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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mami telling about the rasam and says damad’s leg is washed by bride’s brother and bhabhi. Viplav says I haven’t heard of this ritual before and won’t do and not let Dhaani do it. Raja’s mum says it is our family customs. Viplav says I don’t believe on this rituals. Dhaani says I will complete this ritual. Kanak calls Ramdeen and asks him to bring water in a utensil. Viplav brings water in a utensil and asks Dhaani to leave it, and says he will wash Raja’s feet. Kanak says this ritual is done by both. Viplav says I will complete the ritual. He asks Raja to put his feet. Raja keeps her feet in the utensil. Viplav puts water on his feet. Raja feels irritation and says he must have added salt in water. Viplav thinks he will teach him a lesson for marrying his sister. Raja tells Viplav that he don’t want him to wash his feet and asks him to leave. Kanak tells Viplav to leave and Raja is asking him to stop. Viplav gets up, says it is strange that you stopped me, but if Dhaani would be doing the ritual then you wouldn’t have stopped her.

Viplav in his room starts laughing. Dhaani asks what happened? She asks why did Raja refused to let you wash his feet. Viplav laughs and says he had mixed salt in the water. Dhaani says Raja is dangerous man. Viplav says he has a plan to beat his plans. Raja’s mum asks Raja if he brought flowers. Raja says flowers. Raja’s mum says you should have bring it for Shalu. She takes him to room. His mum and mami asks him to impregnate Shalu to make her believe of his love. Raja says he will not have any physical relation with her, but her mum and mami insists. Dhaani talks to Shalu and tells her that Raja is not a nice man and have married you for money. She says we have not consummated the marriage as kanak haven’t accepted me as her bahu (strange as that scene is shown). She asks Shalu not to consummate relation with Raja until Viplav accepts him. Shalu promises.

Raja comes to room and tells Shalu that he is waiting for her since long. He says lets make this night memorable……..Shalu apologizes and says even I waited for this night, but we have to wait for a month. She says you have to make everyone believe about your love for me. Raja agrees and wonders what happened to her? Shalu hugs him happily. Dhaani thinks I will send you away from this house also Raja……Viplav says plan have worked, but worries for Shalu. Dhaani says he will not do anything atleast for a month. Raja sees Viplav’s room decorated and says it is so good. Shalu says it is Viplav’s room and says I have never asked for it. Raja says when you are thinking about him, then he shall also think about your happiness.

Dhaani comes there. Raja greets her and leaves. Shalu asks Dhaani what is her marriage gift? Dhaani asks what do you want? Shalu asks her to give her room as her wedding gift. Dhaani looks on. Viplav tells Dhaani that Shalu asked for their room. Viplav says this is not Shalu’s thinking and says Raja might be behind it. Dhaani asks him to give room to Shalu and says we are just giving him room, and let him think he has won by taking our room. Viplav agrees and says I can’t win with you. Dhaani says we will pack our stuff. Viplav says he will not give his volleyball. Raja and Shalu come there. Raja apologizes to Viplav and says you have to leave this room because of me. Shalu asks Dhaani to make her husband understand that she doesn’t like Raja to be unheard. Raja says you might be feeling bad. Dhaani says these things don’t mater to us.

Shalu tells Raja that Dhaani is illiterate. Dasharath asks Viplav and Dhaani, why they have changed the room? Sushma says I will talk to Shalu. Dhaani says she is daughter of the house, and let her stay there. Kanak says she will ask Shalu to leave the room. Dasharath says do you have any problem? Viplav says no. They come to other room. Viplav says you have given our room in charity which is meant for our honeymoon. Dhaani asks him to cheer up. Viplav says I don’t know as it was my first marriage. Dhaani gets sad. Viplav realizes what he said. Just then Raja comes there to return Dhaani’s saree. Dhaani asks him not to touch her stuff. Viplav gets angry and raises hand on Raja, calls him saale…Raja says jija and says you are saale. Shalu scolds Viplav for misbehaving with her husband. Dhaani asks Viplav to calm down.

Dasharath tells that he will keep Maha bhog for Shalu and Raja’s marriage. Kanak asks Dhaani to make maha bhog. Raja says this will be last maha bhog for Viplav. Kanak thinks to kick Dhaani out. Dasharath says this Maha bhog will bring a big change in their life.

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