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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mami thinking that the utensil is heavy and thinks even if she steal it, she couldn’t hide it. Raja comes to her and tells that he went to trap a big fish. He says she will be in my trap very soon. Mami says well done and asks him not to leave this house….and says we will get what we could get. Viplav hears them and says he won’t let them get anything. Dhaani wonders about Viplav’s whereabouts. Viplav comes home and says that work is done. Dhaani hugs him. Viplav says I am worried about his mami and mum. He says we have to make any one of them weak, to weaken Raja. Dhaani says I have an idea. Viplav excitedly asks what.

Raja’s mum tells Kanak that Shalu looks like her daughter. Kanak says bahu is also a daughter….Just then Dhaani comes there and says she wants to tell her about the maha bhoj’s dishes list. Raja’s mum says you have given her a big responsibility and have accepted her. Kanak asks Dhaani to go and says she will talk to her later. She thinks she have to do something to stop Dhaani from making maha bhoj. Viplav talks to Raj Lakshmi and tells her that they have to separate Mami and Raja. Raj Lakshmi is tensed and says I need to spend a day today here. Viplav compliments her beauty and attire. Raj Lakshmi gets happy and says now see my wonder….Just then Raja comes and smiles. Dhaani cooks food in the kitchen. Kanak smirks. She asks Dhaani to come for some important work and takes her from there. Raja greets her. Raj Lakshmi says hello and says you are looking nice in this dress. Raja says my family is waiting for you. He says I will take care of Bhagwati ji as Viplav will be busy today. He asks her to get mehendi applied on her hands and takes her inside. Dhaani refuses to let mehendi applied on her hand. Kanak says people will tell that Kanak tripathi got mehendi on her daughter’s hands and not on bahu’s hand. Dhaani asks how will I cook food then? Kanak says it is your tension…Raja tells Shalu that her hands are looking good with mehendi. Raja asks her to get mehendi applied on her hands and says it will increase your beauty. Shalu gets upset. Raj Lakshmi drops money intentionally. Mami and Raja pick the money. Raj Lakshmi refuses to take the fallen money and asks him to distribute it to the poor. Mami takes the money.

Kanak sees Dhaani working with one hand and asks how you will make food with mehendi. Dhaani says I got mehendi applied on one hand. Kanak asks her to hurry up with the cooking. Mami tells Raj Lakshmi about mehendi color. Raj Lakshmi says she is feeling hot. Raja goes to bring water. Raj Lakshmi sees Mami staring her purse….and goes out. Mami takes the money from her purse. Raj Lakshmi asks how dare you to take money from my bag. Mami says I was keeping it back. Dhaani thinks Raj Lakshmi have done the work and comes out.

Raj Lakshmi tells Raja that she can’t bear this. She tells Viplav that Raja’s mami have stolen money from her purse. She says if you need money, then I would have given it just like it. Why did you steal it? Raja says I will support the truth and not mami, and says truth is that Mami have stolen money of our guest. Viplav acts to be shocked. Raja says it is my decision that you can’t stay here for a minute now. Mami says Raja. Kanak looks on. Raja says I know you people won’t let her go, but it is my responsibility to think about home. He says you have stolen from this house before also….Mami nods. Viplav acts to be shocked. Raja says oh god…It is a matter of shame. He apologizes to Dasharath. Dasharath says mistakes is done by humans, and says she has accepted her mistake…Raja says she has to leave and takes Mami from there. Mami says you haven’t done right.

Raja says if Police would have come, then matter would have been complicated. He says Shalu’s house is mine. Shalu gets happy. Mami leaves. Raja’s mum takes Raja inside the room, and asks what wrong did you do? Why did you throw your mami out? Raja says I didn’t get any happiness by throwing her out and says he is tired of fulfilling their wishes. He says I got married to that fatty, and she ate my brain talking about food. He says I threw her out to save my respect, and says I have made a special place in someone’s heart today but you will not understand. He goes.

Viplav thinks where is Dhaani? Dhaani comes. Viplav shows her flower jewellery and asks her to come. He makes her wear flower jewellery…..Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………Viplav kisses on her forehead….Dhaani smiles and looks at him. Viplav asks her to get ready for the plan and says our plan will come to its logical end today. Nobody can stop our plan from succeeding.

Viplav asks Dhaani to take care of Raj Lakshmi and says he will reach there with Shalu. Raj Lakshmi says I wish I could have get a life partner like you. He holds her hand and takes her to room. Viplav takes Shalu there. Raja hugs Raj Lakshmi. Shalu knocks on the door. Raja gets tensed and panics hearing her voice.

Written Update by H Hasan

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