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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

Today’s episode 4th DEC in short
Viplav g wearing purple sherwani wih bandages =-Ooes to ashram and then Dhaani in her white saree closes the door on his face and say that she don’t want to marry himT_T and then aashram ladies and dulaari scolds her for talking to viplav like that, and whennthey went in all thenashram ladies ask her why she dont wanna marry viplav dhaani say she dont wanna marry for 2nd time -_-! And then dulaari scold and tell badi amma to explaij dhaani, she does so but in vain :-( and then suwarna talks to dhaani seperately in the room and dhaani say she dont wanna do this and she say she also love viplav a lot n dont want his life be in danger

Viplav with raj goes to priest n say he kmow his dadaji say all qualities match and then priest say dhaani got vidwa yog(widow something) qnd viplav say confirm dhaani got to know about it before him and refused to get married and then tells raj to do something.
SuwArna gets the letter viplav sent to dhaani n reads to dhaani that Viplav loves her a loto (∩ ω ∩) And knows about the vidwa yog n say that viplav life is dhaani so he decided as wedding will nothappen he will commit suicide and see him for the last time as a dead body =-O and then dhaani runs immediately with letter on her hand like olympics ishq ka rang plays n viplav walking to the cliff like angry man (╰_╯)# and then dhaani stop viplav qnd say what is this, viplav say i know everything i dont believe in kundlis u belive i will die after we get marriee, butif u refuses i will anyways die T_T and then dhaani confesses and they hug o (∩ ω ∩) o andthen ishq ishq plays

After that, In viplav residence viplav dada says to kanak u must have done something if anything happens to my gwndson i wil not spare u :-\ n then angry young viplav brings dhaani holding her hand and swy loudly i say so many times i dont believein kundli, no one listened to me, he is angry on all specially kanak and then he say he will marry dhaani tonight itseld,dadaji say do with customs, vipkav hesitates and then viplav dada say tomorrow will be engagementeont worry viplav agrees unwillingly, and viplav dada tells him to drop dhaani, viplav angrily takes dhaani away, i
Vidhaani scenes where dhaani says she didnt like the way viplav spoke to elders vippav says he dont like to speak like that but he had to which is why everyone agreed and say he kniws them since kid and say he would shout to get anything and say to dhaani nothingis more impotant than u o (∩ ω ∩) o and then dadaji say time is 7pm for engagement not early or late a min n tells evryone to make arrangements,(dadaji partwas shown in mid of vidhaani scenes)

Precap: dhaani says to dulaari if god wants this marriage then i agree (something like that didnt understand) and then dulawri hugs and blesses dhaqni, in engagement dhaani wwar cream color saree and kanqk say dancers coulent come for somereason so dhaani my daughterin law is good dancer she will dance everyone is shocked

Sorry for the galti ki pahar my hindi is weak i had to ask my aunt what it means for some part, n no subtitles, thatsbwhy dont understand some part ignore itbwas bored so decided to give a short descripttion

Written Update By Fatarajo


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