Ishqbaaz 10th November 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz serial

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Ishqbaaz 10th November 2016 Written Update

Anika passes by Daksh. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets shocked. Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says I strongly feel that someone is enter Anika’s life, I did reiki and I have this vision, Anika will get her life partner really soon. Anika asks what are you doing. Daksh says I could stop myself, I did not see such beautiful bracelet till now, and never seen such beautiful girl. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Daksh holding her hand.

Sometime before, Anika makes a floral Rangoli. Daksh comes talking over phone and steps on it. He stops seeing it. She gets shocked and says it spoiled. He ends call. He steps back and says I m so sorry, I was coming from there and did not see. She says its fine. He says I m feeling so bad, let me just help you. She says no, I will manage. He says I m feeling bad to spoil your hardwork. She says its okay. They both fill colors in the rangoli. He smiles seeing her. Music plays. He touches his face and colors his forehead. She says rangoli has to be made on floor, not on face, colors got on your face. He asks where and applies more color. She says it got here too, this side. He asks where, you clean it. He holds her hand. She says it got clean. He leaves her hand. Shivaye looks at them and turns to leave.

Daksh asks Shivaye where are you going. Shivaye asks did you call me, I was just…. Daksh asks him to come and see the Rangoli made by Anika, its beautiful right. Shivaye sees Anika and says beautiful. Daksh says I like this rangoli, is this gift for me. He checks box and says Happy Diwali Anika…. this gift is for Anika. Anika asks for me? No, it can’t be for me. Daksh says see your name here. Shivaye says no, just like that. Daksh asks him to say, for whom is this gift. Shivaye says it can be read, happy diwali Anika from me, my family, brothers, everyone, its diwali gift. Daksh asks him to give her. Shivaye forwards the gift. Daksh says its for you Anika, take it. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Shivaye gives gift. She looks on. Daksh says don’t insult gift and giver, just take it. He gives the gift to Anika. Shivaye looks at Daksh. Daksh wishes her happy Diwali. He gets a call and goes. Anika stops Shivaye and says Billu ji, thanks for the gift. Daksh smiles seeing her. Shivaye sees Daksh smiling and staring at Anika.

Rudra stops Reyaan. He asks what are you doing here. Reyaan says I came to meet Soumya. Rudra asks why, I mean did you have any work. Reyaan says no, but where is she. Rudra says in her room. Reyaan thanks him. Rudra asks where are you going. Reyaan says you said she is in room., I m going to her. Rudra asks do you have some shame. Reyaan says you said she is in room. Rudra says as you asked, stay here, I will call her.

Jhanvi apologizes to Om and says I got to know how Tej tried to manipulate you, he did not do it right. Tej comes to them and says you are right Jhanvi. He says Om, I don’t want to make you away from Shivaye, but want to see you standing with him, i want to secure your future Om, maybe my way was wrong, but not my intention, sorry. Om says I told you many times that I have no interest in your business, so this matter ends here. Tej says matter will end, but a father’s worry will not.

Soumya propers her dress and just then Rudra enters the room. He turns away and says sorry. She asks is it not times to knock and come. He asks is it not times to lock door. She asks why are you saying Maine Pyaar Kiya dialogues. He says that’s what I m thinking where I heard this dialogue, if Reyaan came here then.. She asks why will he come. He says he was coming, I stopped him, I came to tell you he is waiting. She says okay. He asks are you not ashamed. He asks what. He says generally, this is said when wife is going to mete boyfriend infront of husband, but we are not normal, we are just…. She says just friends. He says ya kind of, go, Reyaan is waiting. She says yes.

