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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with a number of people coming to Dasharath and requests him for Viplav’s help. They ask for Viplav to fight their case. Dasharath suggests he will discuss with Viplav and goes inside. He goes within and tells Kanak that Viplav don’t recognize that he is becoming dharam shala. I would like him to battle big instances and earns lots of cash. Viplav and Raj are leaving. Tania will come there. Raj greets her. Viplav tells her that Dhaani talked badly with him. He asks where by were being you. Tania asks him to attend and goes Within the lane. Viplav regrets for coming to Banaras. Badi Amma asks in which is the Law enforcement. Tania tells her that she can be a lawyer, and talked to the Police. They’ll reach in sometime. Dhaani asks do you believe Police will arrive. Tania asks her to consider her. The goons request Nani if she can have samosa, and laughs. Tania scolds them. Viplav goes from there, even though Tania follows him. Kanak comes from home and scolds the bad people inquiring them to depart. She taunts Tripurari and goes.

Viplav is driving the jeep and recollects Dhaani’s words and phrases. Suwarna locations mat exterior the Ashram and would make elders rest. Dhaani tells she’s going to go and get the meals. Badi Amma tells from where we will purchase as we don’t have money. Dhaani suggests I will get funds from temple work. Suwarna tells they’ll sweep the temple stairs and obtain dollars. Tania tells I didn’t realize that you don’t have revenue. I’ll deliver foods. Dhaani refuses to choose her assist. Raj Lakshmi tells We’ve contemporary wondering and asks Tania to come. Just then they see Viplav coming. Viplav claims I’m not tricky hearted male. He brings foodstuff for Ashram women and gives to Tania inquiring to distribute. He tells Dhaani that he knows she will likely not eat it, saying It isn’t Utara or Chadawa, and says he brought it together with her income, which they gave for his watch. Dhaani claims it’d be your conspiracy. Viplav suggests It is just a limit. He tells Tania which they Believe him Improper and tells they have been great in Delhi. He asks Dhaani to head to hell. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani, why did she do the drama. Viplav will get offended and tells Raj they don’t have confidence in him.

Raj tells I belief you completely, but what to do to open the lock. He receives an plan and goes inside the Ashram by climbing. He then retains the Observe from inside. The goon receives delighted and usually takes The cash. Once they see The cash raining from inside of, they open up the doorway and seek out money. Viplav asks the Ashram ladies to enter the Ashram with their things. Badi Amma to select their things and have in. The goons threatens them, Badi Amma warns them and exhibits women electric power. Viplav comes and threatens to beat them with lathi. The Law enforcement arrives and arrest the goons. Viplav and Tania thank the Law enforcement. Tania praises Viplav’s strategy. Badi Amma, Nani and Other people thank Viplav with folded hand. Viplav appears at Dhaani, who is not grateful. Raj claims he helped Viplav in climbing the wall. The goons notify Tripurari that Viplav aided the Females get Ashram again.

Tripurari phone calls Dasharath and tells that their Males ended up arrested from the Law enforcement, and tells Viplav is liable for it. He states Viplav has lots of insider secrets and is also carrying out like Krishna ji. Dasharath disconnects the call. Viplav assists the Females arrange the Ashram. He coughs. Dhaani appears at him plus the bag falls from her hand. Viplav and Dhaani argue to carry the bag. Viplav states do you have got any objection with me, and shall thanks to you personally. Dhaani suggests Rakshas Rakshas Rakshas. Viplav snatches the bag and also the crimson color bangles falls out. Everyone is stunned. She picks up her coloured bangles. Viplav tries to support her, Tania tells Dhaani will decide on it up. She tells Dhaani to belief Viplav and suggests his intentions are great. I understand him perfectly, he isn’t terrible at heart.

Dhaani says he is responsible for whatever bad happened with me and hid the papers. Viplav asks her to move on and don’t stick to the old happenings. He says what’s big deal, I will bring bangles for you from the market then wear it, just leave your anger. Raj Lakshmi tells our life is related to our past and asks him to think before saying anything. Viplav says do you think I am enjoying here? You people didn’t thank me even and called me Rakshas. Raj Lakshmi apologizes to him on behalf of Dhaani. Dhaani thanks Viplav for his help and requests him not to come again.

Some goons tease Dhaani. She gets tensed and gets in the parked car. Viplav is surprised to see her and calls her trouble. He asks her to get down the car and opens the door. He smiles.

Written Update By Sahir


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