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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Viplav telling Dhaani that he don’t have time for her. He says you will never understand being illiterate. Dhaani says you was arrogant, but I have changed my thinking. She says it was good that someone told me about your truth. Just then Dasharath comes and Dhaani stops herself from taking his name. Viplav asks did someone told her anything? Dhaani says she came to return his thing and returns something. She says she will return all his things and can leave in troubles. Viplav says I am habitual to do good things and keep that in river. He shows her door. Dhaani greets Dasharath and leaves. Dasharath is happy and says Om Shanti…..

Dasharath calls Dhaani and tells her that he knows she is pained. He apologizes to her on his behalf and asks her not to keep any hatred for him in her heart. Dhaani says he has done so much for us, but this thing has shattered us. Dasharath thinks he has to get Dhaani married to Tripurari. Tripurari thinks to marry Dhaani. Kanak is happy and thanks the God. She tells Dasharath that he is a big player and says that girl will never look at their house. Dasharath tells her that her son is very angry and asks her to take care of him. Viplav holds the chain and thinks he can’t forget Dhaani’s words. Kanak comes there and tells him that the widows have misused him and have left him when they were successful to get their Ashram. She says they have doubted on your intentions and says family is always a family, and strangers are strangers. She acts and says her heart is crying to see his condition.

Viplav is angry and pained. Mere Ishq Ka Rang safed plays…………………He breaks the things in his room and is angry. Sushma and Shambu tries to go to his room, but Kanak stops them and asks them to let Viplav take out his frustation and anger. Viplav’s phone rings. Kanak picks the call and it is Badi Amma. She says she wants to talk to her. Kanak asks why did you call him and says Viplav don’t want to talk to you. She asks if she is not done after insulting him badly and asks her not to call him again. Badi Amma tells Raj Lakshmi that Viplav don’t want to talk to them. Raj lakshmi says we have to go to Viplav and talk to him. Dhaani says no one will go to talk to him. Dasharath gives spoons to Durga and says it is Dhanteras gift. He says he is thinking to name temple and land on Tripurari’s name, and talks about his responsibility after marriage. Tripurari agrees and says he is happy. Dasharath is happy and asks him to do his work.

Badi Amma tells Dhaani that she is going to meet Viplav. Dhaani says Rakshas have insulted her and asks her not to meet. Badi Amma says she want to talk to him once. Dulaari tells Dhaani to let them do what they want. Just then door is knocked by someone. Suwarna opens the door and sees Tripurari. Tripurari greets them and says he has brought Viplav’s message. He asks them to vacate the Ashram soon. Dhaani refuses to vacate the Ashram and says she is not afraid of his threats. Tripurari says okay and says he will inform their reply to Viplav. He leaves. Dhaani tells Badi Amma that Rakshas is not right and want us to vacate this Ashram. She says they will fight with them altogether. Suwarna asks Tripurari, why he is not picking her call and asks him to talk to his Maayi about their marriage. Tripurari asks why she is getting tensed and says he will marry soon. Suwarna gets happy. Dhaani tells Sita Maayi that they will celebrate Diwali happily. Dasharath comes there and says you said right. He sits and says you might be thinking why did I come here, and apologizes to them on Viplav’s behalf. He gives one laddoo to Suwarna and asks her to eat. He says he will pray for them and says he want to talk about Tripurari’s marriage. Suwarna gets happy and shyly goes inside. Dasharath says he came to talk about Dhaani’s marriage with Tripurari. Everyone is shocked.

Viplav looks at Dhaani’s pic and burns it.

Written Update By H Hasan


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