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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th July 2016 Written Update

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Dhaani and Viplav gets down the car. The rain starts suddenly. They take shelter at a tea stall. Viplav asks tea seller to give tea. Dhaani says she used to come here with Vidha. Viplav says things changes fast…nai. Dhaani looks on. Ishq Ishq Plays….

Viplav says I know this is not easy. When we don’t know about someone’s existence and when that person comes infront of us then it is pain to see him. He says may be Dulaari get back to her husband and you people can be a family. He asks her to talk to Dulaari and asks about her Baba. Dhaani says how to ask. She says she didn’t know the reason behind their separation. Viplav says he feels bad as she has kept Vidha away from him. He says he yearns to hold Viplav in his lap. He asks her not to be silent and asks her to tell him why did she go away from his life.

Dhaani gets emotional and recalls in a fb, that Viplav saying I did a mistake and Kamini manipulating her words. Dhaani goes near the car and stands in rain. Viplav follows her and says I do need to know the answers. Both of them are fully drenched in water. Viplav says you can now understand my pain and asks her to tell. Dhaani says do you want to know why I left you and never returned to you. She asks him to know today. She says I didn’t leave, but have went through a trauma myself. She says you want to know naa, know have betrayed me and have broken our relation for forever. Viplav is shocked. Dhaani says I am not stupid to break relation hearing third party and says I have seen you in Kamini’s embrace with my own eyes…..Viplav asks her to tell…..It was just Dhaani’s imagination.

Viplav asks Dhaani to tell. Dhaani recalls Kamini saying that she has a son with Viplav, named Atharva. She thinks Viplav will prove himself right and will leave them, which she don’t want. She asks tea seller to give tea. Viplav says okay, you don’t want to talk about it and asks her to talk to Dulaari atleast. Dhaani asks him not to interfere in her personal matter. Viplav asks her to talk while talking. Dhaani says Maayi never discussed about my father. Viplav asks her to find out about Dulaari’s problems and says may be we can apply medicine on her wounds. HE says I will talk to Anshuman ji and Dulaari. I will ask her what compelled her to live like a widow. He says time has come to get answers from her and you. Dhaani says it is a limit. I am hearing you since long. Viplav thinks she has become stubborn and thinks he is not less stubborn than her.

Dulaari makes parathas and asks Dhaani to call Parshiya to have it. Dhaani is in dilemma how to ask. Dulaari asks Dhaani to eat parathas. Viplav comes. Dhaani recalls Viplav asking her to ask Dulaari about Anshuman. Dhaani shows Dulaari’s pic and asks who is he? Dulaari scolds her and asks why did you touch my stuff. Viplav says Kaki. Dulaari shouts on Dhaani and asks did I ask you anything or question you ever? Then you why you are questioning me. Viplav says Dhaani didn’t do any mistake. I asked her to talk to you. Dulaari says I can’t tell anything to outsiders, which shocks Viplav. She asks Dhaani why do you want to know about that man who is dead for me. Dhaani says why you are telling that Baba is dead. Dulaari says you didn’t ask me anything about him before, and says she can’t tell. Dhaani says he is my baba, please tell. Dulaari says when you can’t give answer to Viplav’s question then why you want me to tell. Dhaani looks shocked at Viplav.

Viplav apologizes for interfering and says everyone has a right to know about their father. He asks when your husband is alive, then why did you don widow’s clothes. Dulaari cries and says it is not easy for me and was a big decision. I had left everything and stayed in Banaras like a widow. Viplav apologizes to her. Dulaari says you will not understand being a man. She says a woman can bear anything, but can’t bear betrayal. She says relation ends when trust beaks. She cries. Dhaani says Maayi and looks at her. Vidha comes and hugs Dhaani and Dulaari. Viplav thinks to bring Anshuman back in Dulaari’s life to make her family a happy one, and thinks he will unite them.

Anshuman comes to Dhaani’s flower shop and buys a bouquet, saying it is for someone special. He asks why did you leave from my home suddenly. Dhaani looks on. Anshuman pays the money, but Dhaani refuses to take it. Anshuman calls her Beti and asks if you give away flowers for free then you will lose business. Dhaani says you have called me beti and it is enough.

Written Update by H Hasan

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