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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Dasharath asking Viplav to halt stressing about widows and says the proverb “ While you sow, and that means you enjoy”. Just then Viplav gets Dhaani’s simply call. Dhaani asks him to return her Ashram papers and states it had been important papers. Viplav tells her that he don’t have her papers and claims I’m not your law firm anymore. He disconnects the call.Dhaani tells Suwarna that Rakshas have their papers. Dasharath tells He’s sensation negative given that the widows are managing him terribly. Dasharath asks him to get ready. Raj Lakshmi accuses Dhaani for owning an affair with Viplav and suggests you might have wasted our income in telephone phone calls. Dulaari scolds her and asks her not to inform everything to her daughter. Rachna tells Raj Lakshmi is declaring suitable. Dulaari says everyone knows regarding your character. Badi Amma asks them to halt it.

Dasharath receives Tripurari’s phone informing him that his do the job is completed. Dasharath tells my grand son’s problems have ended and troubles for widows have began. The widows arrive at Ashram and see their personnel outside the Ashram. Badi Amma tells it need to be Lala’s function. She asks them to choose their stuff and get in. Dulaari and everybody see the Ashram locked and cries. The groom’s household arrive at Dasharath’s dwelling. Dasharath asks the groom about Viplav’s Conference. The groom tells this means Kranti. Dasharath tells He’s pleased with his grand son. Viplav suggests don’t know that is after the widows.

Raj Lakshmi scolds the goons. Dhaani says don’t know why this is happening to us. Badi Amma tells this Ashram is of Lala and he want it again. Dhaani suggests DM saheb asked us to remain in Ashram. Badi Amma tells she obtained DM’s quantity from his stability guard and goes to speak to him with Suwarna. Kanak provides Shalini and asks her to provide the snacks and tea. The potential groom looks at her. His mum tells she desires to speak to Shalini. Dasharath states Why don’t you. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani, if you are aware of this from ahead of. Dhaani tells she didn’t know as Ashram is her dwelling as well. Raj Lakshmi accuses her for having Ashram from their head. Dhaani cries. Dulaari scolds Raj Lakshmi and asks her to thoughts her language. Kanak tells her daughter is going to be a wonderful property wife. Dadi tells Now we have taken excellent treatment of her. The groom’s mum tells she is now fat as a result of her care. Dasharath coughs. Viplav states shall I notify anything.

Badi Amma asks Dhaani to get in touch with law firm and asks him about the continue to be order papers. Dhaani agrees and suggests we shall check with Vidhi initially. Viplav tells the potential groom and Shalini shall satisfy and decide, if they would like to marry or not. Dasharath agrees. Viplav provides Shalini to room and asks her to speak to the boy. Raj phone calls Viplav and asks him with regard to the scenario. Viplav tells my friends and family believe in me a whole lot, but that widows doubted on me. Raj asks did you meet up with that widow all over again. Viplav asks him to wait and see Dhaani’s get in touch with. He ignores it. He tells him that when he arrived at DM’s Workplace, he sees that Woman in his Workplace. Dhaani and Suwarna goes from there. Viplav sees misscall and get in touch with the selection, though the boy picks the call and states some aunty referred to as you. Viplav thinks aunty. Shalini talks towards the groom and he likes her. She asks will you reject me. He suggests why shall I reject you and tells particular person’s coronary heart needs to be gorgeous.

Badi Amma tells we shall speak to DM each morning. Raj Lakshmi tells Rachna to come with her and blames Dhaani once more. Dhaani states our relatives will split in case you go from below. We shall stay jointly. She promises that they’re going to return for their Ashram. The groom will come out and tells he appreciated Shalini. Everyone is delighted. Kanak offers him shagun. Dasharath tells them that he’s delighted as Viplav received the situation, so he stored a little bash. The groom’s loved ones agrees to show up at the social gathering. Dhaani tries to break the lock and is threatened by the goons.

While the party is going on and some dancers are dancing. Dhaani comes to meet DM at the party venue. Viplav asks why you came here? Did you miss me and came following me.

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