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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

Dulaari getting worried about Dhaani. Dhaani tells she didn’t bring any trouble and gave a good reply to PhoolChand Pandit. She says we can go anywhere without any hesitation now. Dulaari scolds her. Badi Amma comes and claps for facing the evil with strength. She says she is proud of her. She asks who has motivated you to teach a lesson to Phool Chand. Dhaani recalls Viplav asking her to give a good reply to Phool Chand. He comes and says he brought sweets for everyone. He makes Nani and Badi Amma eat it. He says everyone at the temple felt proud of Dhaani and supported her. Viplav looks at Dhaani smilingly. Tulsi comes and asks where were you Dhaani? Viplav says you are saying as if you are her mum. He says he saw her with a woman. Tulsi thinks Viplav might seen her with her partner and lies that the woman was her husband’s relative. She goes inside and works on the plan chart. She takes the pics and sends to her gang. She says we will steal idol and jewellery tomorrow. She asks them to be alert and says we can do last min changes too. She says she will reach temple through secret way and asks her gang to be present there already. Dhaani comes and knocks on her door. Tulsi keeps the chart in her bag. Dhaani says I brought aarti for you.

Tulsi looks at her bag, as the artificial ornaments are seen from it. Dhaani asks her to hold the plate. Tulsi throws the plate intentionally, to divert Dhaani’s attention. She says you are very good. Viplav says this moment should be made memorable, and takes their pic. Dhaani asks her to come to temple with her. Tulsi says she has to do Durga Paath, and asks her to go.

Dasharath tells Sushma that he will temple for Pandit’s Sabha, and asks her to deal with residence. Tulsi is seen sitting down outdoors the temple as an outdated beggar. Dasharath asks Law enforcement person to check Everybody just before letting them enter the temple. She coughs and alerts her spouse. She throws a thing in her bag. She attempts to enter the temple, but is stopped by Law enforcement. She tells she is effective in temple which is carrying rubbish. They Enable her enter with no Verify. Dhaani gives diya baati on the pandits. He says He’ll work out the money and pay her. Dhaani turns and sees Dasharath coming. Dasharath tells Pandit that Diya Baati will probably be performed together with his stuff. Tulsi signals her spouse. Pandit ji asks the devotees to go and states temple will probably be open up at four am. Dhaani talks into the flower store operator and tells she is going to mala tomorrow.

Tulsi’s spouse stops Dhaani and asks about producing Mala, and looking after household. She states don’t know why God can take your examination. Tulsi enters the temple and appears with greed at the ornaments worn by the God. Pandit ji tells Dhaani that he will pay one hundred Rs for Diya Baati and claims he forgot the money Within the temple. He attempts to go Within the temple, whilst Tulsi normally takes out all of the jewellery within the idols. Tulsi’s companion stops Pandit and claims she missed her son. Pandit ji claims he might be right here and asks other Pandit to search him. Tulsi thinks she ought to make idols wear synthetic ornaments. He enters the temple and sees lock open up. He receives in and sees idols sporting ornaments. He thanks the God. Tulsi comes out from other doorway and adjustments her outfits. She relates to Dhaani and says she got late studying Durga Paath. Dhaani asks what exactly is there on her deal with. Tulsi appears to be on. Dhaani says We’ll purchase the bouquets for generating mala. Tulsi thinks she’s going to steal the idol tomorrow and claims there will be no puja.

At Ashram, Dhaani comes and informs Anyone that she received a job of making malas at the temple. Badi Amma tells Dulaari to help make meals. Tulsi features to make food. Dulaari claims she could make. Tulsi acts and emotionally blackmails Anyone. Badi Amma agrees to ler her do cooking. Viplav arrives and says he will even make MALa. Nani teaches him how to make Mala. Viplav enthusiastically causes it to be. Tulsi adds medicine in the foodstuff secretly. Dhaani will come and can help him make the mala appropriately. Tulsi thinks Dhaani will likely be caught for her doings.

Dhaani sees Tulsi with God’s idol and asks what she’s performing? Tulsi retains pistol on her head and suggests she will see what in her Future, enjoy or Loss of life. Viplav and Dhaani appears to be on shockingly.

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