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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidha coming to Viplav and asking him to give his pic for the family tree. Viplav says may be there is my pic in some book. I would have get the pic clicked if you had told me before. Vidha says give me fast, and says she has pasted Dhaani, Baba and Nani. Viplav finds his pic. Vidha happens to see Dulaari’s pic and says it is my Nani. Viplav asks if she is Nani? Vidha says yes, and says it is old pic. Viplav asks her to tell truly. Vidha says yes. She takes the pic and leaves. Viplav looks at the pic and thinks I shall call this man and ask. He calls him and says he is not picking the call. He thinks he will call in the morning. He comes to Dhaani’s house to meet Dulaari. Dulaari asks him to go. Viplav says I came to meet you, and says you never told me about your family and past. Dulaari says you know everything, why you are making excuse and asks him to go. Viplav says I met Anshuman Kashyap. Dulaari is shocked…

Viplav says kaki. Dulaari asks him to go and closes the door shockingly. She recalls Viplav saying that he met Anshuman Kashyap. She thinks how did Viplav meet him? Even Dhaani doesn’t know about him and gets teary eyes. Dhaani meets Viplav outside and asks why did you come here. Viplav asks her not to get angry often else she will get old soon. He says I didn’t come to meet you, but Dulaari. Dhaani goes inside and sees Dulaari crying. Dulaari asks her to make tea. Dhaani thinks may be Viplav said something.

She goes angrily to viplav’s home. Viplav is making tea and lid falls in it as Dhaani’s comes there. Dhaani asks why her mum is crying and asks him to reply. Viplav thinks why did Dulaari are so worried. Dhaani says I know what you would have done. She asks him not to use his mum and daughter. Viplav says I told something else. Viplav wonders who is this man? He calls Anshuman Kashyap and tells that he found his wallet. Anshuman asks him to meet and give the wallet. Viplav agrees.

Dhaani is sad and thinks about Viplav’s words that their relation is not weak to break with one paper and that he can’t forget them. A fb is shown, Viplav hugs his daughter etc. Dhaani thinks shall I tell him truth. Viplav will find out the truth, he is stubborn. Viplav says yes you said right. Viplav asks where is your husband? If he helps you in work. He asks why not your husband use computer, and says he can manage accounts well. Dhaani says we are not rich like you and asks him to go. She scolds him. Viplav says he wants to meet Dulaari and goes to her house. Vidha tells Dulaari that she showed family tree to her teacher and she asked her to use colors in it. Dulaari says I will ask Parshiya or Dhaani to bring it. Vidha says I told them, but they are busy. Dulaari says okay, we will go and get it. Once they leave, Viplav gets inside the house and searches something.

Dhaani tells Parshiya that some flowers are rotten and she is separating fresh and rotten flowers. He smiles and asks her to change her clothes as it got dirty. Dhaani says okay. Parshiya asks her to give colors to Vidha and says she has pasted my pic too. I felt good and asks her to give it to Vidha. Dhaani agrees and goes. Viplav continues to search in the almari. He gets Dulaari’s box and finds Mangalsutra and Anshuman’s pic. He closes the almari and wonders who is he? He thinks and comes to conclusion… says oh God. He matches the torn pics and sees it matching. Dhaani comes home. Viplav hears the footsteps and hides. Dhaani thinks to change her clothes and opens the lace of her dress. Viplav thinks she will chew me fully if she saw me. He picks the football to cover his eyes. Something falls.

Dhaani turns and is shocked to see him. She asks are you seeing me changing clothes. She says she will kill him and picks up a utensil. Viplav asks her to kill him. He asks what do you think of yourself, are you anarkali or miss world. He says I came to talk to you about something important. Dhaani says I don’t want to hear. Dulaari and Parshiya knock on the door. Viplav asks Dhaani to talk to him for 2 mins and have trust. Dulaari asks her to open the door. Viplav moves his hand from her face and asks her not to shout. He shows Anshuman’s pic and says he found Dulaari’s pic in his wallet. He says you misunderstood me when I tried to talk. He says I got this other half of pic in Dulaari’s box, and says may be he is your dad. Dhaani is shocked.

Viplav says you are searching me as I can help you. He says I will help you. He asks her not to worry and asks her to get some answers from Dulaari.

Written Update by H Hasan

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