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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Viplav and Dhaani meeting each other. Viplav says doesn’t know why Tripurari said that. Dhaani says there is someone else involved with him. Viplav looks on. Tripurari laughs at Kanak and says Dasharath send her to Ashram. Kanak says you have become stupid like him and says her work have become easy now. She says she will put black spot on widow’s character and Dhaani will get troubled and leave Viplav.

She comes home and tells Viplav that she is going to Ashram to follow the widow rituals. She says she is going for 7 days. Viplav is shocked and calls Dasharath and Sushma. He asks them if they know about it. Kanak says if Bapu ji wants it then I will follow it. Dasharath tells about widow rituals. Viplav says you will not go for one day or 7 days. Kanak says it is a matter of just 7 days and then I will return my house. She says I will leave in the morning, and Dhaani knows about it. Viplav says only I wasn’t aware of it. He hugs her. Kanak thinks she will separate them amd does the planning.

Dhaani cleans the Ashram. She asks Raj Lakshmi to clean the floor as well. Raj Lakshmi says she hates you and asks why she is behaving good with her. Dhaani says Dasharath told me that she is like my mum. She asks her to stop talking. Raj Lakshmi says one day your goodness will drown you. Kanak comes to Ashram. Everyone greets her. Kanak tells Dhaani that she came there bare foot and asks her to clean her feet. Dhaani washes her feet. Kanak asks her to clean it properly. Dhaani washes her feet and brings slippers for her. Kanak tells everyone that you people might not like to see me here, but what to do! I have to follow the widow rituals.

Kanak goes to room and throws tantrums saying it is a small room. She says she will be suffocated here and says she will stay in the lawn. Dhaani says I will show you other room. Raj Lakshmi says it is okay. Kanak says I don’t want people to say that I came here to troubled you, and asks her to put her bed in the lawn. Just then Dhaani gets Viplav’s call. He asks if Kanak reached there and says he will come there to pick her. Dhaani says it is a matter of belief and says Kanak have come with her wish. Viplav says she couldn’t refuse Dasharath. They argue. Dhaani asks him to cut the call. Viplav asks her to cut the call. Dhaani cuts the call and keeps the phone. Raj Lakshmi says they love each other a lot, but keep fighting. She calls Viplav and informs him that tomorrow is Dhaani’s birthday. Viplav asks her to give idea. Raj Lakshmi asks him to think. Dhaani comes back and asks if Viplav called again. Raj Lakshmi says yes, but she haven’t picked the call.

Later they come to market to buy stuff. The shop keeper gives her chit. Dhaani reads it that she is looking good. Dhaani asks have you gone mad and tries to go. The shop keeper gives her another chit. Dhaani understands that it is given by Viplav. She reads the chit. She goes to temple. Viplav admires her secretly while the song Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………A boy comes and reads Viplav’s message. Ishq Ka Rang plays………..

Kanak drinks something and then throws the pot. She says she will do Poocha. Dulaari says she will clean the floor. Kanak asks her to clean the floor properly. Raj Lakshmi asks her not to clean it. Dulaari says it is okay and says you will be my samdhan soon. Kanak says you are not my samdhan and god knows if the marriage will happen or not. She asks her to call choti malkin. Dulaari agrees and goes. Dhaani comes home holding the flowers. Kanak asks if she brought it. Dhaani says it is given by Viplav and says he loves Dhaani very much. Kanak is irked and asks Dulaari to give her chappal. She goes. Dhaani wonders why Viplav didn’t call her again. Later in night Viplav comes home and sits beside her while she is sleeping. Dhaani is awake though. Viplav says Dhaani is sleeping and this is the right chance to kiss her. Dhaani gets up and asks what you are doing? Viplav says you was acting to sleep. Viplav says he has jumped the wall and came to her….He says happy birthday….He gifts her dancing couple show piece. Dhaani looks happily.

Dhaani cuts the cake. Viplav sings happy birthday Dhaani. Kanak says this is your last birthday. She makes halwa for Dhaani (must have mixed some poison or something). Viplav says he will eat first and takes bowl from her hand.

Written Update By H Hasan


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