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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Dasharath coming to meet Tripurari and looks angrily. Tripurari irks him and asks him to have parathas. Dasharath goes angrily. Tripurari laughs. Dhaani asks Suwarna if she has changed the CD when she came to Ashram. Suwarna asks why she and her husband are blamed always whenever something wrong happens or when Viplav loses any case. She says Tripurari has changed. I haven’t changed the CD. Suwarna says you people were my best friends and I thought you both as my family, but you think me as a liar and theif. She asks Dhaani to think what she wants to think, and says our way is different now. I will not give you any more explanations. She goes. Dhaani says who have taken that CD.

Kanak talks to Tripurari and asks him not to ask CD. She disconnects the call and says you have a habit of recording voice, and says she will use the CD against him. Viplav comes and calls her. Kanak puts saree on the CD.. Viplav asks you seems to be worried. Kanak asks him to have food first and asks him to go. Viplav looks at the saree and tries to lift it, but Kanak says she will lift the saree. She sends him out, then she hides the CD. Suwarna tells Durga that Dhaani doubted on her. Durga says she is very nice. Tripurari asks why she praises Dhaani, and says Dhaani will support Viplav as she is going to marry him. Suwarna says my husband is right for me and I can go to any extent to save him. Tripurari thinks Suwarna have come on right track now.

Viplav is tensed and thinks about Tripurari’s words that the person planning Shambu’s murder is Dasharath’s family member. He thinks Kanak is hiding something from him and wonders what? Viplav comes to her room and searches for CD in her room in the box where she has hidden the CD. Kanak asks what you are searching? Viplav apologizes and says my mind is not working. Dasharath asks why you are tensed? What is the matter? Viplav apologizes to him also. He says I have done a big mistake and apologizes again. Viplav says few things are not going from his mind and tells that he found Dasharath’s phone today. He says he thought he is hiding something. He says he felt Kanak is also hiding and apologizes.

Kanak says you are thinking that Babu ji or I are involved in your dad’s death. She asks him to look at himself and says you are doubting on your family. You are saying in Dhaani’s tongue, and says do you feel Shalu or Sushma can kill Shambu. She acts and cries……Viplav says I said that my mind is not supporting me. Sushma says Kanak and Dasharath can’t do this and asks why he is believing on Tripurari’s words. Kanak says you are doubting on your family because of him. Dasharath asks him not to worry and hugs him. He says you haven’t done any crime. Viplav says Maa said right…how can I doubt on my family? I want to be alone for sometime. Sushma calls him, but he leaves. Kanak acts to cry.

Viplav is seen in the temple area. Dhaani comes there and calls him. Viplav says I did a mistake by doubting on my family and telling them about Tripurari’s words. He apologizes to her also. Dhaani says it is okay. Viplav asks her to punish him. Dhaani asks if he has gone mad? Viplav says I am feeling incompetent to get love. He says he wants to stay alone for sometime and get some peace. He says he will leave this city for few days. Dhaani says Tripurari has played game with you and wanted you to doubt on your family. He wanted to break you mentally, but I won’t let him succeed. I will be with you always. She asks him to come to Ashram, to celebrate happiness for something. Kanak searches for the CD and wonders where did it go? Viplav didn’t get it then where it is? Dasharath comes and shows the CD. He says you would have showed some intelligence and kept it at safest place, so that I don’t get it. He says I know that you will do any mistake. He puts her hand in the box, and says your and Tripurari’s secret is with me now. He warns her and says I will not leave you. Kanak looks on angry.

Kanak brings laddoo and makes Dasharath have it. She tells him that she might have mixed something in it. Dasharath is shocked. Bijli calls Viplav and says she was forced to change the statement by Dhaani. Viplav is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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