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Ishqbaaz 10th August 2016 Written Update

Shivaye tells Dadi that Anika leaked chip in media, our family had storm, Om almost died because of her, this is her truth. Dadi asks what are you saying. Om looks on and thinks what’s happening. Rudra says even I don’t understand. Some time before, the security guy asks whats this. Anika says I got these mannequins to display wedding costumes. The guy checks the statues kept in darkness, and stops. He gets some doubt and turns to see again. Tia worries. He asks whats this. Tia slips intentionally and gets their attention. The guy says I will check outside and goes.

Pinky asks her not to wear high heels. Tia sees the hooded person. He signs her. Tia nods. Anika tells Sahil that there is some problem here, so she got late, don’t get scared, I will come. Priyanka asks is everything fine. Anika says Bua is not at home, I m not able to leave. Priyanka asks her to go. Anika thanks her. Shivaye stops Anika and asks why did you open the door, I want an answer, why did you punch your security code, we saw you standing next to the door, for whom were you waiting for.

Anika says you feel I m responsible for this, you will blame me for everything, what shall I do, shall I stop breathing for your happiness. He says cut it, I have to know, why did you open the door. Om says calm down Shivaye, she had to go home so she opened the door. Shivaye asks why did she not leave then. Anika says yes, I was waiting there, I did not see anyone, I was waiting for Tia, Tia had to get something from her car.

Shivaye asks Tia. Tia asks me? Anika says tell him that you went to car to get your charger, I went to get diary and came back, you did not come. Tia says great, you are blaming me, if I knew you will make big issue, I would have not told you to open door, I would have gone to Shivaye to get codes. She cries and says Anika, its bad Karma.

Shivaye says its not your mistake Tia, its Anika’s mistake. Shivaye says if you opened door for Tia, you should have waited there, you left, that’s irresponsible, its 9 digit code, how did you memorize it, you don’t know zeroes in one crore. Rudra says why did Shivaye give these examples. Om asks him to be quiet. Anika asks whats your problem. Shivaye says maybe you did drama to forget numbers, that’s why I told them not to give code to outsiders. Anika says I did not ask for code. Shivaye says you did not care for family security, because you are bl**dy outsider. Dadi says Billu, leave it, she does not know. He says don’t call me Billu infront of her, she is not helpless, you have no idea, such people can fall to any extent for money, I want my answer.

Anika says I answered you, I have to go home, my brother is alone at home. Shivaye holds her hand and stops her. He says you are not leaving from here. She says but my brother is alone at home, he is my responsibility. He says my brothers are my responsibility, we are under threat, this is life and death, there is crazy woman targeting my family, you can’t go putting my family in danger. He stops Om from saying anything. Anika says its not my mistake, I opened door for Tia, if I did not, even then you would have scolded me.

He says you always do wrong, you don’t know, you are innocent, you do mistake and don’t accept. She says its not my mistake, why should I accept, I m leaving, my brother needs me. He says I don’t care. She says you think time has to stop for you. He says yes, you can’t go if I m saying. Dadi says she is saying it was misunderstanding, let her go now. The guy says we checked mansion, we did not get anyone, I m sure intruder has run away, we are checking CCTV footage, we could not get anything. Pinky gets relieved. Jhanvi says I will call Tej so that he can continue his meeting. Pinky says I will call Shakti and say this drama. Jhanvi says please Pinky.

Dadi asks Anika to go. Tia says sorry Anika, I did not know this will happen. Anika says its not my mistake, and leaves. Rudra sings Ankhiyon se goli mare and tells Om that Shivaye and Anika have shot with eyes a lot of times till now. Om says there is something Shivaye is hiding from us, the way he is talking to Anika.

Soumya gives chocolate milkshake to Priyanka. Priyanka says no thanks. Soumya says good for me, what happened, I know everything was stressful, but everything is under control. Priyanka says I m scared. Soumya says Shivaye and Om will manage. Priyanka says I have three brothers, Rudra too. Soumya says that protein shake, he is strong like this straw. Rudra hears her and says excuse me.

Dadi tells Shivaye that your face will become such permanently. Shivaye says I m not kid that you are giving this kiddish threats. She asks why did you scold Anika, don’t become a Saand/bull. He says Saand, your language is getting like her. She asks why did you get angry when it was not her mistake. He says she was putting blame on Tia. She says no, she did not, she is simple, innocent and hardworking girl. He says she is none of this.

Rudra boasts of himself. Priyanka goes making excuse. Soumya jokes on Rudra’s bullet wound covered by bandage. Rudra says it pained a lot. She asks did you get waxing done. He says no. she says you can’t understand real pain, boys cry to cut nails. He says you mean boys are not tough and scares her of cockroach. She screams. He laughs.

Rudra asks Soumya to call him if she gets scared, because he is brave. She asks him to explain this to honey bee, which is in his hair right now. He worries and cleans his hair. She jokes on him. She says I won’t let you get friendly with Rumi. He asks how did you know I will say this. She says I knew you will ask me, you are smart, go and talk to Rumi yourself. She goes.

Shivaye says our lives got disturbed since she came in our life, she has leaked chip in media, our family had storm, Om almost died because of her. Dadi asks what are you saying. Shivaye says I m saying right, I had that chip, I knew it had Tej’s recording, I was destroying it, I went to meet her at police station, chip fell there and Anika got it, she sold that news to media, I got to know this from media guy, she is not like she appears, she is much more. Om hears them.

Shivaye says this is her reality, that’s why I get angry if she does anything, just like today, she is not like she is staying here, she is much much more than that. Rudra tells Om that Anika can’t do this. Om says even I don’t want to believe this, if Shivaye said, there will be solid reason. Rudra says Anika is a spy, that’s why she comes that way, something pops from box, or behind the curtains. Om says shut up, just think why did Shivaye give her cheque before she joined job. Rudra jokes did he become Lady Baba like Tia, he knew Anika would join work here and gave cheque in advance, but why did Anika join here. Om says the way Anika talks to Shivaye, just one thing can give such courage, that’s honesty, she is true at heart. Rudra keeps joking. Om says Anika’s talk, her attitude, the way she answers Shivaye, world says she is true, just Shivaye says she is liar, whats happening. Rudra says something is happening, which we both are not understanding.

Tia meets that guy and says we have to leave right away, you go by backside way, I will get car and come. The guy nods. Shivaye comes and says Tia. The guy hides. Tia gets worried and stands infront of that statue.

Shivaye holds the board Sorry Anika. She gets surprised. He says Anika you are very good, I did not apologize, if possible, forgive me. She smiles and asks what did you say. He says I m sorry. She screams happily and can’t believe it.

Written Update by Amena

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