Ishqbaaz 13th September 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 13th September 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with shivay and anika holding each other and shivay saying her thanks to her. Also then it is seen shivay and anika dancing on the song paan banara wala. Now some time before, everyone is enjoying then rudra says lets play something anika suggest to play antakshri but mallika object then rudra say lets play truth and beer soumya corrects him as truth and dare, he asks priyanka to bring bottle. All gather in a circle around the table rudra says they have 2 choices either truth or dare anf he will take pics he flips the bottle and it stops on omkara. shivay says what will omkara say he is already a idol of truth rudra flips it again it stops somewhere between soumya and tia. tia tells soumya to tell but she says it stopped on tia they argue rudra says if she(soumya) is saying then let it be. om and shivay stare him. He again flips it it stops on priyanka she dances then on mallika she also dances then on sounya she says the truth she is gonna say rudra would not be ablr to take it it about romi. She says romi is not what he thinks of her rudra say she is cute this is like her home only and is she feels scared she can come to sleep with him all stare him. He corrects that she can go to anyone all are family. he again flips the bottle it stops on tia she dances shivay gives annoyed look. the they all go to dance. in between there is some conversation between roop and gayatri. roop couldnt get the locker pin and they talk about the same. Then all are seen dancing on chull, shivay is standing alone mallika rolls and he stills her she asks truth or dare he says truth she asks when you dont love tia why you marring her hechanges the topic she goes back and dances on chull with anika. Now anika rolls and shivay stops her they stare mallika asks tia when did she and shivay met for first she say about of universe. rudra say i am tried of taking pics why should i alone take them the puts the camera on video . it captures shivay and anika he says i will tell you truth then you tell me truth he first says thanks for patch up thing and then he say she is weird but cute and also the words she use she say u called me cute? he say now you tell she say your kanji eyes he says not to start again she says are very beautiful and somtimes she wonder which color is that he say he also wonder from where she get thode words from. He says he will make a dictionary words by anika. they talk the camera records all this. Shivay asks her why there is so silence they see all are sleep. Then music plays and they dance it is also captured. in the morning janvi and pinky wonder why there is soo silence janvi says they must have slept early a bottle of wine comes in their way pinky asks her she also went to the party janvi stares, they come to the pool place and see everyone asleep pinky says let me bring water they will wake that way only. janvi stops her.

precap: this is super amzing. pinky wakes up all and questions them about the party she asks where is shivay. shivay stands up from behind the sofa also anika stands up from there both confused. pinks says anika you. om rudra all stare them

Written Update by Sahir

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