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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts Raja seeing Dasharath sitting alone and this old man is sitting alone. He sits to talk to him and asks if he is worried about the maha bhog. Just then door bell rings. Raja says I will see. He opens door. A courier guy asks about Viplav. Raja says yes he stays here. Viplav comes and receives the courier. He tells Dasharath that this gift is sent by his friend who studied with him in Delhi, and says she is Maharaja’s daughter. He says he has invited her for maha bhoj. Raja hears carefully. Viplav removes the cover and shows the painting. Dasharath says what a painting, one side is Ravan and other side is Sita, says it is a costly painting. Viplav says that’s what I am thinking. Raja thinks to meet this Maharani for sure. Viplav makes arrangements for the maha yog, and asks tent man to put 5-10 fans. Raja gives him money and says I am giving you money for not putting the tent. The man agrees and goes. Raja thinks he will surprise everyone on Maha Bhoj day. Raja comes to kitchen and stares Dhaani while she is trying to get a bottle. Shalu comes and asks what he wants?

Raja thinks this fatty came here as well, and talks about food all time. Dhaani understands his intention. Raja says I was searching for you, as I want to show you what sasumom brought for me. Shalu asks him to come. Raja thinks he has to meet Viplav’s friend maharani. Viplav helps Dhaani in the kitchen. Dhaani says I can work. Viplav says I will help you. Suddenly net falls on them covering them. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………They have an eye lock. Viplav kisses on her forehead.He lifts her in his arms and dances inside the net while the song continues to play…..He kisses on her chin…..and cheeks….Dhaani kisses on his cheek. Sushma and Kanak comes there. Sushma smiles and goes. Kanak gets angry and asks Viplav, why he is doing cheap things. Viplav tries to make an excuse and kisses on her cheeks, and leave. Dhaani also goes. Kanak thinks they are shameless.

Viplav and his family waits for maharani to come. Viplav gets a call and says she is coming in 5 mins. He says I will be meeting her after many years. Mami says there are no Raja and Rani anymore. Viplav says you said right, and says everyone is not namesake Raja. I will show you real royal.

Mami asks where is your Maharani. Viplav says she is coming. Wait, I will bring her. Raj Lakshmi gets down from the car. Everyone stares her modern look. Viplav introduces her as MHBD. Dasharath asks what is her name? Viplav says Maharani Bhagwati Devi, and says he called her MHBD in college, and she got angry. Raja stares Raj Lakshmi…..Kanak tells her that her face seems to be known by her, and she has seen her somewhere. Viplav says you might have seen her on magazine cover page. He introduces Dhaani to Raj Lakshmi. Raj Lakshmi says she is beautiful. Raj Lakshmi gives necklace to Dhaani. Dhaani says she don’t want. Raj Lakshmi asks her to give gift to servant else. Mami asks her to give it to her. Raja’s mum says she is joking. Dhaani accepts the gift. Raj Lakshmi says she is tired and will go to her hotel.

Dasharath invites MHBD for the maha bhog. She says she will come. Viplav says I will drop you. He makes her sit in car and says good bye. He says you have done good work. Raja stares her. Viplav tells Dhaani that Raj Lakshmi managed to speak in english. Raj Lakshmi calls Viplav and says Raja called her and wanted to meet her at 8 pm. Viplav tells Dhaani that he have to go before 8 pm, as Raja will come there. He asks Dhaani to use grinder to grind the spices. Dhaani says no, as it is not working. Viplav says I don’t have time, else I would have taught you. He hugs her. Dhaani asks him to take care of himself and Raj Lakshmi and says that Ravan might be coming there. Viplav says bye and goes. Raj lakshmi sees Raja coming to hotel and wonders where is Viplav? She rushes to her room.

Raja enquire about the hotel room and goes to meet her. He knocks on the door. Raj Lakshmi opens the door. Raja says can you give me sometime. Raj Lakshmi says yes, I forgot.She wears her necklace. Raja stares her. Raj Lakshmi asks did you come to get charity from me. Raja says no, I just came to meet you. Just then door bell rings. Viplav comes as room service man..and shows his face to Raj Lakshmi. Raj Lakshmi lets him in. Raja tells Raj Lakshmi that she is beautiful and he was staring her when he saw her. He asks about the necklace price. Raj lakshmi says she don’t know. Viplav coughs. Raj Lakshmi says she has brought necklace without seeing its price. She says I will sleep now. Raja says okay. He asks room service man to leave as well. Raj Lakshmi says I will see him. Raja goes. Viplav tells Raja that he is trapped and our plan worked.

Raja’s mum tells Kanak that you have accepted Dhaani and gave her responsibility to make food for maha bhoj. Kanak asks Dhaani to get mehendi applied on her hands. Dhaani says I have to make food. Kanak thinks now I will see how you make food.

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