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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th October 2015 Written Update

Dasharath saying he will have food with Viplav. Viplav comes and greets Dasharath. Kanak asks him to come. Dasharath is happy. Kanak asks why did you went to Ashram again. Viplav says I was missing them and that’s why came. Viplav serves two extra plates. Kanak asks if Raj and Pankaj are coming. Viplav says no. Just then Tripurari and Durga comes there. Tripurari says Viplav invited them for dinner. Viplav asks them to come and have food. He says we are staying together, so can eat together also. Sushma asks Viplav to have food. Viplav says he had noodles and his stomach is full. He says I will serve food to you all. Kanak asks Durga to take dal and is about to spill on her hand, but Tripurari understands her plan and asks her to be careful as his mum is still recovering. Kanak is irked.

Raj Lakshmi tells Ashram ladies that Dhaani convinced flowers shop owners to give 15 Rs. to them per garland instead of 5 Rs. Dhaani gives the credit to Viplav for giving strength to her. Dasharath blames Sushma for Viplav broad minded thinking and asks her not to show her inauspicious face to her. Viplav hears them and asks his Dadi if anything happens to her. He tells Dasharath that Dadi looks good when she smiles and asks why he made his raj kumari cry. Dasharath looks on.

Dasharath tells Viplav that sometimes he does mistakes too. He tells Sushma that she is his only wife and tells he can’t live without her. He hugs her and sings Tore bin lage na mora jiya. Viplav takes Sushma with him. Kanak comes and reminds dasharath about his words. She asks him to do something and remove widows from Viplav’s mind. She says Viplav was doing strange things and was serving food, and even called Durga and Tripurari for dinner. She says it would have been good if he was married to Tania. She says I am worried that Viplav becomes like her dad. Dasharath says I was surprised when Viplav was behaving indifferently. He asks her to see, and calls someone.

Two women arrive at the Ashram and tells they happen to be despatched by Tripathi. Dhaani thinks Viplav telling them that he talked to NGO about them. They inquire her to sit down. The ladies claim that they’re going to give them buy and asks to produce baati. Dhaani quotations the cost. The ladies concur. They look at the Ashram and asks about the Ashram spot. Badi Amma claims we don’t know. The females check with considering that when you find yourself staying? Badi Amma states that they didn’t know. The women leave from there. Dulaari says they arrived to provide get or to perform enquiry. Raj Lakshmi asks her to depart it. Dhaani claims I really need to go to fulfill Durga Maayi. Dulaari asks her to come back shortly.

Tripurari asks Durga to own apples and says he could make foods after coming back. Dhaani arrives and greets Durga. Durga will get happy seeing her and claims I won’t forget your favor. Dhaani states It’s not at all like that. Durga asks Tripurari to go. Tripurari says he can make food items 1st. Dhaani suggests I is likely to make food stuff. Tripurari usually takes her to kitchen area. Durga thinks Tripurari likes Dhaani and thinks Dasharath’s aspiration will appear real soon.

Viplav asks Sushma to acquire meals before the fast, and tells that it is created that saas helps make sargi for her bahu. Sushma says she is likely to make sargi for Kanak. She asks Would you like Kanak for making Sargi for the to get spouse. Viplav seems on. Tripurari presents to drop Dhaani. Dhaani states she has to present kheer to Viplav. Tripurari asks her to go and provides kheer. Dadi tells Viplav that he is blushing. Dhaani is still outside the house and imagining. Viplav is going to open the door.

Dhaani tells Jhumki that they will go to temple. Dulaari asks her to stay in Ashram as today is Karwachauth. She says no married woman want to see widow today. Dhaani gets sad. Later she eats something( may be sargi) Ishq Ishq plays……………Viplav thinks Dhaani might have eaten that.

Written Update By H Hasan


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