Ishqbaaz 18th October 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 18th October 2016 Written Update

Soumya says our first caller is with us, what’s your name. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words and says cat. She says fine if you want to hide your name, what’s your eyes color. He says Kanji eyes. Some time before, Shivaye says Anika, I don’t know what’s between us, I…. he falls asleep over her shoulder. Anika holds him. Rudra makes the beautiful decorations. Soumya comes and music plays…. Rudra says if you have parathas in heart, you are Sumo, if you are 8/100 in figure, then you are Sumo, if you are Chubby and overweight, if you carry it by cuteness, you are Sumo, wow what a sher.

Soumya asks whats happening. He says you came, I planned a date, I was singing shayari to make it romantic. Soumya asks was this shayari, you were making fun of me, according to NASa research….. did you say date. He asks did you like this. She asks did you like this. He says for both of us. She asks what do you mean. He says I have set up a date, you know what, that’s your date. She gets angry seeing Reyaan.

Reyaan smiles and goes to them. Soumya asks what’s all this Rudra. Reyaan says why are you scolding him, he just…. Rudra says Reyaan, don’t argue, how to talk to girls, learn from Rudy the expert, look. He tells Soumya that sometimes misunderstandings happen between two people, it does not mean road’s end, it maybe speedbreaker too, will you give a chance to Reyaan. Reyaan says yes Soumya, Rudra explained me I m was big stupid. Rudra says ask Reyaan to sit. She asks is there any more surprise or is this it. Rudra says one more is left, look there. Soumya sees Rumi coming. Rumi smiles. Soumya thinks oh God, how to explain Rudra, what a major disaster is going to happen. Rudra opens his arms. Rumi walks by and hugs Soumya.

Rudra greets Rumi and hugs her. He says Rumi is my date, Reyaan is your date, double date. Soumya worries. Anika makes Shivaye rest on his bed. He opens his eyes and looks at her. He gets up and sits. They have an eyelock. Ishq hai aansun…..plays……. He says this thing between us is strange, right. He rests in her lap. She holds him. She gets a pillow and keeps under his head. Music plays….. She gets away. She stops and looks at him. She says Billu ji, there is something between us, which you felt and even I felt, I came here to solve this riddle and it got more tangled. She leaves from his room.

Rudra says its looking so good, we four should hang out like this. He says Reyaan is too shy, what do you like in Soumya. Reyaan says Soumya is very beautiful. Rudra says beautiful? You can say pretty, and see Rumi is so pretty, smart and hot. Soumya says we shall have food. Rudra says yes. Rumi says wait, I will pray first and then bless the Ann/food. Rudra asks who is Anna, the guard? Rumi says no, the food, I will bless it. Rudra says fine, bless food and then we will have it. She blesses. Soumya thinks I was worried for this and its happening.

Sahil asks Anika did you make confusion get away in rickshaw. Anika says no, confusion increased. He asks how. She says what I felt, Billu ji was feeling same. He asks same to same. She says yes, whats happening to me, am I looking fine. He jokes her nose is getting long and laughs. He asks why are you confused. She says don’t know why, I worry for Shivaye, I like to do everything for him, don’t know whats happening, its happening high. Sahil says fine, close your eyes, if you see Shivaye, then understand something is wrong. She says be quiet, I will not do this, keep this filmi ideas to yourself. He says fine, this works on me.

Sahil closes eyes and sees Soumya with him. Aai aisi raat hai jo…..plays………..They eat icecream together and smile. Sahil says see she is coming infront of my eyes, you also try. She says stop it, you go and sleep. She gives his walking sticks. He goes. Anika thinks to try. She closes eyes and sees Shivaye resting in her lap moment. She says I have seen Billu ji…. And worries.

