Ishq Ka Rang Safed written update

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to Dhaani’s shop. Dhaani says she said no. Viplav says I didn’t ask anything. Dhaani says this is my work time and asks him to go. She asks why you are standing like a wall. Viplav says you are standing as wall infront of your happiness. He asks her to talk to Dulaari and take her to Anshuman. Dhaani is confused. Viplav says it is our duty to take care of parents. He asks her to come with him to Anshuman’s house to talk to him. Dhaani looks on emotional. They reach Anshuman’s house. Servant says I will call him. Dhaani asks Viplav to come and says he must be busy. Viplav insists to stay and talk to him. Anshuman comes and says sorry for making them wait. He asks servant to bring breakfast and tea. He says I forgot to ask about your family. Viplav says I have a daughter Vidha….

Anshuman says Vidha. Dhaani looks on emotional. Anshuman says daughters are like their fathers. Dhaani says but I am like my mum. Viplav asks her to relax.

Anshuman tells Dhaani and Viplav that he has a daughter who went to study in US. Just then he gets a call from her. He talks to his daughter and asks her to come soon as 2 years have passed. He says I have planned so much for you. Dhaani and Viplav looks on. Dhaani recalls Dulaari saying that it was painful for a woman to get betrayed. She goes from there. Anshuman ends the call. HE asks Viplav, did I forget anything? Viplav says you have forgotten some big and doesn’t know also. He says may be it is right if I don’t tell anything. Anshuman insists and asks him to say. Viplav asks do you know Dulaari. Anshuman is shocked and asks how do you know her? If she is alive. Viplav says he saw her pic in his wallet.

Dhaani is lost in thinking and recalls talking to Dulaari in her floral shop. Just then Anshuman comes there surprising Dhaani. He calls her beti and asks why did you leave from my house suddenly. Dhaani says nothing. He asks her to give a bouquet for someone special. Dhaani asks is your daughter coming? Anshuman says no and buys bouquet. He gives her money, but she refuses to take. Anshuman asks her to take for her business. Dhaani says it is okay, you called me beti. He goes. Dhaani thinks I have no existence in his life. She gets hurt by the flower thorn. Viplav sucks her finger and tells that he told everything to Anshuman. Dhaani scolds him for interfering in their life, and asks him to stop Anshuman from meeting Dulaari. Viplav says don’t stop them from meeting. Let them talk. Dhaani says no and goes to home. She stops Anshuman from going inside the house. Dulaari comes out and sees Anshuman..He is surprised to see her.

Dulaari is shocked to see him and asks him to leave. He says I didn’t know that you are alive. Dulaari says I waited for you since 25 years and was in pain and trouble. She folds her hands and asks him not to show his face again. Anshuman says Dulaari…Dulaari angrily says Dulaari is dead. Anshuman is heart broken and keeps bouquet there itself. Vidha comes to Dhaani and says Nani is calling you. She asks her to come. Anshuman realizes Dhaani is his daughter and asks Vidha about her name. Vidha says her name and asks who is he? Anshuman blesses her. Viplav takes Vidha with her to have icecream. Anshuman tells Dhaani that he can’t face her, but he was not wrong either. He says I know your mum will not believe me, but….He blesses Dhaani for a married life and apologizes. Dulaari cries in her room.

Anshuman tells Dhaani, that you too feels that I have left you both and went somewhere. He says I want to tell you everything. I didn’t know what your mum told you. Dhaani says I never missed father’s love as my mum have given me good upbringing. Vidha asks Viplav who is he? Viplav says he is an angel and will complete her family. Vidha asks what do you mean? Viplav says I will explain later and asks her to go and play.

Anshuman says I thought she is dead 25 years back and that’s why never tried to search her. He says your mum have faced many troubles, and have brought you up. I couldn’t even think of it. Dhaani says yes, you said right. She says when a man betrays a woman, it really hurts her heart. She asks him not to scratch her wounds. Anshuman goes. Dhaani scolds Viplav for calling Anshuman there. He says my mum is crying inside. Viplav asks Dhaani not to let their past ruin the present. He says Dulaari and Anshuman have taken 25 years to talk, and asks if she wants to see her in pain even now. He says Anshuman is a good man, and if he was wrong then he wouldn’t have come here to clear the misunderstandings. He says they have taken 25 years to clear misunderstandings and says if we don’t clear misunderstandings now, then may be we will also be in the same place. Dhaani says it is two different matters and asks him not to mix up both. Viplav looks on.

Dhaani asks Dulaari to forgive Anshuman. Dulaari asks why don’t you forgive Viplav and tell him everything. Dhaani says my baba is not wrong like Viplav. Dulaari gets angry as she called him Bau ji and says you are his blood naa. She asks her to go and talk to Viplav.

Written Update by H Hasan

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