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Ishqbaaz 15th August 2016 Written Update

Anika tells Dadi that she can come back to work, but she has some conditions. Shivaye asks really. Dadi asks her to say. Anika says you know I m friendly, I want my working environment to be good, I want that man to greet me with a smile, crack a joke and my day starts happily. Shivaye says you think I will do this. Dadi says he will do this. Anika says Dadi, you know my ideas, I want Shivaye to praise me. Shivaye asks shall I give you my both kidneys. She asks him to leave black coffee, that’s why he is so irritated. Some time before, Anika asks Shivaye why did he come. He says I have come to say. She asks what. He says I have found out, you did not leak that chip. She asks why are you saying me, I know this. He asks her to listen, and says I checked security lapses, all blames on you were wrong. She smiles and asks him to say what she did not do, so that there is no confusion.

He says you were not wrong in security incident, you were right in saving Tia, you saved Rudra from current wire in water, you were right. She gets glad and says you are saying you insulted and tortured me, that was totally wrong, right? He says I was saying… she says you say what I will teach you, say you were wrong. He asks her to listen. She says you listen, you were showing attitude to me, I was not wrong, I did not cheat your family and you, so you will apologize to me. He says I came to say, everyone wants you to come back home for work. She says you forgot to say please, when you talk hi fi English. He says just come back. She says you got angry and still asking me to come back on job. He gets angry and says take job if you want else leave it, I did my work. She acts like him and jokes on his dialogue. She says Shivaye is bending infront of me. He asks why is she giving smile. She says because I won.

Dadi comes there and says I would have said crore times sorry, you could not say once, I was waiting in car. She apologizes to Anika for doubting and insulting her. Anika asks what are you saying. Dadi says its elders’ responsibility, I m sorry, I request you to come back and help me in Billu’s marriage. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Rudra is angry and says Rumi is big challenge for me, love angel help me in getting Rumi, then I will show Soumya. Soumya looks on and says he is calling me Sumo wrestler, I will make him cry, get ready for love devil. She goes on fm and says hello friends, I came back and started broadcast soon as some restless soul is waiting for my help. Rudra hears her and says its me. He calls Soumya and stops before saying his real name. she asks his name. He says my name is Amar. She thinks he is big fraud to hide his real name and jokes. She asks his problem.

Anika tells Dadi that she can come back to work, but she has some conditions. Shivaye asks really. Dadi asks her to say. Anika says you know I m friendly, I want my working environment to be good, I want that man to greet me with a smile, crack a joke and my day starts happily. Shivaye says you think I will do this. Dadi says he will do this.

Dadi says its done, say more. Anika says you know my ideas are great, I want Shivaye praise me for my ideas next time. Shivaye asks shall I give you my both kidneys. Dadi says he will do, don’t worry. Shivaye says we won’t listen any other condition, I will get better wedding planner. Dadi says she is not asking for sky, its simple conditions. Shivaye says even she has to agree to my conditions.

Soumya asks Rudra why did he not discuss problem with her elder brother. Rudra asks how did you know I m elder brother. She says your voice looks younger. He says you are smart. She asks his name. He forgets and she thinks he is duffer to forget what name he said. He says Prem. She says you said Amar. He says my name is Amar Prem.

Shivaye and Anika argue. He tells many things against her, and says what will a man do, if not anger, will the man love you. She looks at him. Dadi asks are you saying sorry or scolding her. Shivaye says she can enter Oberoi mansion if she does not irritate me. Anika says whats this condition, shall I not take breath if you say you got irritated, you leave black coffee, you get irritated by consuming it. They ask Dadi on whose side is she. Dadi says fight is over, shall we leave. Shivaye says tell her not to talk to me, and just mind her work.

Anika asks does he have mind or not, she has to ask Shivaye about his wedding costume, and other things. Dadi says she is saying right. Shivaye says she has to agree to my conditions, its very imp. Anika asks what. Shivaye says tell her this is last time. Anika asks what. He says this thing. She asks what, throwing water, did you get fear of water, do you bath or just wear suit. Dadi smiles. Shivaye looks at Anika. Anika says I threw intentionally once and later it just happened by mistake. He asks her not to do mistake again. She agrees.

Rudra asks what shall I do to convince the girl. Soumya asks him to advertise. Rudra does one. She says not this, follow her on social media, on road and everywhere, reach her. He likes the idea.

Rudra says I like this. Soumya asks his name. Rudra forgets and thinks what did he say, two words, Vishal Shekhar, Abbas Mustan, no, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, that’s three words, what was that name. He says Shiv Omkara. Soumya says you said Amar Prem. He says I can’t hear you and ends call. He says now her love advice will help me. She says this will spoil your love life.

Dadi asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye gives Anika her phone, and says it was left at home. Their hands touch. She says so we will meet tomorrow, will you greet me. He says good bye and was colliding with cupboard. He leaves. Soumya tells about giving wrong advice to the guy to learn that girls are not objects, I will keep you updated with this story. Ishana hears love angel and gets some idea. She says now Ishana’s idea will start.

Soumya says I will play a song while going, stay strong and don’t be losers. Phasa…………plays…….. Soumya dances with Rudra’s pic. Anika and Ishana also dance at their homes hearing the same song on radio. Ishana says my hawa hawai formula starts. She calls Riddhima and tells her about a secret visit of princess, you should go there and impress princess, she can give you donation for good cause. She calls Om and says my landlord is making me leave the house, he is going to meet me, I have to take my ill dad to hospital, if you could help me.

Om says sure, but I have to meet Riddhima at 11am. Riddhima says I have to meet Om at 11am, but this opportunity is big. Ishana asks Riddhima not to miss this chance and not tell anyone. Riddhima says sure, Mala Om is calling, I will call you back. Om asks Riddhima are we meeting at 11am tomorrow. Riddhima lies to him and says sorry I can’t meet you. Om says no problem, I have work. Riddhima tells Mala that she will come at 11am. Om tells Bela that he will come. Ishana gets glad.

Rudra asks Om and Shivaye to choose a pic, he has to impress Rumi. Soumya chooses one and Rudra likes her choice. Soumya says see what happens now, cry baby Oberoi.

Written Update by Amena

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