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Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2016 Written Update

Some time before, Priyanka rotates the wheel and calls Om. Rudra says how there will be dashing Oberoi’s entry, Rudra…. Om goes on stage and performs as Rudra on Character dheela hai song. Everyone smile and clap for Om. Priyanka asks Om to do something else. Om asks anything else, this is just for you. He does Rudra’s acting and shows off his body. Om sees Riddhima and Ishana. He says whats Bela doing here. Ishana waves to him. Om talks to Soumya like Rudra and cries. Soumya laughs and says cry baby, superb. Om does more silly things like Rudra and says some shayari. Everyone clap. Shivaye claps and asks Rudra to clap. Priyanka asks Om to show how Rudra uses his magic on girls. Om says alright and tries to impress Rudra. Soumya replies bad. Rudra argues with her and calls her Sumo, who does just wrestling.

Ishana tells Riddhima that Omkara is a sweet guy, how can he do two timing with you. Riddhima says I have to find that out. Ishana goes back. Riddhima and Om greet each other and try to talk. Priyanka takes Riddhima to join them in function. Om greets Ishana as Bela and says you here. Ishana thinks if he calls me Bela infront of Riddhima, its all over. She puts water over him and says sorry. He says its fine, I will go and change, I will introduce you to Riddhima, wait. He goes. Ishana thanks servant. Priyanka says its Shivaye’s turn, where is he. Dadi asks Anika to get Shivaye. Anika thinks why should I get Bagad Billa. She goes to call Shivaye and sees him rehearsing as Om. She laughs and controls. Shivaye says no, I have to get Om’s eyes, I gave to try, its not working. She cups her mouth and laughs. Shivaye says I don’t know this philosophy, how Om does this, I will sing song for Priyanka. He sings phulon ka taaron ka………..She laughs and gets seen by him. she says you have no Sur, you are Asur, just say dialogue, song does not suit you. He asks her to get out. She laughs and leaves.

Ishana lies to Om and says I met Riddhima. He says its great you guys met. She says sorry, I felt Riddhima dislike our meeting, I think she is insecure, I understand. He says I will talk to her. She says no, don’t tell her, I don’t want any problem between you two, I just same to say sorry, she had doubt about us. He asks her not to be sorry. Riddhima thinks its right time to talk to Om, where did Mala go. She calls Ishana. Ishana says I got call from home, I have to go, bye. She talks to Riddhima and says I had imp work, I had to go, sorry, I came to support you and could not. Riddhima says its fine, I will meet you later.

Shivaye is still rehearsing and gets a call. He gets shocked and confirms it. Riddhima and Om meet. He says we need to talk, Bela did not… Riddhima says I can’t believe this, its Bela again, I did not pressurize you for commitment since 3 years, answer me, where do I stand in your future. He says we can sort out our problems, its not right time to talk, I have family function at my home. She asks him to answer in yes or no. He says its big decision, we need some time. She smiles and says you will need time, Bela has come now. He says I never gave you a reason to feel insecure, I won’t give you a reason, don’t bring Bela in between. She says you are cheating on me. He says you feel I don’t value relations, I can’t believe this, lets end this here. He goes. Riddhima says he said this so easily, and goes. Ishana dances and says finaly, its breakup.

Priyanka asks Shivaye where is he going. He says its urgent work, I have to go. Om asks whats that imp deal. Rudra says its fun, why are you going. Shivaye removes the wig and says everything is not fun in life, I have to go. Om asks is it imp than family and Priyanka’s happiness. Shivaye says yes, a lot. He leaves. Dadi sees Priyanka sad and consoles her. Priyanka says I did not tie rakhi to Shivaye, he could have stayed. Anika tells Soumya that Shivaye has a nice family, he is rude, he broke their hearts, I thought he is just rude to me. Om makes Priyanka smile and says I have a great gift for you, I will get it. Rudra says I forgot to get gift.

Shivaye talks to security. Security guy says we tried explaining, but police has arrest warrant. Inspector says we know you are a rich man, we know your place in society, but we had to come, we got to know Omkara is smuggling country’s antiques on pretext of exhibition, we got the info by call. Shivaye says what nonsense, you will blame us for any anonymous call, this blame is baseless, I m going to call commissioner. Constable asks inspector to see whats this.

Om gets gift from car and sees Roop’s shadow in the window glass. He says who is she and turns to see. Roop keeps a box. Shivaye goes to see some box found. Om says you, what are you doing here. Roop sees the box she kept in the plant. Om gets the box and asks whats this. She says nothing. Shivaye opens a box and checks. Om too opens the little box and checks. Shivaye sees a golden idol miniature. Om sees red rakhi threads.

Roop thinks I was blamed of theft years ago, this will happen with Om today, he will be blamed of smuggling and will be taken by police infront of everyone. Om asks whats this. She says its thread, it breaks by slight pull, like my relation broke with my brothers, I came to tie rakhi to my brothers, but I can’t come inside, so I was hiding this box here and leaving, so that if not me, atleast my rakhis reach my brothers. Shivaye talks to commissioner. Dadi and Pinky console Priyanka. Pinky asks her to tie rakhi to Om and Rudra. Priyanka says I tie rakhi to Shivaye first. Pinky says it does not matter, start from youngest this time, tie rakhi to Rudra, Shivaye troubled you, let him come, then settle scores. Roop comes and says not a single sister should have tears in eyes today, I came with this hope. Tej asks how dare you come here, who have let you enter. Om says I did.

Roop says I came to tie Rakhi to Tej. Tej gets angry. Om asks what did Roop do. Pinky blames Roop of theft and says last time, she blamed your mum for theft she did. Om says I did mistake to get Roop here, and asks her to leave. Shivaye says if she has come, let her tie rakhi and go. Om says its not any business deal, we are talking about relations, I never thought you will leave family for your work.

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