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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th December 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Viplav trying to start his jeep, but it doesn’t start because of no petrol. He asks Dhaani to run as the goons are coming. The goons follow them. Viplav and Dhaani run inside the jungle. They come near the edge of the cliff. The goons tell that there is a death on two sides and laughs. Viplav says no, we will not run anymore and beats the goons. Dhaani shouts Viplav’s name. Other goon hold Dhaani while she asks him to leave her. Two goons hold Viplav and the other goon hits on his head. Dhaani is shocked to see Viplav in such a state. She bites on the goon’s hand and start running holding Viplav’s hands. They fall in the river from the cliff. Tripurari comes there and is shocked to see them drowned in water.

The goon tells Tripurari that two of them must have died after falling down in the river from a huge cliff. Tripurari asks them to shut up and says he will not be at peace until he sees their dead body. He asks them to search for their body and says if they are alive then he will kill them. Kanak throws Durga’s stuff out of out house. Durga asks her to give time till Dasharath returns. Kanak refuses and says Dasharath gave much respect to her and her son, but they sent her to hospital. Suwarna looks at Kanak. Kanak asks what you are seeing widow. Durga warns her not to call her bahu as widow else she will forget who is she? Shambu and Sushma looks on helplessly. Durga asks Suwarna to come and they leave. Kanak asks servant to bring tiffin as she will go and give to Dasharath in the house. Tripurari comes to meet Dasharath and informs him that his work is done. Kanak and Sushma come there. Kanak says she will make Viplav eat tiffin. Dasharath asks if he has seen with his eyes that Dhaani is killed. Tripurari says yes and asks him to trust him. Dasharath asks him to go before anyone sees them. Sushma comes there and asks what he is doing here. Tripurari looks on.

Kanak cries and tells Sushma that Viplav is not in the hospital. She has searched everywhere and says where he could go. She says Dasharath is unconscious, now what will happen. Dashartah gets shocked and gets up asking what happened to his son. Kanak cries and says where did my son go. Dhaani and Viplav are at the sea shore. Dhaani wakes up and sees herself holding Viplav’s hand. She shouts for help and tries to wake Viplav. She asks is anybody listening. Viplav is still unconscious because of the head injury. She sees blood on his head and cries thinking it is all her mistake. She says if he would not have come to save me, then he would have been alive. She asks God to save Viplav. Dhaani calls his goons and asks where they are searching for them. They tell that they are searching for the sea shore. Tripurari asks him to send his goons to the hospital near the river. The goons agree. Dhaani checks his heart beat and tries to wake him up. She tears her saree and ties on his hand. She thinks to take him to hospital, and shouts for help. She then sees a cart nearby.

Tripurari comes home and sees his Amma not at home. He thinks it might be Kanak’s work and calls her. He asks where is my mum? Kanak asks where is my son? He asks where is my mum? Kanak says they are there where they should be. Tripurari disconnects the call and breaks things at home. He comes to his old house and sees Suwarna. He asks where is his mum and says she is inauspicious for him as they were killed from Dasharath’s house. He asks her to go. Suwarna refuses to go and says she is his wife. Tripurari says I will never accept you as my wife. Durga comes and says Suwarna will not go anywhere. Tripurari hugs her and says where was you? I was very worried. He says very soon we will go back to Dasharath’s house. Durga says we will not go anywhere. She says Suwarna is your wife and you will have to fill her maang with sindoor else you will not see your mum. She gives sindoor bottle. Tripurari is shocked and fills her maang angrily. Dhaani puts Viplav on the cart and moves it with much difficulty.

Suwarna asks Tripurari about Dhaani. Tripurari says I don’t know. He takes Durga’s promise and says he didn’t do anything to Dhaani. Dhaani sees hospital staff coming with an ambulance there.

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