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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Badi Amma talking to Viplav and says we have always respected your decision, but whatever you have done today is not right. Viplav says my family don’t trust me and says he don’t have any option left. He says he will shift to hotel and says he can’t stay under same roof as Raja. Everyone is shocked. Viplav says Shalu married him. Dulaari asks Viplav not to do mistake and says that house is yours and also family. Dhaani says if the house catches fire, then we should not run, but set the fire off. Viplav says he can’t see the happenings with Shalu. He says nobody is worried, but I am worried. Dulaari says Kanak just called and is worried about you. Viplav asks who made a call? Dulaari says Kanak. Viplav says you are lying, and says you called her. He says he will leave from the Ashram. Dhaani tells Viplav that she is going back home and can’t leave them.

Later in the evening, electricity is not at home. Dhaani calls Dadi, Kanak and wonders where they are? Raja hums tu hain meri kiran music and tries to scare her. He tells Dhaani that he sent everyone to temple and pushes her on chair. Dhaani asks him to stay far from her, and makes it clear that she will not get afraid of him now. She runs and collides with Viplav. She hugs him happily. Viplav sees Raja and asks if you are thinking yourself as damad of the house and says I can clear your misunderstanding. Raja says don’t take me wrong, I was just telling her that family went out. Viplav says I know what you wanted to say or do. He crushes Raja’s feet with his feet. He says you and your mum have done bad with Dhaani, but I won’t let you do anything as here Viplav Tripathi stays. He says game have just begin. Raja is angry. Viplav goes near Dhaani and smiles looking at her.

Dasharath, Kanak and others come home and see Viplav. Dasharath says I am feeling good as you came back home. Kanak hugs Viplav. She looks at Raja’s feet and asks what happened? Raja says he had collided with something in the temple. Viplav asks him to beware in darkness. Raja’s mum asks Shalu to bring medicines. Viplav asks her to apply ointment carefully. While being in room, his mum and mami ask what happened? Shalu applies ointment and goes to bring turmeric milk. Raja’s mum asks him to say how did he get the wound?Raja gets up angrily and says Viplav have hurt her. Raja’s mum gets angry.

Viplav thanks Dhaani for making him understand and bringing him home. He says you said right, I have to stay in house and keep eye on Raja. Dhaani rests her shoulder on him. Viplav says one thing is good and that we are together. He says your love is like a God’s gift to me. Dhaani says I am happy that you think this way. He says I have to know what is Awasthi family’s strategy. He says Shalu’s marriage will break as we can’t let her stay with Raja. Dhaani says Shalu will hate us even more. Viplav says she will love us even more when she comes to know about the truth. He says Shalu got their honeymoon cancelled. Dhaani smiles. Viplav gets closer and says I will not go anywhere leaving you. Dhaani says I know.

Next morning, Dhaani wakes up and sees the decorations in the room. She asks did you do all the arrangements in the night and haven’t sleep. She asks did you make me sleep on bed? Viplav says yes. Dhaani says how did you manage to do all this, and says you always makes me feel special. Viplav says you are indeed special to me and holds her hand lovingly. Dhaani rests her head closer to his head….Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………………Just then somebody knocks on the door. Viplav opens the door. Kanak looks at them and asks Viplav to come down soon as they have kept puja for Jamai Raja.

Mami tells Sushma and Kanak that Bhai and Bhabhi wash Jamai’s feet with water and milk in this rasam.

Viplav says he didn’t hear about this rasam before. Dhaani says she will do this rasam, and is about to wash Raja’s feet. Just then Viplav comes and stops her, says he will do the rasam. He washes Raja’s feet probably with hot water. Raja is shocked. Everyone looks on.

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