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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhaani getting Parshiya’s call and says she came to ghat to buy chunari. She checks chunari. Viplav is going from there to the airport, and gets a glimpse of Dhaani’s back. He asks driver to stop the car and steps down emotionally…Mere Ishq Ka Rang plays…………….while he looks at Dhaani while walking towards her. He goes through a lot of emotional turmoil as he steps towards her, and keeps hand on her shoulder, but the woman turns out to be someone else shattering his hope (how can woman wear same dress). Dhaani is seen walking from behind. Viplav turns and thinks Dhaani went 5 years back, asks himself to take care of his emotions. Dhaani is seen there itself at other shop purchasing the items. Just then Viplav sees Mrs. Kaushik’s daughter Richa asking driver to hurry up. He goes to her and sees her suitcase. He asks where are you going? Richa says she is going to parlour. Viplav says he will confirm with Mrs. Kaushik. Richa asks him not to call Mrs. Kaushik. He says I am guest for your wedding and asks her to give phone.

Dhaani brings the chunari and tells Mrs. Kaushik. Mrs. Kaushik asks her to show it to Richa. Dhaani asks about the person who returned her bag. Mrs. Kaushik says he left early morning as he has some important work. Richa tells Viplav that her parents will never accept Deepak as he is poor and want rich guy who can become their business partner. Viplav asks did you talk to your papa? Richa says no, and says she can’t live without him. Viplav asks where is your hero? Dhaani knocks on Richa’s door. Just then she hears some noise and sees a man hiding in the room. She calls thief and is about to inform everyone. Deepak says he is Richa’s boyfriend and is waiting for her. Dhaani is shocked. Richa asks Viplav to get her married to Deepak and says she don’t want to married joker which her parents have selected. Viplav smiles and says I came to attend your wedding, but you don’t want to marry and marry someone else. Richa says you did love marriage too. Viplav looks on. Dhaani doesn’t believe on Deepak.

Deepak shows her message on his phone, and says Richa wanted to elope, and I came here to make her understand. Dhaani says where did she go? How can she go leaving her marriage. Guests have come, she didn’t think about her parents once, and asks him to apologize to Mrs. Kaushik. Deepak says it is not that easy, they will kill us. Dhaani tells Deepak what do you mean? She says how can she elope? What is her parents mistake? Deepak says her papa will not agree. Dhaani says did you try once? She says they love Richa and will agree. Deepak says I am a poor guy, and her parents will not allow. Dhaani says she will talk to Mrs. Kaushik and asks him to call Richa there. Deepak asks who are you? It is good that you are helping us, and asks why? Dhaani says I used to love someone and knows your situation well. She says it is not good to elope and marry. Viplav asks Richa marry Deepak. He says he did marry by eloping. He asks her to go home for the time being. Richa says no, and says her papa will never agree. Viplav asks her to believe him and says I will help you.

Richa gets Deepak’s call and she says she is on dhobi ghat. Deepak says he is in her room at her house. He says he has some problem in his phone and calling with didi’s phone. Richa says she got bhaiyya who assured to help us. Deepak says I got Didi who assured to help us. He asks her to come home. Dhaani says you both will marry. Viplav says I will get you married even if your parents don’t bless you. Mrs. Kaushik comes to Richa’s room and sees Deepak. She asks who is he? Dhaani says I am also saying the same. She asks who said you that the room wiring is not working. Deepak says yes, and says he will check other wire. Dhaani asks him to call Parshiya and take his help. Mrs. Kaushik asks Dhaani to come with her. Viplav makes Richa sit in his car and asks driver to take them back to Mrs. Kaushik’s home. Kamini sits in the car and leaves. Mrs. Kaushik’s holds Dhaani’s hand and takes her out. Viplav asks Richa not to worry and go straight to her room. He asks her to go and says he will bring his bag. Richa asks him to bring her stuff also. Mrs. Kaushik sees Richa coming and hugs her. She asks where did you go? Richa says parlour. Dhaani says your mumma got tensed and was about to call Police. Richa says where would I go.

Dhaani makes the flower arrangements. She sees Deepak going towards Richa’s room, and thinks if Mrs. Kaushik sees him then…She goes to Deepak and asks him to go before Mrs. Kaushik sees him. Deepak says he can’t stay away from Richa and can’t see her going far from him. Dhaani says you love her so much naa. Deepak says they didn’t see the difference before falling in love, and says only you can understand us. He says there is nothing in life except love. Mrs. Kaushik sees Dhaani and Deepak. Just then a guest stops her to talk. Dhaani asks Deepak to go to Richa’s room. Deepak goes. Kamini comes home and relaxes on sofa. Kanak looks on surprisingly and asks why did you come early? Kamini says Viplav has a meeting to attend so he came and I came too. She asks where is he? Kanak asks if you are fine? Kamini says Viplav left on a morning flight. Kanak says he hasn’t come. Kamini says he might have went for meeting and calls Viplav. Viplav says he is in Mumbai as he met some special people. Kamini gets scared thinking what will happen if Dhaani and Viplav come infront of each other.

Vidha gets locked in the room and calls Mumma and Rakshas uncle. Someone informs Viplav that a girl is locked in store room. A woman informs Dhaani that 5 years old girl is locked in store room. Dhaani thinks she might be Vidha and goes. Viplav tries to break the door to save Vidha.

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