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Ishqbaaz 24th August 2016 Written Update

Om says we will tie rakhi to Shivaye. Rudra says this superman rakhi to my superman brother. They tie Rakhi to Shivaye. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays………… Shivaye hugs Om and Rudra. Some time before, Rudra says I did not get gift for you Priyanka, I have special gift, I will perform and sing Phoolon ka taaron ka….. Shivaye coughs. Anika laughs. Shivaye asks Rudra not to sing this song. Priyanka ties personalized picture rakhi to Shivaye, Om and Rudra. Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi…………plays………..She does their aarti and feeds sweets. Soumya cries. Om says Soumya, and wipes her tears. He asks her not to be sad, your long haired brother is here to get rakhi tied, tie me a rakhi.

Soumya smiles and ties rakhi to Om. Everyone smile. Soumya does rituals. Om hugs her. Pinky says its emotional flood, is Priyanka happy, Raksha bandhan is over. Om says not yet, our Rakhi is still left. Rudra says we will tie rakhi now. Om says Shivaye is our family’s shield, Raksha bandhan is not just sister’s festival, its for brothers too. Om and Rudra tie rakhi to Shivaye.

Rudra says this superman rakhi to my superman brother. Hum saath ek duje ke………plays………… Shivaye hugs them and says you both are sissy, you cry for little things, will you ask for gifts. Om and Rudra say ofcourse and hug Shivaye. Dadi smiles. Shivaye says I love you guys. Rudra hugs them again. Everyone smile. Rudra says even if this hug is awkward, this won’t break.

Anika goes home and sees Sahil. She says Sahil…. He says I have written on this what I wanted to say. She reads I m sorry on the chit. She says you should learn atleast Sorry’s spelling. He says what if spelling is wrong, feelings are right. She asks why is he sorry, you did not slap me, I did mistake, I m sorry. He says I also wish to slap you, your cheek is high. She gives her cheek. He says slaps happen in love. She asks whom do I have in world except you. Sahil says even Bua is yours, if she makes us leave and sell our house then… She says she can’t do anything, Dadi named house to you and I have POA, I m sorry, I got habit to fight. He says that’s because of Shivaye. She says I have seen his new side, Shivaye is so sweet. Sahil asks what, you praised him. She cups her face and asks what, I m praising him.

Shivaye gets Tia’s call. She says sorry, I could not come there for Rakhi function, Robin did not allow. He says its fine, Omru are so emotional. She asks who. He says Om and Rudra. She says we will meet on dinner, we can talk. Rudra signs Shivaye to cancel dinner. Shivaye says I caught cold, I will take some rest. She says don’t worry, I will send you Reiki. Shivaye takes medicines and says I m feeling better now, what happened. Rudra says you should have me to get snacks if you are hungry, why are you filling stomach with medicines. Shivaye asks him not to come in between him and his medicines, why were you stopping me from going on dinner. Rudra says breakup happened. Shivaye asks whats new in your breakup. Rudra says not mine, Om and Riddhima’s breakup. Shivaye asks what.

Dadi explains Pinky about sensitive relations and says you should have not spoken to Jhanvi like that. Pinky says I get angry when it comes to Shivaye. Dadi asks her to control her words and think before saying. Om tells Shivaye and Rudra about Riddhima doubting on him.

Anika says I felt Shivaye is ill mannered and bad, maybe I was wrong, I have seen today, he values his family a lot, the man who can go to this extent for his family can’t be bad at heart. Dadi says I know you are not bad at heart, you can apologize, this is one way to save relations. Sahil says there is one way, forget everything about SSO and explains her that he did not use to eat gourd before, then he has eaten it and liked it, forget about SSO, entire story, then he may not look bad, if you go to fight, he will look Bagad Billa, do friendship, forget the fights.

Shivaye asks Om to forget the past, lets discuss whats going to happen, you both are good friends first, its not fair to judge each other, you can deal Riddhima’s insecurity well, if relation ends, it hurts both, you are artist and need to reinvent art with time, you guys are together since 3 years, there is something special, talk and sort. Pinky says I will talk to Jhanvi and sort it.

Anika agrees to Sahil and says I should talk to Shivaye well, life will get good, things can get normal. Shivaye asks Om to talk to Riddhima. Dadi asks Pinky will she talk to Jhanvi tomorrow. Jhanvi says yes. Dadi says love you. Jhanvi says love you too mummy ji and hugs her.

Soumya cries and says I miss you Bhaiya. Rudra gets paratha roll for her. She turns away. He says Shivaye went to China for one week last year, I used to miss him a lot, I can’t imagine how much you miss your brother, I don’t know to talk okay, I m seriously dumb, I don’t know what to say to lessen your pain, but I know you like parathas a lot, so I got these. She wipes her tears and says you are not so bad, you are dumb in every matter. He says I got this paratha made in olive oil just for you. She eats it. He says you miss your brother a lot. She says yes, you are lucky to have Shivaye and Om, they love you a lot, live every moment with them. Rudra asks her about Rumi. She asks Rumi again?

He asks will she come college tomorrow. She says you won’t change ever. He says I was joking, you look strange when you cry, you will more strange when you get angry. She says cry babies don’t joke on others. He says you are cry baby, you were crying here, have this paratha now.

Rudra talks to Om and says he is scared to talk. Om says you don’t know topics to talk. Rudra names the topics. Om says these topics are your problem, talk about heart, then you will enter heart. Rudra says well done, I will do this, but how… Om says listen. Rudra says if you knew this, you would have not broke up with Riddhima. Om asks are you mad. Rudra says I know who can help me. Rudra calls love angel. Soumya says Amar Prem, whats problem in your life today. Rudra asks is it good for relationship to talk to girls. She says it depends on who is talking, this question is strange. He says even my brother feels so. Om stops Rudra and greets love angel. She says hi love angel, my name is… She says Om. Rudra asks what did you say…. Soumya gets conscious and stops.

Anika goes to talk to Shivaye and says I will greet him good morning and talk well, I will say elephant and rat joke. Shivaye is standing far and says don’t think of it. She says you tell me how to end this fight. He says kiss and makeup….

Written Update by Amena

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