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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th December 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Dulaari greeting Kanak and Shambu, and tells that Viplav assured them that he will bring Dhaani, but he is also missing. Kanak asks the Inspector to search her son, and gets angry. Inspector says we are trying to search him. Kanak scolds him for giving false hope, and asks him to search her son. She hurts Dulaari and twists her hand, saying Dhaani is trying to trap her innocent son. Inspector asks her to end the drama and go from there. Kanak tells her that if anything happens to her son, then she will burn them. Badi Amma asks Dulaari if she got hurt. Dulaari says she is already hurt. Kaki asks Dhaani to have something. Dhaani refuses. Kaki says if you don’t eat then how will you take care of your husband, and asks her to wear mangalsutra which she has given her. Dhaani looks at Viplav and sees mangalsutra on bed. She closes the door. Viplav takes her name…..Dhaani. Dhaani comes to him and asks what did you say? Tell me, I am listening………

Viplav tries to speak, but then gets unconscious again. Dhaani says I won’t let anything happen to you, and thinks his fever is increasing. She asks him to wake up and wonders what to do. Dhaani recalls Kaki’s words explaining her about the power of mangalsutra and Savitri story. She thinks Kaki asking her to go to temple and do mannat for his life. She wears the mangalsutra…..and prays for his life. She asks God to give her strength to save his life and blames herself for his condition.

Suwarna asks Tripurari to have some food and says you are hungry since yesterday evening. She asks where is Dhaani? Tripurari says I don’t know and takes his mum’s promise saying he didn’t do anything. He says he just sent two- three goons and nothing else. Suwarna asks him to tell truth and says everyone is doubting on him. She says I would have died. Tripurari asks her to die. Suwarna tells him that Police is investigating the case. Tripurari gets tensed and asks her to trust him. Suwarna thinks it is very difficult thing to trust you and thinks I have to keep an eye on him.

Dhaani comes to the temple and thinks I can do anything to save Viplav’s life. She covers her head with dupatta and walks on the temple stairs on her knees folding her hand.

The goons inform Tripurari that they have searched them everywhere, but couldn’t find them. He says you are taking tension unneccessarily. Tripurari threatens them and says he wants to see their dead bodies, and asks them to search all the places.

Kaki comes to Viplav and checks his heart pulse. She thinks his heart beat is lowering and he is going towards death. She thinks to call doctor immediately. Dhaani manages to get inside the temple and still walks/crawls on her knees. Pandit ji does her tilak and gives her aarti lamp. The goons are outside the house where Viplav took shelter. The goons see Kaki coming out of house and think to enquire with her. But just then they get Tripurari’s call, and get busy. Then they see the woman missing. Dasharath asks Kanak why did she go to Police station and did a drama. Shambu gets a call. Dasharath says he also wants to burn Ashram and the ladies, but he is helpless because of his reputation. Kanak says if anything happens to my son, then I will burn Ashram and the widows. Dasharath says that we can do later, but for now we have to search Viplav.

Dhaani comes back to Kaki’s house and keeps the lamp near the God’s idol. She thinks nothing can happen to him now. She asks him to wake up and shouts, scream and cries. Viplav says Dhaani……………She sits by her side and asks if you are fine. Viplav opens his eyes. Dhaani says she was scared. Viplav says I was troubling you, and asks who will trouble you if anything happens to me. He asks her to hug him if she wants to hug him as he is alive. He asks where are we? Dhaani tells everything, a flashback is shown….Dhaani gets emotional. Viplav gets up from the bed and says he will go out. Dhaani tells him that Tripurari’s men are everywhere, and I won’t let you go. Viplav opens the door, just then goons leave from there. Viplav faints.

Tripurari and his goons come there, and take Dhaani with them. Viplav asks where you are taking her and tries to follow them.

Written Update By H Hasan


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