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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th September 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Dulaari getting worried about the bill payment, Raj Lakshmi says I heard that one has to wash the utensils if they failed to pay the bill. Waiter tells that he has already paid the bill and asked you all to go to room. Sushma gives ginger tea to Dasharath. He thanks her and make her sit lovingly. He tells don’t forget that you are my wife and I married you with all the rituals. He sings the song. Kanak is irked seeing Dasharath praising his wife and comes to room. Shambu asks what happened? Kanak tells him that Dasharath is angry with her amd asks to do something. Shambu tells he is happy as Dasharath realized importance of his wife. In the morning, all the widows get ready to go back to Ashram. Viplav comes and says you are all ready. Dhaani asks if pest control is done. Viplav says yes, and says work is done, else you will take my life. He says your Ashram is ready and says I am ready to become cleaner also. Dhaani says we have to think how to make him leave from the Ashram. They leave from the hotel.

All the widows come to Ashram and sees its renovated with paint. While some are happy, others are surprised and angry. Viplav says I have got the Ashram renovated with pest control, so there is new Ashram for you all. He says lets click the photo. Raj Lakshmi says let us stand in a style. Viplav clicks the photo. Dulaari scolds Viplav and says people will taunt them for the renovation. She says it is a limit. Dhaani says what do you want to proof? How you will feel when I change your house? She says you acts as our well wisher then why you have done this. Viplav is stunned. Dulaari tells they are happy with white color and tells about the tribulations of widows. She requests him not to do anything because of which we have to bear much. Viplav asks did you see about the World’s progression..He asks did you imagine in which era you are living.

Badi Amma says we were so attached to our old, broken Ashram. She says change is good, but it should be within limits. She says we are widows and our limits is narrow. We have to accept it and there is no other go. She asks them to take stuff inside. Viplav thinks he did a mistake, and thought to make them happy, but they got angry. Sita Maayi looks for her stuff. Dhaani asks Viplav, about the stuff. Viplav says it might be somewhere here. He calls Rachu…Dhaani says she is Rachna. Viplav says Rachu is short and modern. He asks her to find Sita Maayi’s stuff. Raj Lakshmi tells her name shall be Raj. Dhaani scolds Viplav for trying to bring change in their life and asks him to go. Viplav says ok, I am going and leaves. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani, if you are happy now?

Kanak thinks her life is changed, Viplav started living in widows Ashram and Dasharath started praising Sushma rather than her. She gets tensed. Shalini comes crying and tells Ram tried to stop his transfer, but his boss didn’t listen. She says Ram is going to Allahabad in the morning. Shalini cries and asks Sushma to talk to Dasharath. Kanak tells your Dadi shall not talk to your Dada. I will talk to your Dada. She asks her to go and thinks she has to do something before things fall from her hands. Viplav comes back with paint box in his hand. Dulaari says will he paint again. Viplav started painting white color on the tree. Badi Amma and Dhaani ask what you are doing. Viplav says you said you get peace and happiness with white color, so I am painting tree white. Dulaari asks why he is doing this. Viplav says I am tired of explaining you. He says your thinking is wrong, nature gave us many colors then why you are living in white color. He tells there is different colors of veg and grains, and even flowers. He says why you want to dedicate your life for one white color? Why don’t you want to change?

Sita Maayi folds her hands and asks Viplav to return her photos. Viplav says I didn’t know. Sita Maayi cries and says she can’t live without it. Viplav gets the photos from the thrash.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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