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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Viplav thinking it is 8 pm, and Dhaani didn’t called me even though she shows much love. Just then his phone rings and he gets happy. He comes out and takes Dhaani inside his room, says it is looking like he is stealing in his own house. He asks her not to worry. Dhaani asks about his stomach pain and asks him to drink kada. Viplav refuses, but Dhaani insists and asks him to drink fast. Mami drinks juice and thinks to steal the precious box., thinks it is good time to steal. Viplav asks her for a kiss and lie down. Dhaani says she wanted to tell about her past and tells that she was married in a rich family of Kanpur, and tells her story with teary eyes. Viplav doesn’t hear her as he sleeps. Dhaani says she ran away from there and asks if he has any problem with her past. Viplav in sleep says he don’t have any problem with her past. Dhaani thinks Viplav has heard her fully and smiles.

Mami comes towards Viplav’s room with the intention to steal the box. Just then Dhaani hears someone coming and tells Viplav to let her leave, as her pallu gets stuck on to his bed. She pulls her saree pallu and runs, but Mami sees her and shouts thief…..gathering everyone. Viplav wakes up with the shouts and tells that he was sleeping alone. Dasharath also comes and calls servants.. Viplav says there is a tight security at home and says he will go and search for thief. Mami steals the watch and tells Viplav that the thief has stolen his watch. Viplav checks for his watch and sees it missing. Raja’s mum suspects Mami’s hand and questions her. Kanak asks how do you know that it is stolen.

Mami says if I wouldn’t have come then he would have stolen much more things. Dasharath thanks her. Raja’s mum scolds Mami for her stealing habit. Raja asks why did you go to Viplav’s room? Mami says Dasharath gave something precious to Viplav and that’s why went to see that thing in his room. Raja’s mum asks her to stop her drama. Dhaani calls Viplav and says she have reached Ashram. She says she is feeling relieved and at peace, as her burden is lowered. Viplav doesn’t understand and says it is good. Raja’s mum tells Mami that they are bankrupt and doesn’t have a single penny. She says we will become rich once Raja marries Shalu, and asks Mami and Raja to understand her. Dasharath talks to Viplav and asks how is he? Viplav says I am fine after drinking kada. Dasharath asks him to open the book. Viplav opens the book and finds keys. He says it is your office place where you can work. Viplav gets happy and hugs him. Dasharath tells him that today us the inauguration. Viplav gets happy. Dasharath thinks Viplav will get away from Dhaani’s clutches now.

Viplav and Dhaani meet in the Ashram. Viplav tells her about Dasharath gifting him office place. Dhaani gets happy. He gives her sindoor bottle. Just then Dhaani sees Dulaari coming and informs Viplav. Viplav hides. Dulaari comes and sees Dhaani tensed. She asks what she is hiding? Dhaani says nothing and asks her to go, says she will do puja. She comes to Viplav and tells that Dulaari is worried for her. Viplav takes her to temple. Dulaari also comes there and sees Viplav filling her maang with sindoor. Dulaari is shocked, and asks what you have done? Viplav says Dhaani is my wife and we are married now. HE says I have done right. Dulaari recalls seeing sindoor in Dhaani’s maang. Viplav tells her that they have married in a temple few days before. Dhaani apologizes for lying to her. Viplav tries to explain to her, but she slaps him.

Dhaani forgets her purse somewhere. Raja gets it and follows her. She stops her to return her purse and is shocked to see Dhaani. Dhaani is equally shocked to see him.

Written Update By H Hasan


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