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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to Suwarna’s house and asks her to come. Just then Tripurari opens the door and comes out shocking Viplav. Tripurari asks what happened Viplav baba. Viplav asks how did you come out of police station, and asks if he bribed the Inspector. Suwarna says no and says Dhaani freed him. Dulaari, Badi Amma and Dhaani talk about Suwarna. Raj Lakshmi praises Dhaani for showing strength and protecting Suwarna. Viplav says I don’t believe. Suwarna tells him whatever had happened with her and says Dhaani did this to protect my life and for my happiness. Viplav says Dhaani haven’t informed me. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to inform Viplav. Dhaani says she will call him in sometime. Raj Lakshmi asks if she is waiting for Viplav’s call and pulls her leg. Dulaari asks Raj Lakshmi not to pull her leg and jokes. Badi Amma says she is just joking. Just then something breaks which shocks everyone. Suwarna tells Viplav that Dhaani has forgiven Tripurari and asks him to forgive Tripurari as well. Viplav asks how to forgive him. Tripurari asks for a chance. Viplav asks did you think about Dhaani when you was trying to sell Dhaani to the foreigners or when you was trying to kill her. He asks him to come to Police station. Suwarna asks him to think about her, and asks what you will feel if Dhaani leaves you. Tripurari asks him to let him live life and see Suwarna’s pain. Viplav says you can live your life, but after getting punished for his crimes. Suwarna cries asking Viplav to stop.

Dhaani is worried. Raj Lakshmi says Viplav will call for sure. Dhaani says may be he is angry with me, as I didn’t meet him and went to free Tripurari. He will get angry knowing it. Raj Lakshmi asks her not to worry and says I am already worried as you will leave all of us. Dhaani says I will come to meet you and also find a good guy for you. Raj Lakshmi says she will marry only Salman Khan only. Dhaani promises that she will find Salman Khan only. Raj Lakshmi says I am very much happy for you. Dhaani says I can’t believe that someone can love me so much…..and smiles.

Viplav comes to the Police station with tripurari and says I couldn’t believe that you could free Tripurari, asks how much money Tripurari paid to them as bribe. Tripurari asks him to question Dhaani and says she has freed him. Inspector says he is saying right and shows the proofs in which she has signed (thinking it is FIR papers). Viplav is shocked.

Dhaani wears bangles and thinks about Viplav words that he has gone mad in her love. She blushes and reminiscences Viplav making her wear the ring. Viplav sees the CCTV footage in which Dhaani came to the Police station to ask Inspector to come and save Suwarna from her neighbors. Inspector asks did you believe you? He says Dhaani has done this. Tripurari says you have dragged and brought me here, and my wife has to face so much. Viplav’s trust breaks and he gets hurt. Dhaani thinks why did Viplav not called her, and thinks may be he is angry with me about yesterday night. She takes out the bangles……

Kanak greets Dasharath and asks what he would like to eat today, kheer or halwa of his choice. Dasharath asks if you are fine? Kanak says yes, as Dhaani had freed Tripurari and have taken back cases against him. She says it is good and our house got saved from becoming impure. Dasharath is shocked too. Kanak smirks.

Dhaani tells Raj Lakshmi that Viplav is not picking the call. They get tensed. Dasharath goes to his room and locks the door. He sees Tripurari sitting on his rocking chair in his room. Dasharath asks how did you come out of jail. Tripurari laughs and says nothing can keep me locked for much time. Dasharath says I will call Inspector now. Tripurari asks him to go ahead. Dasharath calls him and is shocked to know that Dhaani freed him. Tripurari says you got shocked. I was shocked too when you said that I will be in jail all my life. He says if I can do anything to get Dhaani, then I can do anything for my freedom. He greets him and leaves. Kanak laughs loudly. She says how will Dhaani prove that I have freed Tripurari, and not her. She says all the police team is with me and says Dhaani’s love story is ended. She claps and laughs aloud. A FB is shocked, Tripurari asks if Viplav informs Dhaani then….Kanak says she knows her son and tells about male’s ego. He says Viplav will think that Dhaani freed you and….Tripurari asks what will be your last trick. Kanak says it will be last trick.

Dadi and Raj Lakshmi asks Viplav and Dhaani to break relation. Dadi says when Dhaani don’t listen to you, then you should break alliance with her. Raj Lakshmi says when Viplav doesn’t believe you then what is the point to be in a relation with him. Kanak laughs and plans Dasharath’s murder. Suwarna thanks Dhaani for freeing Tripurari from Jail. Dhaani is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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