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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua seeing Viplav coming and says you did right. She says Dhaani’s life will be successful now, and signs Kamini that Viplav is here. Viplav hears them. Dadi Bua says she will become literate now, and praises Kamini for doing Dhaani’s welfare. Kamini says it is my duty to teach her. Dadi Bua says if you teach Dhaani, then what will happen to your law exam, as it is your last year. Who will teach you then? Kamini says I will do something. Dadi Bua says how you will manage? Kamini says I will be happy if I can teach Dhaani. She says Viplav don’t have to be embarrassed because of her now. Viplav says I heard everything and tells that he has super man ears. HE says I will teach Kamini, final year LLB. Kamini says but. Viplav says it is a deal and asks her to shake hands. Kamini shake hands with him. Viplav asks Dadi Bua, if she is okay. Dadi Bua says just as you decide. He asks about her leg? Dadi Bua says she is fine. Kamini thinks her first move to get Viplav is right.

Dasharath is in the temple and says Maharani Satidevi, you are my sister but now my enemy also, I will get my status back from you. Some devotees come and touch his feet. Dasharath asks them to stay at a distance. He sees Mr. Asthana coming and thinks he is Banaras’s big judge. I will have to do some drama. He asks the people to take prasad and says you have always contributed in my programmes. He says I need your maha daan and talks about widow’s remarriage. He says we have to change according to time. He says Viplav has married a widow and have become example. He asks them to make Sita Maa’s mandir on Dhaani’s name and says the charity money will be used for widows’ betterment. Asthana hears him and says your thinking is so great. Dasharath greets him. Asthana says I want to help you in your great move. Dasharath thanks him. Asthana leaves. Dasharath thinks he can rule on people even now.

Kamini teaches Dhaani. A for apple…..Dhaani says ap-ple. Viplav laughs. Kamini asks her to try and says you will learn slowly. She teaches her, Apple, Bat etc. Viplav goes and thinks to surprise Dhaani. Kamini asks Dhaani to think something else with B. Dhaani says Bua ji. Kamini asks her to use english word. Kamini says B for bottle. Viplav calls Dhaani and asks for his night suit. Kamini asks her to go and give night suit. Dhaani goes and comes to their room. Viplav hugs her and asks if you will waste all night in education. Dhaani asks him to move away. Viplav asks her to say word with L. Dhaani says Lal Dant Manjan. Viplav laughs. Dhaani says let me go and learn. Viplav asks her to learn everything from Kamini, but says he will teach her love. He says L for love, pyaar and says he needs it. Dhaani pushes him and goes. Viplav says L for lady love, my lady. Dhaani comes back to Kamini. Viplav says Dhaani…I love you. Dhaani and Kamini hears him. Kamini teaches her ball. Viplav asks Dhaani to give his tshirt and hides it. Dhaani gets up to go. Kamini makes her sit and says you can’t learn like this. She asks her to sit and learn, and says I will go and see. Dhaani learns the word.

Kamini gets an idea and switches off electricity from junction board, and then comes to Viplav’s room. Viplav says you have switched light off and keeps hand on her mouth. He says I for Idea, and says you missed me and that’s why came here. He says always be with your husband. Kamini looks on. Viplav asks her to say I love you. Kamini enjoys his company and doesn’t say anything. Dhaani comes holding candle and says Viplav…looking at them. Viplav is shocked and says sorry. He asks why didn’t you tell me. Kamini says you didn’t let me speak. Viplav says I thought Dhaani is here. Dhaani laughs. Viplav pats his head on her head. Kamini gets jealous. Dadi Bua calls Kamini and asks about the light.

Kamini goes and switches on the light. She asks Dhaani to learn from Viplav now. She comes back to learn from Viplav. While Viplav is teaching her, Kamini stares him. Viplav looks at Dhaani and smiles while teaching. Kamini gets jealous and says it seems you don’t want to teach me today. She goes. Viplav closes the door. Dhaani asks you are like a kid. Viplav says yes. He apologizes to Dhaani for hugging Kamini mistakenly. Dhaani says I will never doubt on you. He falls on bed with her. Kamini thinks my idea will fail as Dhaani is always around him. She thinks how to go near him. She picks a book and gets an idea. She thinks Dhaani have to study in night, so that she goes far from Viplav. She says I got a good place for you Dhaani, away from him.

Dhaani is going somewhere in night and hides seeing Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua looks at her.

Written Update by H Hasan

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