Ishqbaaz 24th October 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 24th October 2016 Written Update

Shivaye walks to Anika. She sees him and turns face away. Music plays…… Some time before, rudra wishes happy Karwachauth to Shivaye. Shivaye asks Karwachauth? Rudra says yes, you are going to get married now, you are also Karwachauth guy now. Shivaye asks did you get Karwachauth gift for me. Rudra says no, its Diwali gift, you work hard, why do you adjust, forget everything this and buy for yourself. Shivaye says thanks, you have grown up. Rudra says yes, just 2 inches taller. Pinky comes and greets them good morning. Shivaye asks Pinky, Priyanka and Soumya to sit and compliments them. He gives Sargi to Pinky. Shakti comes and asks where is my Sargi.

Pinky says you have diabetes, you won’t keep fast. Shakti says I remember well, our Bau ji started this tradition that not just wives, but even husbands will keep fast, I m keeping this fast since then, so I will also keep fast. Om gives him food. Jhanvi comes and greets them. Shivaye gives her Sargi. Jhanvi asks where is Tej’s sargi. Shakti asks do you mean Tej… She says yes, he is getting ready and wants to keep fast, he said he was gone away from traditions, so he wants to come close to family and traditions. Om smiles. Rudra says this is better than DDLJ, SRK kept fast in that, here Amrish Puri is keeping fast. Pinky says love in Oberoi mansion. Shivaye gives sargi for Tej. Jhanti thanks him and goes.

Pinky asks Priyanka are you keeping fast like always. Priyanka nods. Om gives her food and assures her. Om gives food to Soumya too. Rudra asks Soumya are you keep fast for Reyaan. Soumya says what, I m not keeping fast for Reyaan, but myself, actually I diet once in a year, so I m fasting. He asks do you know ocean, its size does not shrink if water does not go in ocean one day, keep fast by devotion. She asks him not to talk like his Devi girlfriend. Pinky asks what, Devi? Girlfriend? Shivaye asks don’t you know, when Rudra gets married, people will ask where is your Devi type bahu, she is a Goddess. He laughs. Rudra looks at Soumya.

Later, Rudra asks Soumya why did you not tell me about Rumi. She says I tried to tell you. He says you should have told me straight that Rumi is a psycho, did your throat get jam, such happens in Indian daily soaps, that people stay in same house and don’t say one line secrets. She says shut up, you were not ready to listen to me, you are typical boy, you got blind in Rumi’s hotness and beauty. He says agreed about eyes, but my ears were open. She says no, even ears and nose were shut, you wanted a hot girlfriend, which Rumi is, so you did not like to listen. He says oh my God, you spoke like typical girl, you are jealous of Rumi’s hotness, so you did not tell me. She says no, its not like that. He says you are jalkukdi.

She asks what does it mean, it’s Anika’s word, don’t know how she gets such words. She says she is like me, amazing. She says no way, you are an idiot, you are not agreeing. He says I understood you are jealous of Rumi. She says no, stop being kiddish. He goes.

Priyanka goes to Om. He shows the blood stained leaves. She asks it this blood. He says no, its paint to show its blood. She says this is second threat, I told you someone knows what happened that night. He says don’t be scared, its my responsibility, I will pay the price for it. She says I can’t let this happen. Shivaye enters the room and asks what can’t you let happen. She wipes her tears. He asks what are you talking. Om says actually… Shivaye keeps his hand on that black box. Om and Priyanka look on. Priyanka says I was saying Om not to lie, I was asking him, did he keep fast for Riddhima, he was refusing. Shivaye smiles and says if Om is saying he is not fasting, then he is not fasting, Rudra says Om is truth’s boyfriend, breakup between Om and truth can’t happen, Om can never lie, leave true and false, my good and true Oberoi, will you have breakfast with me, come. He leaves the box and it was going to slip. Om holds the box. Shivaye asks anything imp. Om says no, and goes to have breakfast. Priyanka worries.