Jhanvi asks Om to listen to his dad. Om says please mom, Tej won’t have anything to say new, I don’t have patience to say anything old. Riddhima comes and asks Om to listen to Tej, he has hurt you, but did not do a crime that you can’t forgive him, I mean you are behaving like he killed someone and hidden the crime. Om recalls the accident. Om says matter ended here. Riddhima says it means you have forgiven your dad. Om says just let it be. Tej says leave it Riddhima and gives file to Om. Om asks what is this now. Tej says I m trying to rectify my mistake, I was starting that NGO, these are the genuine papers. Riddhima asks can I see the papers if you don’t mind. Tej says sure. Riddhima checks the file and says papers are fine Om, sign on it. Om asks did you check well. She says ya. Om signs. Tej looks on.

Soumya meets Reyaan. He compliments her and gifts her for Diwali. She says sorry, I did not get a gift for you. He says no problem, you are biggest gift for me. Rudra asks Soumya to make a note, biggest….. Reyaan and Soumya wish each other happy diwali and hug. Reyaan says I want to say something imp. Rudra says this is my house, say it here. Soumya says its okay, you can talk infront of Rudra, he is my friend. Reyaan says Soumya, I had to ask you about marriage. Rudra and Soumya get shocked and ask marriage, whose marriage. Reyaan asks why did you get scared by marriage name. Rudra says even biggies get scared of marriage, right Soumya.

She says yes. Reyaan says but I m scared, I want to marry Soumya, that too soon, I came to ask this to Soumya, mom said Dev’s marriage has still time, so I can marry first. Rudra says you came here as salesman goes to sell product. Reyaan asks whats your problem, Soumya tell me will you marry me. Rudra throws the basketball and injures his nose. Reyaan screams. Soumya says you are bleeding, wash your face, I will get bandaid. Reyaan goes. Soumya asks Rudra you did this purposely right. He says yes, why, did you feel bad, like its about your marriage. She looks at him. Reyaan calls her. Rudra says go, your Reyaan is calling you, and leaves her. She goes.

Anika passes by Daksh. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets shocked. Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says I had to tell you something imp. Shivaye says go ahead. I strongly feel that someone is enter Anika’s life. He asks who someone. She says someone special, I did reiki and I have this vision, Anika will get her life partner really soon. Anika asks what are you doing. Daksh says I could stop myself, I mean this bracelet is gorgeous, its unique. Anika says thanks. He looks at the bracelet and says so you like moon. She says yes. He says me too.

Shivaye says come on Tia, it does not happen like that. She says it will happen, don’t know, when, where and how, but Anika will get her life partner, mark my words. He says listen, just stop it, Anika was after you before and now you are after her, I don’t have time for it. He ends call. Daksh says I did not see such beautiful bracelet till now, and never seen such beautiful girl. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Daksh holding her hand. Anika says look…. Daksh says I know Im making you feel awkward, sorry, but my life philosophy is simple, I don’t like things to be complicated, so what I think and feel, I just say it, I don’t think what will other person think, you would be thinking I m flirt type of guy, but I have to say what I want, Anika you are so special. Shivaye looks on. Daksh says you are so different, and I like…. your bindaas attitude. She says look I have work, and takes her hand away. She goes. Shivaye sees Daksh smiling.

Shivaye goes to the pool side and recalls Tia’s words and Daksh. He says Tia tells anything, and this Daksh does anything, what happened to me, why am I thinking anything, I should stop and have coffee. Daksh comes smiling. Shivaye says so you got time for your friend. Daksh says don’t ask what I got. Shivaye says you look happy, what happened. Daksh says Anika. Shivaye coughs. Daksh asks are you alright. Shivaye says yes. Daksh hugs him. Shivaye asks why. Daksh says thanks, if you did not call me here for Diwali celebration, if I did not come here to meet you, I could have not met Anika, so thank you for making me meet Anika. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says you just met Anika, I mean so soon…. how. Daksh says I can’t believe it, its really happening. Shivaye asks what. Daksh says magic is happening, Anika did magic on me. Shivaye gets shocked.

Shivaye shouts to Anika and stops her. He goes to her and asks will you marry……. She gets shocked…..

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