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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th November 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

Dasharath angrily says that his family members doesn’t follow the rules of the house, and asks when will Viplav come home. Viplav coms wearing Rakshas multiple heads mukuts and says he is Viplav’s Rakshas. Sushma asks what happened to you? Viplav thinks about Dhaani’s words and says I am Rakshas. He asks her to be happy and says he needs to talk to her. Dasharath says Viplav……Viplav says he is not in a mood to answer for their questions. Dasharath asks what he is doing? Viplav takes the mukut and says you can’t do its dahan. He tells them good night and asks Sushma to come. Dasharath looks on tensed.

Later in Ashram, Dhaani thinks about Viplav and cries. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………..Dadi asks him to give Ravan’s heads. She makes him sit and asks what is the matter. Did anything happened? Viplav says Dhaani slapped me infront of everyone. She have a doubt on me and she feels I want to take that Ashram. He says I left my Ashram thinking about their pain, and that girl doubts on my intentions. He asks can he do such a thing. Sita Maayi says Dhaani asked them to decorate the Ashram as she don’t want to see anyone sad. Dulaari says they can’t ignore the truth and says she is afraid thinking Viplav might return to Ashram. She says she don’t want him to come near the Ashram. Dhaani comes. Suwarna feels vomiting senstation and vomits. Everyone gets tensed.

Raj asks Viplav if he got the thief and says you are Ashram’s savior and Dhaani’s savior. Viplav says he is not savior and tells Dhaani and everyone are selfish. He repents for trusting them. Raj Lakshmi asks Suwarna what happened to her. Suwarna says she has vomitted as she had banarasi paan. Dhaani comes and makes her eat medicines. Kanak tells Dasharath that she is going to temple and says she will celebrate Diwali with much enthusiasm. She praises Dasharath’s thinking and thanks him. Dasharath asks her to show the flowers and throws some flowers near his feet. He asks her to stay under his shelter for the benefit. She asks if he is going somewhere? Dasharath asks her not to ask any questions from him. Kanak thinks she has to keep an eye on him, as he might fail the plans.

Dasharath involves Durga and provides her pooja bouquets asking her to carry out pooja. He asks her to want for Tripurari’s relationship which has a awesome Female. He claims Tripurari will marry whereever we want. Durga apologizes and states she has chosen girl for Tripurari. She will take Dhaani’s identify. Dasharath suggests Ashram widow Dhaani. Dhaani comes to Viplav’s property. Viplav says I don’t believe that Dhaani is here at Rakshas household from Tarni Ashram. Servant delivers h2o. Viplav tells it is actually poison for Dhaani and throws it on floor. He then breaks the glass angrily. Dasharath tells Tripurari that Dhaani is a pleasant Woman, but it is unlucky that she grew to become widow at a young age. He claims she is a widow nevertheless. Durga suggests she likes Dhaani a great deal and claims I will probably be Fortunate to have her as my bahu. Tripurari claims Dhaani is sweet, but I need some time. Dasharath tells Tripurari they like Dhaani, and go away final decision on Tripurari. Tripurari thinks why you should give your grand son’s utara on my head. He thinks to simply accept the proposal and smiles.

Viplav asks Servant to question Dhaani, Exactly what does she wishes? Dhaani asks him to go and suggests she’ll speak to Viplav specifically. Viplav comes toward her and walks over the broken glass hurting his ft. Viplav asks her to slap him on the opposite cheek as well.

Dhaani tells I am a big fool and says I didn’t believe on anyone, and is about to tell him about Dasharath’s words, just then he comes and stops her. Viplav asks her if anyone told him anything and asks her to tell.

Written Update By H Hasan


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