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Ishqbaaz 19th August 2016 Written Update

Shivaye sees the cartoons made in Anika’s diary and says you think this is joke, you don’t respect work and want me to respect you, Dadi employed you and I give you salary, I want everything on table tomorrow, you don’t know saying names in English and …. Anika repeats the order and shows off. He turns his face away. She reminds that she had run college canteen, she knows all the food dishes, this is her professionalism, she does not do work with bad face and take work seriously, you will get order completed, you stay happy I m not coming on work, its raksha bandhan and I want to spend my day with my brother. She leaves.

Rudra calls love angel and wants her help. Soumya says duffer Oberoi, love devil will help such that you forget to take help. She goes on air and says love has smiles and tears, here is our first call. Rudra calls her. She asks is that Amar Prem. He thinks who is Amar Prem, and realizes its his fake name. He asks how did you know I m Amar Prem. She says everyone does not look despo by voice. He says thanks, what. She says its compliment, your voice is different, till where did your love story reach. He says my love story ended. She asks what, my idea flopped. He says no, your idea was good, but my plan flopped.

Ishana thanks Om for talking to her landlord. He says not a big deal, you made me keep these bangles, I forgot to give you. She asks him to keep it. He gives her bangles and says its yours, you should have it. she says you are so good, I can’t believe Riddhima has hurt you. Rudra asks love angel for making image good. Soumya asks him to invite the girl at home for raksha bandhan. He says I don’t have to make her my sister. She says she will see you with sister and find you caring, she will like you. He likes the idea. Om says I think I judged Riddhima harshly, I should give her chance to explain, if I want honesty, I should trust her, fraud happened with her. Ishana holds her head. Om says Mala sent her there and cheated her.

Ishana gets Riddhima’s call and says its personal call. She goes. Riddhima asks Mala where are you, do you know what happened. Mala says I was busy finding fraud princess, I wanted to call you, you got trapped in that fraud because of me. Riddhima says Om came to meet me, I did not tell him, he thought I lied. Ishana says you are perfect girlfriend, I think he is finding reason to get annoyed, do you know where is Omkara, maybe he is with Bela. Riddhima says I will find out. Ishana ends call and says now Riddhima will doubt on Om, and Om will hate her for doubting on him.

Anika says I have holiday tomorrow and I won’t see Bagad Billa’s face. Shivaye asks whose face. She says Shivaye’s face. He asks did you take my permission. She asks for not seeing your face. He asks for leave. She says I told you, whats there to ask, its raksha bandhan and everyone has leave, its my right. He says no, I m working. She says its your wish to work, you are like tortoise and your work does not end, I ended all my work, why shall I come. He asks who said its over. She says I m saying, you find what is left, I work well. He says if I find any work, I will call and you have to come. She says this can’t happen. He says you have over confidence. She says you are over, leave it, I have to go home. He says we will see. She leaves.

Om gets Riddhima’s call. Ishana smiles and thinks now they will fight, Omkara will need shoulder to cry on, it will be my shoulder, shoulder is close to heart. Riddhima asks where are you. Om says I m with Bela, I came to return bangle. Riddhima thinks is this excuse, is Mala saying right. She asks can we meet. Om says its rakshabandhan tomorrow, lets meet at home. Ishana dances.

Rumi asks Rudra do you mean I come to your house on rakshabandhan. Rudra says yes. She asks you want me to tie rakhi to you. He says no, my sister will tie me rakhi, you just come to see me and meet real Rudra. She says everyone saw real Rudra in poster that day. He says that was stunt, real Rudra is lady killer. She says fine, I will be there. She goes.

Rudra thanks love angel. Soumya comes to him and greets him. She asks why are you happy. He says something is going to happen, why do you come as bone in paneer. He says its bone in kabab. He says I don’t eat kabab. She calls him duffer Oberoi and gives his bag. He leaves. She calls him coward protein shake Oberoi. Ishana says this sautan’s confusion and Om does not give me value. Riddhima comes and Ishana thinks whats Riddhima doing here. Riddhima asks Mala what is she doing here. Ishana says I came for meeting, what are you doing here.

Riddhima says Om and Bela came here, did you see them. Ishana says no, did they come here. Ridddhima says Bela is trapping Om, all truth will be out tomorrow, Om called me tomorrow at home, if Bela is with him, it will be confirmed something is happening between them. She goes. Ishana says if I want their breakup to happen, Bela has to be spotted with Omkara, then it will be known I m Bela.

Anika talks to Priyanka on phone and asks her to promise to take care of brother. Priyanka says but brothers make that promise. Anika says I also take care of Sahil, are girls less than boys. Soumya agrees and tells her research against boys. Priyanka asks Soumya to solve her problem, Raksha bandhan is my day, they do whatever I say, I want to something special for them, involving my brothers and family. Anika asks does Billu also do what you say.

Priyanka says yes, Shivaye makes breakfast for me, he is the best brother in the world. Soumya asks about Rudra. Priyanka says Rudra also pampers me a lot. Soumya asks really, he thinks of someone other than his body. Anika says your brothers won’t be thinking so much. Priyanka says no, I m sure my three brothers would be awake and planning to make my day special. The brothers are sleeping. Anika gives an idea.

Priyanka says I did not hear such plan ever. Anika says you wanted a solid plan. Soumya likes the idea and asks Priyanka to do it, everyone will agree for this. Anika says I wish I could see this. Soumya says don’t worry, I will record it for you. She thinks it will be fun. Anika too is excited.

Its morning, everyone wait for Priyanka. Rudra asks Priyanka to come fast, I m feleing hungry. Jhanvi asks Shivaye what special thing did he make in breakfast for Priyanka. He says its surprise for her. Soumya says it will happen what Priyanka wants. Priyanka comes. Lafzon ka ye…..plays………. they smile seeing Priyanka. Rudra says for a change, she is looking good.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra forward hands and ask her to tie rakhi. Soumya asks them to have chit from this bowl. Priyanka says today’s rakhi will be really… Soumya says special.

Everyone take chits from the bowl. Priyanka asks them to see chits and it will have other member’s name, you have to behave like that member. They all get shocked seeing the names.

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