Ishqbaaz 20th September 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 20th September 2016 Written Update

Rudra asks if sons are VIPS for their moms, why not bahus, if moms treat their sons like first class citizens, why don’t they treat bahus like this. Shivaye says everyone has different point of view, whats there to worry. Om says if girl has to go out and work, it should be her choice, she does not need permission. Shivaye says the truth is mostly girls want to marry rich girl and settle, ask any girl about the qualities she is finding in her would be husband, she would say well settled. Om asks how can you think so low. Shivaye says its not just my thinking, everyone has same thinking. Rudra says we should ask someone’s advice who is more intelligent. Dadi says we all did crime to break Jhanvi’s dreams, not just Tej. Rudra asks Tej why did he not let Jhanvi become CEO. Pinky says bahu’s dreams always broke in this house. Shivaye says mom….

Some time before, Om goes to Rudra and asks why did you not go to workout. Rudra says I don’t want to go, I m thinking about girls, I don’t mean that way I think daily, I m thinking of the discussion happened yesterday, there are many issues. Shivaye comes and asks what issues are there in your life now. Rudra says I m thinking of girls’ issues, Mallika said right, I m much affected by what she said, why don’t we give equal rights to girls, if sons are VIPS for their moms, why not bahus, if moms treat their sons like first class citizens, why don’t they treat bahus like this, all girls got touchy during discussion yesterday, even Priyanka spoke up. Shivaye says everyone has different point of view, whats there to worry.

Om says of course, this is matter to worry, sons and bahus are equally imp in a family, why are bahus taken for granted. Shivaye says you both are getting emotional, its not a big issue. Om says its big issue, if my mum thinks her career is compromised after marriage, if Mallika feels her inlaws think her career is a joke, then its big thing for me. Shivaye argues with Om and says it happens as people take huge expectations in a relation, the ground rule is every marriage is a deal, and both are equal partners, one has to go out and earn money, other has to manage home, if both do their work, no one will have problem.

Om asks who pre-decides this responsibilities, why can’t girls go out and earn. Shivaye says they can work, if bahu wants to pursue career, her inlaws should allow. Om asks why should inlaws allow her, that is the problem that inlaws and husband should allow, do sons require permission to go out and work, if bahus want to work, it should be her choice, you mean to say, will Tia need your permission if she wants to work. Shivaye says Tia and I have spoken already, she does not want to work, I will manage business, she will manage house and then children.

Om asks why don’t you manage kids, let her manage business, whats the problem. Shivaye says we already spoke and it’s a deal, it can’t change now. Om says every relation is a deal for you. Shivaye argues and says I m talking practical and honest, everyone do not say this, but everyone believes this in society, feminism, equality, rights, keep these big words aside and come to reality. He says truth is mostly girls want to marry rich guys and settle, they want their husbands to earn and manage their expenses, ask any girl, what qualities she looks for in her husband, first thing will be well settled, did you see any upper middle class girl marrying a poor guy by falling in love with him, leave girls, their parents find well settled guys in matrimonial ads and sites, bank balance is the top priority.

Om asks him to understand, there are every type of people in the world, yes there are some girls who find easy route, but there are some girls who do not need anything and want to do something on her own. Shivaye says I agree, but whats the percentage, that’s just 5%. Om asks how is your thinking so small. Shivaye says everything thinks so, your idea of an ideal relationship does not exist in this world, I know everyone want comfortable life. Om says I don’t want that, I want such life and relation which is on honesty and equality. Shivaye say then sit on pink cushion wearing that red jacket. Om says I have confusion about space, not equality. Shivaye says men and woman can never be equal, women thinks they are weak as it suits them, all responsibility is of men, after marriage….there is arrangement of convenience between man and woman, I m just sharing the facts, if anyone feels bad, its none of my concern. Om says when sons are like you, bahus feel like being second class at home. Shivaye says I m saying the truth. Om says this is not true, you mean, women should just make roti and manage children. Shivaye asks if women like to struggle, why do they find rich husbands, they can give ad that they want poor struggling guy. Rudra says Shivkara, stop arguing. Om and Shivaye ask him to shut up. Om says its imp discussion. Rudra says exactly, we should take advice of someone wise, I m not saying about me, but Dadi. Om and Shivaye agree to ask Dadi, and other women. Shivaye says I don’t think any injustice happened in our house with any woman. Om says we will find out, come.

