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Ishqbaaz 10th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with the man calling Bunty. He tells Anika that its not connecting. She sees Sahil’s walking support and says it means Sahil is here. Nurse asks Rudra to get some medicines. Tej comes and asks Om to come with him. Om says I can’t leave my brother. Tej says doctors are here, nothing will happen to your brother, come out. Om goes out with Tej. The mysterious lady enters the ward.

Bunty shuts Sahil’s mouth and takes him away. The cycle falls down and Anika turns to see. She sees Bunty taking away Sahil and shouts. Bunty takes Sahil in the van. Anika runs and asks the man to bring some men to help.

The lady recalls Om saying doctor about Shivaye’s allergy to some medicine and he can lose life too. Om had dropped that medicine there and she picked it up. She tries to inject that medicine in the blood bottle. Tej says if Shivaye dies, I don’t want anything to happen to him, but we have to prepare to face such situation. Om gets angry and says when I think you can’t fall low, you fall lower. Tej says world thinks by mind, not heart, we have to think who will take Shivaye’s place if anything happens to him, we have to be ready to face this possibility, I want you to take his place, I have prepared these papers and I want you sign on it. Om says enough, you are stone hearted, please leave. Tej says life is giving this chance, sign these papers before Shivaye dies. Om shouts Tej Oberoi and raises hand. Tej gets shocked. Dadi looks on and cries. She drops the tiffin. Tej and Om turn and see Dadi.

Dadi asks them to wait till she died, if they have to burn values. Tej asks her to explain Om, who dared to raise hand on his father. He scolds Om. Shivaye gets restless and holds that lady’s hand. Dadi asks Tej not to threaten Om, I m alive. Tej asks what when you die, what will Om do then, I m trying to explain to be ready for every situation, when Bua ji died, and if I kept weeping in room like Shakti, we would have nothing today, Om is raising hand on me when I was explaining this. Dadi says if you have sown values, you would have got respect, but you have sown money, why does Om misbehave just with you, not with me and Jhanvi, did you ask this question to yourself. The lady tries to free her hand from Shivaye. Dadi asks Om to remember Tej is his father and hands are meant to touch father’s feet, not to raise. Tej says Om does not understand this. He asks Om to sign the papers and gives him. Om says I respect you, that I m helpless to do, but I m not helpless to respect your papers. He tears the papers and throws.

Tej gets angry and leaves. Shivaye hits something. Om hears the sound and everyone rush to Shivaye. The mysterious lady dressed in different saree pushes the lady(dressed in the saree she has worn before) towards them, and removes the injection from the bottle. Doctor says Shivaye is fine. Pinky lifts the lady’s ghunghat. Om recalls seeing that ghunghat lady before and says I have seen her, she has done this. Pinky asks who are you, what enmity do you have with Shivaye. The lady says I have enmity with Oberois, not just Shivaye, I m Ashok’s wife, Ashok worked in your factory, he has burnt himself in maha aarti. Ashok’s wife says Tej and Shakti got him killed, like I m crying for my husband, I wanted you all to cry for Shivaye.

Pinky asks commissioner to arrest this woman, how did she come here. Commissioner says sorry. Dadi says we should thank that lady who saved Shivaye. They see the mysterious lady going. Dadi stops her and says you did big favor on us, you saved Shivaye’s life. The lady says favor is not done on family Maa. Dadi cries seeing her. The lady takes Dadi’s blessings. The mysterious lady turns out to be Dadi’s daughter.

Anika stops Bunty’s van and sees Sahil. Anika’s helper guy reaches there with some men and they fight with the goons. Anika hugs Sahil and cries.

The lady says I was wishing to meet you all, I spent half of my life in doing mistakes and rest of the life in crying for those mistakes. Jhanvi asks when did you come out of jail. The lady says few months back, I wanted to come home, when I heard Billu is in hospital, I could not control, maybe my sins would get less now, I did not think wrong about our family, if I knew my husband thought bad about our family, I would have sent him to jail, I would have chose you all Maa, forgive me Maa. Dadi cries and holds her hand. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Dadi asks her to forget everything, for how long will family be annoyed.

Rudra and Om talk to Shivaye. Om says its good news, all scans are clear, there is no problem than your stupid ego, you will get discharged tomorrow. He asks Rudra to smile, Shivaye is fine now. Rudra asks why to smile, they made me sign the form, it was written Shivaye can die too. Shivaye says I could have died, someone gave me poison. Rudra says I would have not spoken to you then. Shivaye asks Rudra why did he make this body when he had to cry so often. Om says its Shivaye’s mistake, why did he leave from engagement and went to police station. Shivaye recalls Anika and says I went to teach manners to Anika, I was mistaken, no one can teach her anything, she is bad news. Om and Rudra smile. Rudra asks Shivaye why is he obsessed with that girl. Shivaye says I m not. Rudra’s friend comes there and calls Shivaye as Bade Bhaiya. She asks Shivaye who is he now. Rudra smiles seeing her. Shivaye says Bhaiya?

Rudra’s friend sings Piya piya piya……to lighten the moment and cheer up Shivaye. Rudra, Om and Shivaye smile.

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