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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Dhaani hugging Dulaari. Dulaari asks her to sleep. Just then she gets Viplav’s call. Dhaani tells him that Sita Maayi got ill. Viplav says you might be thinking it has happened because of that dead cat. He says he had a talk with Dadi, and will bring gold cat tomorrow. Dhaani says she will manage it. Viplav asks her not to worry and insists to buy the cat. Dulaari and others check the money which they have, and thinks it is very less amount. Phool Chand comes there and asks them to give gold cat till afternoon as he will bar them from the community. He asks them to get the cat else they have to face his wrath. Chaya Kaki comes and offers water. Phool Chand throws the water and says he don’t drink with widow’s hand. He speaks badly and goes. Everyone is tensed.

Dhaani wonders from where we will get the gold cat. Just then Kanak comes and asks if she has thought anything. Dhaani says Viplav said that he will buy the cat. Kanak says you do paap and my sin should do penance? She ill treates her and speaks badly. She says you have chosen good lover who would solve your problems. Dhaani says I have always thought of your goodness. Kanak holds her hand tightly and also beats on her head. She says if anything happens to her son then she will not spare her. She says Viplav has her money which he spend on her. She says she knew that she would take Viplav’s help and that’s why told jeweller to make gold cat. She calls them beggars. Dhaani refuses to take her help. Kanak angrily goes out. Dhaani cries and feels miserable.

Dulaari tells Badi Amma that she will leave the Ashram. Badi Amma says you can’t leave. Dulaari says she can’t asks Viplav to donate the cat, and says she thought that this city is hers. Dhaani comes and says you said right, they are no one for us, and asks her to forget their love and leave from there like a coward. Dulaari says you didn’t know how the trouble will shape up, and asks what to do then. Dhaani asks her not to worry and says she will try to take out the solution. She asks her to trust her and goes with Raj Lakshmi. Badi Amma hugs Dulaari and comforts her.

Phool Chand is in the temple and waits for widows to come with the cat. He says it is 3 pm now. Other Pandit says they are here. Dhaani and Raj Lakshmi come to the temple and keep the cat covered with a chunari. Phool Chand asks from where did they steal the cat and says he will not accept it for charity. Dhaani says we haven’t stolen it from anywhere. Dasharath arrives. Phool Chand says Dhaani brought gold cat. He uncovers the cat and finds sand cat. He says she is a killer and have ruined our customs. He says she is a sinner and should be punished. Dasharath says I need some time to do the enquiry and then will tell my decision. Phool Chand says we want justice right now. He says she gave poison to that cat and we will also give her cat. He asks Dasharath to leave the Maha Pandit position if he doesn’t agree with him. He says Dhaani shall get punished. Other Pandits agree with Phool Chand.

Viplav comes to temple and shows the cat made of gold. Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani are relieved. Phool Chand asks why did you bring cat when Dhaani did the crime. Viplav says because I am her to be husband. He asks him to accept gold cat and present it in charity, and also leave Dhaani. Dhaani folds her hands and says she is a poor widow and can’t afford gold cat. She says she can’t accept anyone’s charity. She says I can only give sand cat. Phool Chand says you have to leave Banaras till morning. Viplav asks who will make her leave. I will see. He says I don’t believe in all these customs. He asks when God don’t differentiate between the people then who are you to differentiate between people. He asks him to accept sand cat or gold cat and be happy. Phool Chand takes the cat.

Viplav’s finger gets slightly burnt. Dhaani sucks his finger and they have an eye lock. Viplav shows her wedding card and says it is their wedding card. Dhaani smiles. Viplav says I love you the most in the world.

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