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Ishqbaaz 14th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anika throwing dirty water outside the door. It falls over Shivaye’s face. Anika gets shocked seeing him. some time before, Om says we misunderstood Anika, Shivaye chip fell in police station because of you, she returned you, why would she return it if she has stolen it, she is innocent. Shivaye says she is not innocent.

Om says Rudra and I have found out, that journalist told us Anika did not give that chip. Tej says who has done this, how does Gayatri know who goes out and who comes in, and at what time. Shakti says I think some outsider has done this. Om says yes, some outsiders are such who have become more than family here. Pinky says Om said right, maybe Shwetlana did this, she knows everything, she can blame others by doing this. Shwetlana and says I think I should leave, it’s a family matter. Om says you took many years to understand this, it’s a family matter, don’t get involved in this, I will show you the exit way come. Shwetlana looks at Tej and leaves.

Dadi says we did very bad with Anika, she did many favors on us, she saved Shivaye and Rudra’s lives, we have insulted her, Shivaye did big mistake this time. Shivaye gets some call and goes. Tia talks to Shivaye and says I feel bad for Anika, everyone doubted her, its bad Karma, I should also say sorry, she tried to protect me, she looked genuinely worried for my safety, I will come tomorrow and apologize. He says that’s not possible, I will talk to you. She says I will send Reiki to Anika too. Shivaye recalls Anika. Om says you will know her value now, she was a challenge in your life, that makes a man better, you felt she is your enemy, I feel she made you a better man. Shivaye asks Om do you think she made me a better man. Om turns to Rudra, and says I was talking to Rudra. Shivaye says I understand, I don’t need this knowledge.

Rudra says we came to chill here, Soumya took my room and we are room mates now, mess up the room to get homely feeling, come and think this is your bed, I would have not been here with you both if…. Om says if Anika did not save your life, if Shivaye and Anika’s envelopes did not get exchanged and Shivaye did not get down chopper then… Rudra says don’t give this example, its time for love angel now. They hear radio and love angel’s show. Soumya talks to a guy. The guy Pratap says I have cheated my GF and having affair with someone else now. Soumya calls him Pappu and gives advice to apologize to both the girls for lying, then its their wish to forgive him or not, think as human, not as boys. Rudra does not like her advice. Om likes her advice.

Soumya says say sorry, else you will get stress, wrinkles, white hair, pimples, do you really want that, you want get bad dreams, you can fall from bed and your bones can break, do you want this, its better to keep ego at side and say sorry. Shivaye says whatever and shuts radio. He asks whats all this. Om says she said someone else to keep ego at side, not you. Rudra says wrinkle on your face. Om says white hair Shivaye. Rudra and Om ask Shivaye to say sorry, Anika saved his life, even Rudra’s life, you humiliated her, you should say sorry, that’s least you can do.

Shivaye says fine, she did not leak that chip, but it does not mean she is innocent. Om says it does not mean she is culprit, just because she is not rich and does not have Oberoi surname, it does not mean she is short. Shivaye says okay, but she has quit the job. Rudra says I will call Anika. Her phone rings there. Rudra gets her phone under Shivaye’s bed, and Shivaye recalls her words. He says I did not believe her, she told this to me. Om says go to her and apologize to her personally. Shivaye asks shall I send her three month pay. Om says how shall I explain, apology is asked by heart, not paid.

Anika cries. Tujhse naraaz …..plays……. She counts the money. Shivaye recalls Om and Rudra’s words. She cries thinking of Shivaye. Shivaye sees her phone.

Its morning, Om and Rudra go to Shivaye. Rudra says you will need all this, its sorry card, soft toy, umbrella to save yourself from water, liquid courage. Shivaye says I m not going on war. Rudra asks how will you say sorry to Anika, you need coaching, Om and I will tell you, Om you become Shivaye, I will become Anika. Om and Rudra enact as Shivaye and Anika. Shivaye says excuse me. Rudra says wait, I m in character. Om says Shivaye’s lines. Om says thanks for saving my life, and sorry for talking badly, let bygones be bygones. Rudra says if you said sorry, I will forgive you. Shivaye says lets cut it now, I have to go. Om asks him to say sorry. Rudra asks will Shivaye be able to say. Om says don’t know, but he will say something.

Anika says I will find some job on internet today. She calls out Sahil to wake up fast, he has to rush for school. She throws dirty water outside, and it falls over Shivaye’s face. She gets shocked seeing him. Rudra says you have to give credit to me, Shivaye and Anika’s world war is going to end, we should give credit to love angel too, Shivaye may have said sorry till now, he is prince charming, I m sure he has written long sorry speech. Shivaye and Anika look at each other.

Shivaye asks Anika are you mad. She says you are like hiccups, you come anywhere anytime, why did you come here, did you get dirty water to have bath. He asks what, was this water dirty. Om says Anika is mature, I know she will handle situation very maturely now. Anika asks can’t I clean my house. He says you have thrown that dirty water on me. She says don’t think negative, all germs will end Billu ji. He asks her not to call him Billu, you throw things. She asks do you not throw things, you are Pheku type of person. He says whats that language, I should have not come to talk to you. They argue. She asks why did he come, what is the blame, what did she do today. Om says we did good thing to end their fight.

Rudra says we are great people to bring peace, Shivaye will come home and hug us, he will kiss us and say I love you both to bring peace in my peace. Shivaye says I hate you Om and Rudra, this is happening because of you both. She asks will he just keep talking to himself. They argue again. She says I talk a lot sometimes, but I m helpless to talk to you, why did you come, tell me. He asks are you done, finish it, I have all the time. She asks are you fine, won’t you threaten me, whats the matter. He says actually, I had come to say, whatever happened…..

Anika tells Dadi that she can come back on work, but she has few conditions. Shivaye asks really. Dadi asks her to say. Anika says I want such man to smile and greet me good morning, I want my day to begin well.

Written Update by Amena

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