Pinky says Shivaye got Sargi made for everyone, but I have also made parathas for everyone. Rudra says I m on diet. Pinky says have it, next year you may get chance to have it or not. Om asks what. Pinky says you both can also get married till next year like Shivaye, your wife will also expect you to keep fast for her. She asks Anika what did you decide. Anika says same what I told you, I did not change my decision. Shivaye asks what decision. Rudra says someone is curious. Anika says its not imp decision. Shivaye says I want to know, what is it. Pinky and Rudra say you are curious. Pinky says I told Anika to keep fast to get a nice guy, but she has no marriage plans, so she won’t keep fast.

Om says Anika you came early, come and have breakfast. Pinky asks her to have breakfast, I have to see special pravachan of Baba ji. She goes. Shivaye asks is Riddhima fasting for you. Om gets video message and says its her message. He sees Riddhima’s message. Riddhima says I just wanted to know my place in your life, you are not answering my calls, I guess its clear that I have no place in your life, honestly, I would have preferred that you told this to me on my face, atleast we had such relation, life is strange, I never thought, the day I will keep Karwachauth fast for you, our breakup will happen, take care Om.

Rudra asks is Riddhi-Maa of your children coming. Om says I need to go. Shivaye says have breakfast. Om says I m not hungry and leaves. Shivaye asks Rudra to have food. Rudra says yes, I will have it. Rudra takes food in hand and sees a fly. He gets scared and recalls Rumi’s threatening words. Anika says wait, it’s a fly and tries to make fly away. Shivaye says okay, just wait, Rudra… Rudra says no, I won’t have food, I m going. He goes.

Soumya tells Priyanka that Rudra is just Rudra. Priyanka says yes, tell me, did you keep fast for Reyaan. Soumya asks what, are you mad, you know he treated me badly, we just started talking, I kept fast for myself, this is my annual diet, is everything alright, you look upset. Priyanka says its okay. Soumya says you maybe feeling weak because of fast. Priyanka says ya maybe and recalls the painting and leaves.

Shivaye asks Anika to keep the knife down. She says sorry and keeps it down. He says what happened to everyone today, no one had food, come we will have breakfast, sit. He says I don’t understand fast concept, why will anyone be hungry for someone, I don’t get it why to give Lord status to someone. She says I like one thing in your house, that all husbands keep fast for wives. He looks at her and says Om and Rudra know that I can’t have food if they don’t have breakfast, idiots, they have run away, I m also not hungry. She says I understood. He asks what.

She says that you want to keep fast for Tia, everyone will tease you, so you want to hide and keep fast. He asks why will I keep fast for Tia, it does not make any sense. She says because you are marrying. He says yes, I m marrying, but there is no connection between marrying and staying hungry, I m not eating as I m not hungry, and I m not keeping fast for Tia. He leaves. She says if no one is eating, am I Khaumata(one who eats lot) to eat alone. She moves food plate away.

Rudra sees the food and whistles. He looks around and goes to take food. He says one chips pack is not food, I will have food, I m not scared of fly. He gets call and says who is troubling now. He answers and worries hearing Rumi. She asks did you keep fast. He says yes, with full devotion. She asks whats this sound. He says its sound from my empty stomach. She says I can see you are eating something. He asks how can you see. Sje says Divya Dhrishti, you know what will happen if you don’t keep fast. He says no, please, don’t do anything. She asks him to wait for moon, look at the moon, your Sangini will be infront of you. He ends call and cries saying who is this Sangini now, you are mad, no I can’t call her mad, she has Divya Dhrishti. He says I will have chips and fly comes. He cries and shouts mummy…..

Anika lights diya in a plate. Shivaye looks at her. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays………She takes the plate and turns. She sees him. She turns and gets bit away. He acts like cleaning cushion and sits looking at her. A servant gets water for him, Shivaye does not take water. Anika looks at him. He walks towards Anika. Their heart beats…… Tia comes in between and talks to him. He sees Anika leaving.

Anika sees Tia hugging someone and thinks its Shivaye. She turns to go and gets shocked seeing Shivaye coming out of the house. Soumya as love angel tells Rudra not to get bullied by Rumi. Rudra says you are very nice love angel. She asks him to go now, moon is going to come. He looks by binoculars and gets shocked seeing Soumya in balcony. Priyanka sees someone’s shadow and asks who is there. Anika gets shocked seeing Tia.

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