They go to Jhanvi’s room. Shivaye knocks door and calls her out. Pinky asks what are they doing here. Om says we want to have a family discussion. Pinky thinks about food issues. Om says its imp, we want to know do women in this house get respect or not. Pinky asks him to touch his feet. Rudra touches her feet. Pinky says see, I get much respect. Shivaye says Om feels you and Jhanvi get treated like second class citizens, I want to prove Om wrong, that’s why we are here. Tej asks why are you making such a noise outside my room. Shivaye says sorry, I want to talk to Jhanvi. Tej says she has gone to your Nani’s house. Dadi says she did not ask me. Tej says she said she will come after 2-3 days. Dadi says what happened to Jhanvi.

Sahil tells Anika that he is angry on teacher. Anika asks why. He tells about his wish of becoming Ganesh ji, but she said he can just become Ganesh ji’s rat, as I m very think. Anika laughs and asks him to think how will he look as a rat, sorry. He asks how to get fat, I wish I was bit fat, I need to ask some expert. Soumya comes and meets Anika. She says I was going to submit college project and wanted to meet you, so I came here. Anika introduces Sahil. Sahil greets Soumya and smiles. Soumya says so cute….. Sahil says Soumya. Anika asks him to call her Didi. Sahil says I know you are Didi, and asks Soumya…… Anika thinks if he asks Soumya how to get fat, she will feel bad. She says he does not have to ask anything. Soumya says let him ask. Sahil asks how are you so cute. Soumya says I m sitting with you and your cuteness is reflecting. Sahil asks really. Soumya says yes. Anika asks him to go and study. Sahil praises Soumya. Anika asks what happened to you. He signs and thinks love…. Anika says we will go to room and talk, come. Soumya says bye Sahil and goes.

Om says I spoke to mom, she missed home and went. Pinky says then its all well. Om says no, there is something. He asks Tej what did she do that mom went. Tej says you feel she went because of me. Om says you never gave her reason to come close, you always gave reasons for her to go away. Dadi asks Tej what happened. Tej says since Mallika’s incident, Jhanvi feels I don’t give her equal status, she got angry and does not want to see my face, she packed her stuff and left, since Mallika came here, don’t know what happened to Oberoi ladies, Jhanvi is behaving as if I have put her in chains, I told her that man is responsible to manage work and woman is responsible to manage house. Shivaye says I agree, whats wrong. Tej says exactly, Jhanvi argues with me for old things, she said I snatched her career and confidence, this is not true. Om asks why did she say this. Tej says after having children, I asked her to be at home to manage children, not leave career. Om says why did just mom give sacrifice, not you. Tej says I did not see my children growing, as I worked day and night, I have also done sacrifice, I have seen you all growing in sheets, is this not sacrifice.

Om says I have all answers, but I want mom to answer this, its better we discuss this when mom comes back. Tej says you mean a father working day and night for children is wrong. Om says no, husband deciding for wife and neglecting her dreams is wrong. Shivaye says Om this happened with Mallika, but I m sure this did not happen with Jhanvi. Dadi says no Billu, this happened with Jhanvi. They get shocked. Om looks at Tej. Dadi says Tej and Jhanvi started our airlines work, Jhanvi could go ahead, maybe ahead of Tej, but when Om was born, Tej asked her to stay at home, she happily agreed thinking she will join her work after some years, but this did not happen, she asked Tej and he refused to her by some excuse and then Jhanvi stopped asking and managed home, Tej got lost in outside world and forgot that a woman is behind his success, who got behind so that Tej can go ahead. Dadi says not just Tej, we all did crime to break her dreams. Tej says Maa… Dadi stops him and says Tej, Mallika’s matter made me realized our big mistake, I should have supported Jhanvi, I valued sons’ dreams, and forgot to fulfill bahu’s dreams, maybe I also believed that bahu’s work is to manage home, we repeat this mistake always, we made son’s palace over bahu’s dreams. Shivaye asks if Jhanvi was so passionate about her dreams, why did she not object. Rudra says she would have said, but no one would have heard her. He asks Tej why did he not let mom become CEO, it does not matter to me that mom is CEO or not, I love her, why did you not give her a chance, when I used to tell her in childhood that I will grow up and become batman, she did not laugh and used to make mask for me, as she valued my dreams, why did we all not value her dreams. Dadi says mistake happened Rudra, when she comes back, I will apologize to her, afterall her dreams broke. Pinky says bahus’ dreams always broke in this house. Shivaye says mom….. They all get surprised and look at Pinky.

Dadi asks where are these three. Shivaye says not three, four…. Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Priyanka get Ganpati idol. Dadi smiles.

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