonging. She says its my mum’s bangles, I will take it later. He asks how will I return this to you. She says fate, we met twice before. He asks your name. She says Bela. She turns and says why did I choose this name Bela. She leaves thinking I m helpless to cheat you, sorry.

Rudra says Ruhi did not see Rudra yet, when she sees my style, then you guys see. Rudra opens his shirt’s buttons and walks to Ruhi, while other girls faint seeing him. Soumya comes in between and gives him a roti roll. She smiles. He gets shocked seeing her.

Shivaye holds Anika and does not see her face. He says maybe you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true. Music plays…………..

Written Update by Amena

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