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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Viplav seeing Vidha running in the house and goes to her smilingly. Deepak enters Richa’s room holding a bouquet and calls her name. Richa hugs him and cries. Dhaani comes there and asks not to fall weak at this moment. She says you both have to stay far from each other to unite later. She says you might thought that this is the only solution. She says how can you be happy betraying and lying to your parents. She says how your parents will feel? Richa says you don’t know my mum and says her mum always believes on status. She says she will never agree for deepak and want her to marry a bank account and not a man. Dhaani says I am not asking you anyone, and asks her to talk to her mum once. She says I am a mum and can understand. Just go and hold her hand, she will understand. Richa says my mum will never agree and says that bhaiyya promised to get them married in court. Dhaani asks her not to think about court marriage. Richa says they will do as he says and says he promised me. Viplav comes to room following Vidha and sees her eating laddoos. He scares her teasingly. Vidha says Rakshas Viplav says Shikayathi pudiya, you are eating laddoos secretly.

Vidha asks him to have laddoo. Viplav says he will eat barfi. Vidha says Mumbai laddoo is best, and says how did you know as you are from banaras. Viplav says Banaras is best. Vidha says Mumbai is best. Viplav asks her to bet and eat more laddoos. Vidha eats the laddoos. Viplav eats the barfi and recalls his bet of eating gol gappa with Dhaani. Dhaani asks Richa not to agree to that man’s saying. She says don’t you be happy when your parents agree and bless you for the marriage. She asks not to hurt her parents and make their own house. Deepak agrees with Dhaani and says we don’t want anything except their blessings.

Vidha coughs. Viplav asks her to stop and says you have won. Vidha gets happy. She says I need water. Viplav says okay and goes to bring it. The door gets locked as he goes. Vidha eats laddoo again.

Kamini is tensed and is shocked to know that there is no flight from Banaras to Mumbai. She asks someone to check and says I want to go Mumbai right now. She is informed that there is a flight via Delhi. Kamini is angry. Sushma asks what happened? Why you are looking worried. Kanak says she got mad since she came back from Mumbai. Kamini picks glass from table. Kanak gets scared and hides behind Sushma. Kamini drinks water and asks them to mind their work. She calls someone and says she wants to go right now. Kanak is unhappy and curses her destiny. Sushma says you didn’t care about good bahu, now suffer. Kanak looks on as if she is repenting. Viplav takes water from the filter. Vidha knocks on the door calling Rakshas uncle and mumma. Someone informs Viplav that a girl is locked inside the store room. Viplav runs to Vidha and asks how the door is locked. He asks her to try to open. Vidha says it is not opening. Viplav asks her to move back. Someone informs Dhaani that a girl is locked in store room.

Dhaani thinks she might be my Vidha. Viplav breaks open the door. Dhaani comes running there. Parshiya enters the door and hugs Vidha. Someone tells Viplav that he is hurt and takes Viplav from there. Dhaani comes and hugs Vidha. She makes her drink water. Vidha says she got scared. Simone comes and asks what happened? Why people are gathered here. Parshiya says she was locked here. Simone says what she was doing here and asks them to send her home. Vidha refuses to go. Simone says she wants to eat free sweets. Dhaani says I will send her. Vidha asks Dhaani to say thanks to Rakshas uncle and says he saved me. Dhaani says first he returned my purse and now you. Parshiya says who is he? He takes Vidha home. Dhaani thinks who is he? I shall thank him. Viplav is talking on phone. He sees Vidha going with Parshiya, and Vidha insisting to have laddoo. Parshiya says okay, but first comes home. Viplav calls her name, and thinks she is same as me, so much happened, but she is thinking about laddoo.

Dhaani comes to Mrs. Kaushik and says she wants to talk to her. Mrs. Kaushik says you will get your money and asks her to forget the drama. She asks Deepa to apply shagun mehendi on Dhaani’s hands. Dhaani says no, I have work to do. Deepa asks her to tell her husband’s name. Dhaani says no, I will go. Deepa asks her to tell what is your husband’s name. Dhaani says she don’t want. Deepa is about to write on her hand with mehendi and V gets written as Dhaani takes her hand.

Kamini and Tripurari are in the jeep. Kamini asks him to drive fast. Tripurari says I didn’t come here to give my life. I came to drop you on your insistence. He says it is jeep and not a flight. Kamini asks him to drive fast and says if Dhaani and Viplav comes face to face then…..Tripurari hits a man and he gets injured. The man asks are you blind? Tripurari gets down and slaps him repeatedly. Kamini gives him money and asks him to end the matter. The people standing there calls police. The man refuses to take the money. Tripurari beats him badly. Police comes there. The man tells that Tripurari is beating him madly. Inspector asks him to show licence. Tripurari says I don’t have. Kamini says we are in urgency and says her husband got a heart attack. Inspector asks her not to make stories and show licence. Tripurari shouts and says I don’t have. Kamini asks Tripurari to calm down and gives money to Inspector.

Inspector says it seems we have to calm down his mind. Tripurari asks him to call Banaras police and know about him. Inspector asks him to come. They arrest him. Kamini thinks everything will be ruined. Dhaani thinks she has to talk to Mrs. Kaushik. She sees Mrs. Kaushik talking to someone and saying that she will not compromise on quality. Dhaani comes to her. Mrs. Kaushik says you will get money. Mrs. Kaushik says did you hang flowers on the door. Dhaani says I am going now. Mrs. Kaushik says you people are like that, and says I shall talk to you like Simone talks, keeps you under the shoes. Dhaani thinks how I will fulfilled the promise made to Richa and Deepal. Richa tells Deepak that they don’t have time and Dhaani is taking enough time. Dhaani apologizes and asks for more time. Richa says my patience is answering now and I don’t believe you. She says bhaiyya will get us married and asks her not to tell her parents about them, asks her to stay out of it. Dhaani looks on.

Viplav talks to Dhaani’s pic and I couldn’t give you all happiness, but Richa and Deepak’s love story will be different. He says you don’t like my idea. Dhaani asks Deepak where is that bhaiyya? She goes to store room while it is dark. She asks him not to get Richa married in court. Viplav switches on the light. Dhaani is shocked.

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