Its morning, Shivaye opens his eyes after visualizing moment with Anika. He says did this really happen or I just imagined it. He thinks of the moment again and says I was sleeping in her lap, this is not good….. He rushes out of his room. He goes to Om’s room and does not find him. He asks Priyanka where is Om. She says he went for his art work shop. He asks where is Rudra. She says Rudra went on some picnic. He says picnic… She asks do you want anything. He asks did Anika come. She says no, she came yesterday. He asks not yesterday, did she come today. She says no, but I will call her if you have any work with her. He says no, I don’t have any work. She asks are you fine. He says I m okay. She says I felt.. He asks what. She says nothing. He goes.

Rudra is blindfolded and asks did we come to any garden, I m getting flower smell. She says we came by lift, how can we come in garden. Rudra says don’t talk like Om, it can be terrace garden. He hears water fountain sound and says waterfall, did we come to Lonavla, but we got here by lift. He says I understood, why you blindfold my eyes, you are very naughty. Rumi opens the blindfold and asks him to open eyes. He smiles. He sees Rumi’s photos all around the room. He sees incense sticks and water fountains. He sees Rumi’s photos in various Devi avatars and asks where am I?

Soumya asks where is Rudra. Priyanka says he went on picnic with Rumi. Soumya says oh no, I have to tell Rudra about Rumi, I will call him. She can’t connect and hopes he is fine. Rudra says we were going on picnic. He laughs and says you were doing mythological show with Devi’s characters, daily soaps are tacky and does not go with your image, so you did not say anyone and wanted to share with me, right. She says no Rudra, you are very lucky that I chose you. He says I chose and chased you. She says no, I chose you to be my follower. He says I m following you on road and social media. She says you did not understand, I called you here so that you can Sthapit/establish me in your heart. He asks what.

He asks her to close eyes and see. He asks how will I see you if I close eyes, Rumi naughty girl. She says my heart eyes. He says its something romantic. He says get my soul in your every bit. He asks what. She says sit here and pray for some time. She takes his mobile and leaves. Rudra says Rumi wants me to see her everywhere, so that I don’t see any girl, Rumi is so sweet, I make girls so mad. Soumya says Rumi is not sweet, how to explain you, Rudra is not safe with Rumi. Priyanka asks what are you saying. Soumya says I will explain. Priyanka says its your podcast time. Soumya says I know, but I will call Rudra.

Priyanka says you go for morning podcast, I will call Rudra and make him talk to you, don’t delay, you can talk to Rudra once he comes back, love angels will be waiting. Soumya says I have to inform him, its imp. Priyanka asks her not to worry and goes.

Soumya starts her show and Shivaye hears her. She says 9 out of 10 people want to feel love in life once. Shivaye says what crap, I m that 10th person. She says that 10th person is lying to himself and others, feelings are very confusing. He says that’s right. She says are you confused about your feelings. He says maybe. She says if you said maybe, you are confused about confusion, you need help, call love angel to solve the heart confusion. Shivaye calls love angel. Soumya says our first caller is with us, hello whats your name. he says Shi….

She asks is your name Shish… He says no, my name… he recalls Anika calling him Billu and says cat, I m cat. Soumya says that cat which says anything other than meow, its fine if you want to hide your identify, what type of cat are you. He says black cat. She says I love cats, whats your eyes color. He says Kanji eyes. She says so sweet, I also know someone… She stops and says so Mr. black cat, tell me why did you call love angel. He says I discuss my problems with my brothers, but today they are not here, so… She says that’s okay, sometimes talking to strangers help. He says something happened yesterday, which never happened before.

Sahil asks Anika is she going Oberoi mansion again. She says yes, everyone apologized, if I don’t go, it won’t look good. He says fine, go to arrange Billu ji’s marriage. She thinks. He asks did it get fine. She says yes, I made water motor repaired. He asks your motor, tell me did Shivaye’s strange problem get fine. She thinks of Shivaye.

Shivaye says I want to say thanks infront of everyone, Anika came in my life some days back, so I took a decision. He gets the ring and asks Anika will you marry me. Everyone get shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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