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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Dhaani that she made halwa for her and asks her to eat it. Dhaani says she will eat after feeding others. Raj Lakshmi says she had already ate it, and was tasty. Dhaani is about to eat it, just then Viplav enters and says he brought gifts. Raj Lakshmi tells him that Kanak made halwa for Dhaani. Viplav is about to eat it, but Kanak makes the bowl fall from his hand. Viplav bends down and takes the halwa from the floor. Dhaani also sits down to clean the floor. Viplav makes Dhaani eat the other halwa. He then makes Kanak also eat it. Viplav thanks her. Kanak looks angrily at her. Later Kanak thinks Dhaani would have died today. Dhaani comes to her and thanks for making halwa for her. Just then she hears cat’s scream and goes out. She sees cat dead and recalls feeding her halwa which was fallen. The people gather there and says cat was healthy and fine. Pandit ji says Dhaani have to do penance and that’s why she have to donate gold cat in charity. Dulaari says we are poor widow and don’t have that much money. Pandit Phool Chand joins and tells that the Ashram will be cursed. Dhaani and others are shocked. Kanak thinks her plan has failed to kill Dhaani, but it will be interesting to see how they manage to get gold cat.

Dhaani apologizes to Pandit ji and says everyone of us have eaten this halwa, and says she doesn’t know how tha cat died. Phool Chand argues and talks about penance. Raj Lakshmi asks him to go and says they will do penance. Viplav comes and asks why they are standing there. Phool Chand says cat have died because of Dhaani and that’s why she has to do penance. If a cat dies infront of someone’s door then they have to give gold cat in charity. He says I won’t let raja’s rules to overrule. He says Dasharath is the Raja. Kanak thinks it means this matter will go to him. Viplav says I will talk to your Raja, and says India is a democratic country. Kanak says I have to do something. She prays for cat’s soul peace, and apologizes to Phool Chand. She asks everyone to calm down and says we will give gold cat in charity. Viplav and Dhaani ask what she is saying? Kanak asks them to leave.

Viplav asks Kanak why did she agree? Kanak says people was getting crazy and that’s why she agreed. She asks Dhaani, do you think I have added poison in the halwa. Dhaani says no. Kanak says Dhaani didn’t do anything wrong. Sita Maayi says Dhaani made cat eat the halwa and that’s why she has to do penance. Dulaari asks from where we will get gold cat. Viplav asks Dhaani not to worry and says he will bring gold cat. Dhaani says she will manage to get gold cat. Viplav says he will talk to Dasharath and find any solution.

Phool Chand comes to Dasharath’s house. Dasharath asks what is the matter? Phool Chand says bad thing have happened in the Ashram. Dasharath says he is well aware of it and asks him to go. Sita Maayi says we have to buy gold cat as Pandit ji said that we have to buy it and not Viplav. Kanak scares them and says something bad can happen to Ashram. Dhaani asks her to go and rest. Just then Sita Maayi faints. Everyone take her inside. Dasharath tells Viplav that Dhaani have to give gold cat in charity to temple. Viplav asks who made this rituals and asks what will happen if the cat dies through a poor man. Sushma says we will gift her gold cat. Dasharath says then penance will not happen. He asks who made that halwa. Viplav says maa and says that everyone of us had that halwa, but nothing happened to us. Dasharath thinks Kanak is involved in the incident.

Precap: Dhaani and Raj Lakshmi bring gold cat to the temple. Phool Chand asks if they have stolen gold cat from somewhere and says he can’t accept stolen gold cat from them.

Written Update By H Hasan


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