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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking groom and the bride to stand up for varmala. Tripurari and his bride exchange garlands and sit down again. Tripurari is happy over his win and looks on. Everyone is happy and shower flower petals on the couple as they take pheras. Dasharath is very happy and recalls the day when Dhaani picked up his gangajal pot from the ground. After the pheras are completed, Tripurari makes her wear mangalsutra. Dulaari, Raj Lakshmi and Badi Amma look at them happily. Tripurari fills her maang with sindoor while some mantras is being played. Just then they see Dhaani coming there and get shocked. Dasharath is shell shocked.

Viplav looks on. Tripurari is shocked and looks at Viplav angrily. The bride stands up and reveals her face…..Tripurari is shocked to see Suwarna, and so is everyone. Dulaari says Suwarna…….A flashback is shown, Viplav asks Dhaani if she will agree to Suwarna’s sayings. Dhaani is shocked. Viplav says I saw him on the road in an injured state, and tells that Tripurari had stabbed in her stomach. Dhaani refuses to believe him. Viplav says I know that you won’t believe you and calls Suwarna. Suwarna comes. Dhaani hugs her and asks where did you go? Suwarna tells her that Viplav said right and says Tripurari betrayed her. He then called her to temple to marry her, but stabbed and buried her alive under the ground. He says Bijli saved her. Viplav says I want to send him behind bars, but Suwarna stopped me. Suwarna says Tripurari not only tried to kill me, but killed my baby too. She apologizes to Dhaani and says she was pregnant. She didn’t want people to know this, and that’s why stayed silent. She says she wants to punish Tripurari and wants to marry him. Dhaani asks why did you marry him. Suwarna says he had promised to marry and betrayed me. I will stay with him all his life and make him realize his mistake. He have to pay for his sins.

Viplav asks what happened to you Tripurari? Why did you get shocked and numb. Tripurari says what is this mistake? Viplav says you couldn’t stop the wedding. He says you loves Suwarna and had promise of marriage with her. You can’t refuse marriage. Suwarna apologizes to everyone for marrying without informing them. She says I don’t want him to betray Dhaani like he betrayed me. She says he acted to love me, and promised marriage. A flashback is shown. Suwarna tells everything and says he was going to marry my friend. Dhaani says there is still time, you shouldn’t marry him. Suwarna says no, and says he has to stay with me all his life. He will think before doing anything wrong. With any woman. Viplav forwards his hand with sindoor bottle in his hand. Durga takes the bottle and asks him to fill Suwarna’s maang. Tripurari asks don’t you trust me. Durga reminds him that he has taken 7 rounds with her and says she is my bahu even if you don’t acknowledge as your wife. Tripurari gets angry and refuses to accept Suwarna. He asks Dasharath to tell everything and asks why he is trapping him. Viplav asks him to keep quiet and says you are exposed. Tripurari says you don’t know anything and says Dasharath is behind everything. Dasharath shouts and says you have lowered my head with shame. I have trusted you and you have broken my trust.

Tripurari says you have always used me and got me to do all your wrong doings. He says when the truth is out, you are blaming me. Dasharath gets a heart attack. Everyone panics. Viplav says lets take him to hospital. Tripurari understands that he is feigning. Dulaari looks at Dhaani.

Viplav takes Dasharath to hospital. Sushma cries. Viplav asks her not to cry and have faith on God. Dhaani comes and gives him water. He drinks water. Dhaani thanks him for saving Suwarna’s life. Viplav says I have done this for you and Tripurari. If anything happens to Dadaji then I will not be able to live, Dhaani asks him to have faith on God. Tripurari shows the register to dulaari where Suwarna’s husband name is written as Viplav. He tells that Viplav gave money to Suwarna and asked her to marry me. Dulaari gets angry.

Dhaani comes home. Dulaari gets angry at Dhaani and asks her to go from the Ashram. She asks why you are supporting Viplav when he did so much bad with Suwarna, and shows her the register. Dhaani looks at it.

Tripurari talks to someone on phone and tells that he will kill viplav today. Suwarna hears that and informs Dhaani on phone. Tripurari holds Suwarna and tells her that he lied so that she informs Dhaani. He says he wants to target Dhaani and no one can stop him.

Written Update By H Hasan


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