Ishqbaaz 16th November 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 16th November 2016 Written Update

Anika runs to Shivaye and says I have to tell you something Shivaye, I was telling you there is something wrong. She gets shocked seeing Tia. Tia asks whats the matter that you had to come to Shivaye’s bedroom. Sometime before, Anika says I m not blaming, I got this ticket so… Daksh says if ticket is the reason of doubt, then here it is, i have my tickets. Anika sees the tickets. Dadi says Anika, you are mistaken, we know Daksh since his childhood, he can’t do this thing. Tia says Anika I really think you should say sorry to Daksh. Shivaye says actually, what happened last night, Anika is scared, I think she said that to Daksh in stress, anyway for Anika, I will like to apologize. Anika looks at him. Music plays………..

Tia asks why Shivaye baby, why are you apologizing on her behalf. Daksh says hey Tia, its okay, and Anika, no need to be apologetic, I totally understand your stand of mind, just forget everything, are you alright. Anika says sorry Daksh. He says you don’t have to be sorry, no sorry and no thanks in friendship, if you need any bodyguard, I m here. Anika goes tearful eyes. Shivaye looks on.

Rudra talks on phone and says no Chubby, there is no party. He does rap and says I m also an artist, there is no party, Shivaye is getting married, sangeet and all is happening, I have to go to inter college basketball championship, yes going to Delhi, how can you be so stupid, I will call later. He sees Om and stops him, asking him to come. Shivaye is on call and says I know security guards are doing their work, I want to find Anika’s attackers asap. Rudra asks Shivaye to come. Rudra takes them to kitchen. Shivaye asks what do you want. Rudra says I want something to eat, I m very hungry. Om asks what will you have, don’t die. Rudra says anything, that can be made soon. He jokes. Shivaye says this was my old joke, will you have sandwich. Rudra says yes. They sing Khushiyaan baatenge hum…. and dance. They make sandwich.

Anika says sorry, I misunderstood you. Daksh says its fine, anyone gets scared in such case, I m feeling bad that you had to go through all this in my presence, I don’t know you regard me friend or not, but you are my most special friend. If you need anything at any time, just remember I m always there for you. She smiles and thanks him.

Rudra gives sandwish and says we did not get this moment since long, we got busy in our lives. Shivaye says correct. Rudra asks Om whats going on in your life. Om says nothing, just new exhibition preparations. Rudra says I m thinking to get gold in basketball championships this time. Om says wow, what a good thought, don’t take tension, if you don’t win, get gold water on bronze medal like last time, you think you will win gold if you think. Rudra says its necessary to think like its necessary to achieve, what are you thinking. Shivaye says nothing usual. Om reminds him that he is getting married. Shivaye yes.

Rudra says wow, I m waiting for sangeet, I m ready to dance. Om and Shivaye say please not in ghagra. Tia comes and says Shivaye baby, I need to talk to you, its urgent. Shivaye asks right now? She says ya. He says okay and goes. Rudra says I m fed up, Shivaye baby….. and jokes of movie Shivaay. Om laughs. Rudra says Shivaye went on her one call, I m not getting good feeling for Shitia wedding. Om says I can see on your face that you want to cry, come on cry Rudra. Om shakes him. Rudra tries and says later. Om says good vibes and all.

Tia says Shivaye baby, I think this is getting serious now. Shivaye asks what. She says I mean, Anika, attacks, stalker, I feel its strange, why will anyone attack her. Shivaye says it really happened. She asks how can you say this. He says because I went there, I have seen. She asks did you see attack happening. He says no. She asks did you see attacker. He says no, but when I went there, Anika was scared, she looked under stress. She says maybe that was acting. He says why will she act, it does not make sense. She says isn’t it obvious, to get attention and sympathy. He says no, she can’t do this. She says I wanted to tell you indirectly, maybe you did not understand, Anika is obsessed with you, all this stalker and attack is acting to get your attention, you make place in your heart, look I m saying all this, I want you to be careful, its good to help someone, but be careful. She goes. He recalls Tia’s words.

Anika stops Tia. She says Pinky asked me to final your dress and jewelry, please tell me choice and colors to tell designer. Tia says come on, you know my choice, I tried many outfits, did you not know my likes and dislikes, my taste. Anika says I can guess but this is your wedding outfit, I don’t want to do mistake. Tia says you do mistakes unknowingly and intentionally. Anika says please say. Tia says why shall I say, why to make your life easy, when you are creating problems in my life, anyways its you job to organize my wedding outfit, if I did not like it, you know what I will do, so best of luck. She goes.

Soumya says don’t know what Shivaye saw in her, anyway I have a solution, Tia is active in social media, check her pictures, you can know her likes. Anika says thanks, you solved my problem. Soumya says its easy to solve other’s problems, I wish I could solve my problem easily. Anika asks what happened Soumya.

Daksh stares at his laptop screen. Shivaye comes to him. Daksh shuts the laptop. Shivaye says you are always on laptop, what do you do. Daksh asks why, is it that only you work. Shivaye smiles and says this is your project coordinator list. Daksh says thanks, does this have all portfolios. Shivaye says I don’t do incomplete work. Daksh says Oh, I got a work call. Shivaye says take it, and leaves.

Anika says Soumya, they have just sent proposal, if you don’t want to marry, tell aunty, don’t marry if you don’t want to. Soumya says mum will not understand. Anika asks her to talk to Reyaan. Soumya says yes, it will be right. Reyaan comes and greets Soumya. Anika asks her to talk and leaves. Reyaan says I need to…. Soumya says before you say, I have to say something. She sees Rudra coming with a ring and asks Rudra whats that. Rudra says how can marriage happen without proposal, Reyaan feels so, he was coming to propose you, he got nervous and gave me the ring. He gives ring to Reyaan. Reyaan says our parents are talking of marriage, but I wanted to come and propose you formally, I know girls find all this romantic, so…. he gets on his knees and proposes her. He asks will you marry me. Soumya looks at Rudra. They recall their marriage.

Soumya gets tensed. Reyaan holds her hand and makes her wear ring. She gets hurt. He says its not fitting, I think I got shorter size. Rudra says you have to fit it, look now. He makes Soumya wear the ring. She looks at him. Rudra says you have to put ring like this. Reyaan says thanks Rudra, I thought I have to get ring exchanged.

Anika checks Tia’s pictures on her phone. She says my day was bad and Tia spoiled my mood, its her marriage and clothes, but I have to choose it of her choice. She sees pic of Tia with someone and gets shocked. She says whats this, so this is Tia’s truth, I have to inform Shivaye. She runs and reaches Shivaye’s room. She says I have to tell you something Shivaye, I told you there is something wrong. Tia smiles. Anika gets shocked seeing Tia.

Tia asks what happened Anika, why did you get silent seeing me. Anika says you…. Tia says thats funny, I should ask you, what are you doing in my fiance’s room, what was the matter that you came here to Shivaye’s bedroom. Anika thinks no use to tell Tia, she will change matter and make me fool.

Om says its your wedding, the famous Shitia wedding, its Tia….. Anika comes and says Tia is married. Shivaye asks are you in senses. Anika says yes, when you see this picture, you will be shocked, its proof that my doubt was not wrong and Tia is making you fool. She shows the pic to Om and Shivaye.

Written Update by Amena

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